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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Detox Generation!

My name is Ella and for the last 7 years detoxing was my passion and a big part of my life.

And this is why.

After cancer diagnoses in November 2010, I thought everything, and everybody failed me. Except for my mom.

2011 and 2012–I was fighting. Fighting for life: biopsy, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery again, infection, medications, IV drips, blood drawings and tons of crying and praying.

Fight for Life

What pulled me through? My mom’s love and her words: “Whatever happens, FIGHT FOR LIFE! Glass is always half full. Take advantage of it!” It was the most powerful lesson.

Fast forward, here I am seven years later, – healthy, happy and, as my friends say, “one of a kind.”

So, what is my “kind?”

There are three attributes that I am so grateful I have: I am very curious by nature, I am a fighter, and I am very enthusiastic.

While in treatment, I met a lot of doctors, nurses, blood technicians, surgery administrators, dietitians, integrative specialists and, of course, other women in the same position. This is when my learning has begun.

My Liver Story. Do or Die!

When a patient finishes treatment, for a lot of people it is “Thanks, God. It’s over!” For me, it was different. For me, it was just the beginning. Beginning of a lengthy recovery and restoration.

I was exhausted, weak, lost a lot of weight, had no energy and strength and I was very “dirty!”

Just an idea how much bad ‘stuff’ was in my body—medications, hash chemicals from chemo, dangerous toxins, dead cancer cells—made me furious and I wanted to do a couple of punches. Never mind, all side effects I struggled with.

Right at that time during a routine check-up, they found a new problem. I had elevated liver enzymes–a bad thing! My oncologist ordered a biopsy. I was speechless! Again? After all this I just went through?

My answer was “Absolutely, NO!”

I wanted one thing: get the bad stuff out of my body! It was that simple: DO or DIE!

I learned a lot about liver detox. I read books, medical reports, alternative opinions. My focus was the use cases, scientific data, independent integrative trends and, of course, I was cleansing. I kept it simple and didn’t fall a victim of “paralysis by analysis.”

A year later, I had normal liver readings.

Detox or Not Detox. That Wasn’t a Question!

Well, detoxing became an essential part of my life. But it is not just about my ‘liver story.’

It’s about everything: my skin, my mood, my age, my strength, my health and, of course, my zest and LOVE FOR LIFE!

Yes, I still have some left-overs side effects and nothing is guaranteed. And that’s OK. I only can do my best. And if detoxing is what it takes for me to feel energetic, powerful, sexy and do non-stop my 40 laps in the pool, you bet I will do it!

And this is my “best.”

How about you? Is there anything you want to change?

Detoxing is not a fantasy. It is a reality. It became a reality for me and a lot of other people who are very diligent of curing the cause not the symptom. No wonder that in the eyes of many, it is a real Fountain of Youth!

So, are you ready to step in?

I want you to succeed!

Happy detox,



Founder of Detox Generation

PS: In memory of my mom. Love you!

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