About Us

I Do What I Preach. It’s Time to Pay It Forward

Today’s world is extremely toxic. Literally!

Harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides are everywhere–air, food, home, work, travel. There is no place to hide, and we all are at risk. But there is a SOLUTION!

The solution is DETOX–a perfect antidote to modern life. It can help you to rid yourself of dangerous toxins through a clean diet and appropriate therapies for your body and spirit. It can be yours if you want to help yourself and your loved ones.

Here It Comes Detox Generation

Because of my family, I know what it means to FIGHT FOR LIFE!

Detoxing is a big deal for me and I am a big FAN!

Anyone who knows me told me to write a book. And it’s not only about how-to. It’s about spirit, passion, and character. And I’ve got an idea!

Detox GenerationSince we are the first generation exposed to such chemical pollution posing a severe danger to our health, the only way to withstand it is to create a movement, to create detox generation.

But it is not only about being concerned about your health. ‘Concern’ is not good enough.

It’s about how you approach your well-being. You should have knowledge and how-to. You should understand why and what you need to do and must do. That’s the only way to get well and stay well.

So, for anyone seeking optimum health, here it comes Detox Generation.

I do what I preach, and I am walking proof. It is time to pay it forward.

You Have Only One Body and One Life

Feel sometimes you are in the middle of a big toxic dumpsite?

You are not alone!


You are busy and probably don’t have time to read books, “study” harmful effects of toxins on your health and how they can cause a devastating illness. And for sure you don’t have time reviewing the latest research, comparing various data analyses and keep up with ‘trendy’ practices. Right?

Here at Detox Generation we will raise your awareness and share with you why you should be curious. We will save you time and give you only what you need to know. And everything–in slow motion. One step at a time.

Yes, nothing happens overnight but you have only one body and one life!

Your Trusted Partner

But don’t worry. We will be on this journey together.

I will be your voice and your trusted partner. It is my promise. I want to help and I want you to succeed.

I will be covering how-tos, sharing tips and practical tools, presenting my picks of the latest research and trends.Detox Generation Your Trusted Partner

My journey and my progress is a big part of the Detox Generation. And here I need your help and your support.  I will be enormously grateful.

Of course, you can close this page, and that’s OK. Thank you for visiting. Just remember that exercising and drinking plenty of water doesn’t cut it anymore. Good health, vitality, beauty and lasting love for life require much more!

Are you ready?

Welcome to Detox Generation!

If you need a hand or have any questions, please leave them below. I will be happy to help you out.


Happy detox,


Founder of Detox Generation.

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