7 Reasons to Detox Your Body: Do or Die!

When last time did you hug a toilet ball? How about not remembering where is your car key? Well, have you ever thought about your surroundings? It literally becomes a toxic dumpsite. Never mind, new dangerous super-bugs. What to do? The answer is cleansing. And if you want to live a healthy life, learn the top 7 reasons to detox your body. Its that simple: DO or DIE!

…My morning berries. How I love them! Today was not different. But after breakfast, suddenly, I felt woozy, lightheaded and very weak. The room was spinning around me, and a few minutes later I was hugging a toilet ball. I was praying to whoever was there to help me. I felt violated.

Strawberries were fresh, and one logical explanation of my horror was pesticide residue! Well, I got sick and end up in the hospital. Hell of a snack, isn’t it?

A few hours later I still was chilled and fatigued, I felt notions, had blurry vision, couldn’t focus, and my legs were half numb.

So, let me ask you: if it was you hugging the toilet ball, what would you say to the question “Do I need to detox my body?”

It is a real story. But the main reason I wrote this post is my story as a cancer patient, my struggle with recovery and staying in remission. Pesticides Poisoning

Curious what it has to do with you? Well, suit yourself.

Time to Detox

1. Why I No Longer Wear Black T-Shirts

How many black T-shirts do you have?

We all love them, don’t we? How about black pants, socks, or sweaters? But as much as we adore these wardrobe staples, they come with a massive cost. And it’s not a price-tag.

Do you know, for example, that fashion-dyeing business responsible for up to 20% of the world’s industrial water pollution?! For example, the right shade of black for your favorite cotton T-shirt is a very toxic process. Specifically, it requires treating fabric for a very long time using a substantial amount of harmful dyes of high temperature. Most of it ends up in the drain. But it is just the beginning of the story.

I have a habit of washing any new clothes before wearing them. Recently when I’ve got a navy blue sports jacket as a gift, it took me 27(!) times to rinse it to see water as clear.

But even after a wash, dye continues its toxic deeds. It is absorbed by our body with sweat and then it is ready to strike! And because of those toxic dyes in clothing, I no longer wear anything of black or navy blue color. And yes, including your favorite black T-shirt!

So, remember–whatever is touching your skin, might end up later in your brain! Isn’t it one of the reasons to detox your body?

Top Reasons for Detoxifying Your Body Toxic Clothes Dyes

2. Your Most Dangerous Chemical Overload

Do I have your attention now?

The next logical question — is the problem only in your closet?

I wish!

Toxins, pesticides and harsh chemicals are everywhere: air, water, food, plastic bottles, furniture, office equipment, cellular phones, tablets, skincare and beauty products, cleaning supplies, kids’ toys, cars and, of course, our homes. For example, how about harmful pesticides in foods? Why do I focus on this? Because my horror ‘strawberry’ story was an example of pesticide poisoning! If it was you, would you want to know how to remove pesticides from your body?

So, we are completely surrounded by those dangerous invaders. And the scariest among them? Make your pick:

  • BPA, PCB, dioxin, phthalates, fire retardants, lead, arsenic, mercury, asbestos, atrazine, benzene, mold, chlorine

Heavy metals toxicity, for example, can cause severe damage to your health. And first and foremost, cancer! Also, it is a weak immune system, damaged pancreas, muscle tenderness, and weakness and even permanent brain damage. Some of those conditions–cancer and muscle tenderness–I experienced myself. And don’t forget Alzheimer’s disease.

When harmful chemicals, like phthalates from plastics, get in our bodies, it cannot metabolize them. Since the body cannot get rid of those uninvited guests, they stockpile in body tissue and other places and act as sleeper cells ready to explode later.

We have garbage in and NO garbage out!

Maybe it’s time to cleanse the “No garbage” part? If you are a beginner, learn 5 easy ways how to reduce toxic exposure.

Asbestos Most Dangerous Chemical Overload

3. Hormone Mimicking: What Does Kill You Slow?

OK. We don’t metabolize. We accumulate. But why is it dangerous and what should you know? Let’s have a simple understanding of who determines that you feel your best.

One word – HORMONES!

They are produced by our endocrine system and through blood delivered to cells. There they attach to certain receptors and like a switch activates a specific cell’s function. As a result, the whole body is in harmony, and you are healthy.

Sounds good?

It is ideal, but for most people, unfortunately, the reality is entirely different. Sorry to say, I am one of them.

First, even a minor hormone imbalance can cause health problems. Second, the danger is that toxic chemicals mimic our natural hormones. They attach to cell receptors, block “natural” hormones and interrupt the cell’s normal functions. As a result, you might have a havoc endocrine system causing problems with the following body functions:

  • metabolism and appetite
  • heart rate
  • sleep cycles
  • reproductive and sexual function
  • mood and hight stress levels

cancer sign

So, we have low energy, decreased sex drive, memory loss, mood swings, accelerated aging but most horrible, – those hormone-mimicking chemicals can trigger different forms of cancers and other chronic diseases!

And because toxins and dangerous chemicals are everywhere, it is not a matter of chance. It is guaranteed: you breathe, you eat, you drink, you touch, you play, you hold, you sleep, you drive… YOU ARE SICK!

Is this what you want?

Well, detoxing is for the rescue!

“​No doctor can cure you. No medicine can cure you. But you can cure you… The only thing that matters is what has caused the symptoms and whether you have enough knowledge to reverse and get rid of that cause.

– Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. (“DETOXIFY or DIE”)

4. Do You Have Depleted Enzymes? I Do!

If you say ‘yes’ to the question “Do I Need Detox My Body?”, you help with another problem—depletion of protective enzymes. Why does it matter?

Opposite to man-made chemicals which body cannot metabolize, certain ‘organic’ toxins and harmful elements, including our own waste, go through your natural body detox system. Skin, for example, is a primary physical barrier of the first line of immune defense against bacteria and other pathogens. Skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, and lymphatic fluids perform the most vital detox functions in our body.

To do this, those marvels need a tremendous number of enzymes and minerals, like glutathione which is vital in the detoxification process.

And if you look at your body as a chemical plant, I bet it works at its full capacity because you are overloaded with all ‘garbage’ coming in. That is why we deplete those enzymes and minerals needed for the body to detox. So, the process is slowing down, our natural body detox system cannot keep up with toxin overload, and eventually, we get sick.

Well, can you help? Does your body deserve a break?

build up your immune system

5. Is Your Immune System Ready to Fight?

Well, have you ever asked yourself, “Do I have a strong immune system? Is it ready for new health threats?”

Today, like never before, everybody’s concern is about immunity. Well, how can you answer the question, “Do I have a strong immune system?” For example, how many times a year do you have flu? How about your children and do you know how to boost your kids’ immune defense?

First, it is critical to realize that if you have dangerous chemical overload, it overwhelms your immunity. As a result, a compromised immune system cannot effectively fight infection and multiple health threats. In turn, it might lead to systematic inflammation and chronic diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, neurological and cardiovascular conditions.

So, if all those above reasons are present in your life–toxic dyes, dangerous chemical overload, hormone-mimicking, and therefore a weak endocrine system, depleted enzymes–how do you think they affect your immune system? Without a doubt, these are enormous reasons to detox your body, right? So, it’s time to rid your body of harmful toxins and chemicals.

Of course, we will discuss in future posts different methods of detoxing your body and boosting and regulating the immune system. But let’s start with detox for beginners and also learn how to detox your body effectively and pain-free.

Healthy Body Begins with Healthy Gut

6. Get Healthy Gut: How is Your Pooping?

We all know that a healthy gut means good bacteria or gut flora.  Its key function is to digest food. So, if you have any gut issues, you probably don’t absorb properly all nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, and water. And if its the case, where do you get energy?

Also, how about bloating and constipation? Are you regular? In fact, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, in the United States, constipation is a condition most widely spread among all ages. Are you one of those people?

To be sure that you have healthy digestion, first, you should know how the gut works.  Second, natural detoxing is a proper diet. For instance, do you eat foods that can relieve constipation? In turn, it might regulate your digestive tract and repair gut bacteria.

Another critical point is about probiotics and prebiotics. Do you know the difference and why to take probiotics?

Please remember that 80% of all your immune cells are in your gut. So, if you have digestive issues, it might weaken your immune system. I guess I rest my case.

7. The #1 Reason You Are Getting Older Fast

Another crucial reason to detox your body is to slow down premature aging. In fact, dangerous chemicals, toxins, and bad microbes can significantly accelerate aging. Stockpiled chemicals, for example, stored in our fat. But they don’t just stay there. Step-by-step, they are leaching out and accelerate aging.

The worse situation is with heavy metals. As Sherry A. Rogers explained in her book “Detoxify or Die,” chlorine, for example, turns out to be a free radical initiator that accelerates aging. She stated:

“All disease is caused by free radicals… hungry naked electrons… If they burn a hole in the cell membrane, the damage can produce a myriad of diseases or just accelerate aging and death of the cell.”

– Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. 

So, remember that your body is a storehouse for free radicals. Therefore, it is one of the main reasons to detox your body and preserve your youthful look, beautiful skin and stop premature aging.

Slowing Down Premature Aging


So, let’s summarize.

Toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals attack, stockpile, clog your body, deplete enzymes, make you aged and make you sick!

You are probably the 1st generation who has such exposure to a colossal array of dangerous hormone-mimicking chemicals and killing toxins. Are they enough as reasons to detox your body?

So, let’s glance at your action plan:

  • develop your ‘health intelligence’ about how bad chemicals can damage your health
  • make a list of all your symptoms, health issues, allergies, and inherent problems
  • do step-by-step(!) the whole-body cleansing and detox makeover
  • listen to your body regularly and do tune-ups

Of course, you can close this page now, and that’s OK. But please remember—your body, your choice. Or is it? What will be YOUR choice? Crippling body aching? Joints pain? Early aging? Dependence? Mere survival? Or worse, a chemo room?

Well, I know what chemo is like, and I don’t want to go back! For me it’s that simple: DO OR DIE! What about you?

I hope this review of the top 7 reasons to detox your body triggers your curiosity so you will take action. So, ready to kick it up a notch?

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

Happy detox!


Founder of Detox Generation

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