Bentonite Clay Recipes for Beautiful Skin

Imagine detoxing your body, taking years off your face, have luscious hair and beautiful nails. And all this – in one natural remedy, the bentonite. Our ancestors used bentonite clay recipes for skin, hair, and internal detox for centuries.

Today, we will focus on do-it-yourself (DIY) luxury treatment for beautiful skin using the cleansing power of clay.

What is best for you? It all depends on your skin type, how you feel, and what you want to accomplish.

So, let’s get messy!

1. What Is a Healthy Skin?

But first, how is your skin? Is it healthy?

Do you have a natural glow, even color, elasticity, and no signs of premature aging?

It may be sound like a silly question asking, “What is healthy skin?” However, the answer is not only beauty and glow.

Skin as a gatekeeperMiddle Age Woman With Beautiful Skin

First, the skin is the largest organ of your body. It acts as the gate between external and internal systems.

Critical functions of the skin include protection from harmful microorganisms, UV light, allergens, and other dangers. And what is the main component? The EPIDERMIS!

So, if your epidermis is damaged, how well does your skin perform those functions?

The organ of natural body detox

Second, the skin is an essential part of your natural body detox system along with the liver, kidneys, lymph, lungs, and intestines.

Premature aging

The next critical issue is skin aging, which nowadays is not only chronological but because of the poor environment. Therefore, your skin might start aging way before you are in your 40s or 50s.

Toxic skincare products

Lastly, do you know your skin products? How many chemicals are you exposed to daily?

Well, regardless of the reason, should we do something about it?

Here are bentonite clay recipes to the rescue!

TAKEAWAY: Healthy skin is not only about glow and being pretty. It protects you from dangerous bacteria, UV harmful radiation, allergens, and, therefore, premature aging.

Bentonite Clay Recipes. What is Clay Mask?

2. What is Clay Mask?

Clay mask is a mixture of natural clay—volcanic ash—and liquids like water, apple cider vinegar (ACV), rosewater, green tea or milk.

It’s important to emphasize that the word “clay” for skincare protocol assumes the Calcium Bentonite Clay. Another name for it is Montmorillonite.

→ Read more about what is clay, its types, and uses.

Bentonite clay mask benefits

Do you know that bentonite clay is used in most expensive cosmetic treatments?

But you can restore your skin natural beauty, protect yourself from harmful radiation, and detoxify the entire body without big spending!

The do-it-yourself facial mask will provide you numerous benefits:Woman With Clay Mask

  • demineralize skin with over 50 minerals
  • clean pores and remove toxins
  • improve appearance
  • increase body circulation
  • provide relief from acne, eczema, psoriasis
  • kills bacteria on the skin
  • exfoliate and rehydrate
  • restore natural glow
  • might reduce the appearance of scars

After applying a clay mask, your complexion will instantly improve.

So, ditch the private SPA!

Clay mask: simple and cost-effective

Are there any other reasons to use a DIY clay mask?

Yes, because it’s SIMPLE!

Clay is easily hydrated into a paste, and you can immediately apply it to your skin.

Besides, it is very COST-EFFECTIVE!

Compare, for example, big Terrasilk clay 2 lbs jar priced at $60 and $150-$250 for one facial session at the reputable beauty salon. And I am not even talking about full-body clay wrap!

→ Click here to read about how to buy bentonite clay.

By the way, that jar will last you for months! I use montmorillonite daily as a face cleanser, wash, for masks, and oral care.


TAKEAWAY: As a natural skin care remedy, a bentonite clay mask will benefit your skin in numerous ways. It is simple, quick, and cost-effective. 

Bentonite Clay Recipes. How To Mix Clay

3. Bentonite Clay Mask How-To

For your beautiful skin, the two essential ingredients of the bentonite facial mask are clay and filtered water. But, of course, there are some tricks.

How to mix bentonite clay

First, clay quickly hydrates into the paste. The perfect mixture should be smooth as nut butter. As a facial cleanser or wash, choose the consistency of the sour cream.

Second, to avoid any lumps, add water slowly like you making dough for muffins. Also, remember that mixing paste doesn’t take a lot of water.

But in case you add more water, put in extra clay, and don’t worry about leftover paste. Keep it in a glass container for future use or apply it to other parts of the body.


Metal will interfere with clay ionic detoxing capability. Use only wooden, glass or onyx mixing bawl. The same is for a spoon or spatula. 

Clay in Wooden Bowl


How to apply

For the best result, follow the steps below.

  1. Wash your face.
  2. Apply the paste on your skin, keeping a distance from your eyes. It is suggested to use a skin brush of the medium size. But I apply the mixture by hand.
  3. Keep the mask for 20-30 minutes and rinse face thoroughly. Avoid leaving any clay on your skin. That is why I use a washcloth. Adjust time if needed.
  4. While keeping a mask on, try to relax and meditate. Since clay tightens the skin, don’t laugh or talk.
  5. Finish with applying your favorite moisturizing cream.

How to test bentonite on skin

As a rule, you should never use any product without testing it first.

So, apply clay paste on a small area of your skin in a hidden area, for example, the inner top of your arm.

If there is no irritation, you can use it on your face.

TAKEAWAY: Try to make your clay paste right before the application. Remember not to use metal utensils. Test mixture first and adjust the time if necessary.

Bentonite Clay Recipes. Mixing Clay Mask

4. Clay Mask for Dry Skin

Of course, the easiest clay recipe is clay and water. However, I strongly suggest that you experiment with different adds-on like essential oils and other kitchen essentials.

What skin type do you have?

Is it normal, oily, dry, a combination like I have or sensitive?

It is how you choose your bentonite clay mask recipe. Please pay attention to this to avoid any skin breakouts and unintended effects.

Bentonite clay and jojoba oil

If you have dry skin, which is typical as we age, it would be smart to add to the paste a substance that acts like sebum—the oil naturally produced by the skin.

However, the issue is that substance shouldn’t clog your pores, be stable to oxidation, and have a high anti-inflammatory effect. Besides, it is preferably to help repair aging skin.

Well, my choice is jojoba oil. (1)

  1. Mix clay and jojoba oil in a 1:2 ratio and apply the mask to dry parts of your skin.
  2. Leave the mask for 15-20 minutes (or less) and rinse with filtered water.
  3. Finish by applying your regular moisturizing cream.

My face is combination type of skin. It is also aging.

So, I apply clay-jojoba oil paste on dry areas of my body, for example, legs. As a swimmer, I know that sea salt or chlorine in the pool always dry up your skin. So, give a TLC to your face and the entire body.

Additionally, jojoba oil has a proven positive effect on acne. Furthermore, this healing effect is even stronger in clay/jojoba oil combination.

TAKEAWAY: If you have dry skin or parts of the skin, use clay/jojoba combination for a mask. You need that extra moisture. Don’t let the mask dry completely, primarily if you use water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Bentonite Paste for Oily Skin

If there is one kitchen staple I use the most, it is the raw apple cider. It has so many applications!

But a lot of people don’t know that it is a fantastic ingredient in your beauty recipes. In fact, if you have oily skin, the montmorillonite/apple cider combination is your best bet.

Why is it so powerful?

Apple cider benefits for skin

The answer is alpha-hydroxy acid. It can benefit your skin in many different ways:

  • help to remove dead skin cells
  • remove excess oil
  • prevent inflammation
  • reduce blemishes
  • improve complexion
  • balance skin pH level
  • act as antiseptic to avoid acne and skin infection
  • boost skin glow (2)

Skin Acne

Why apple cider for oily skin

It is essential to understand that you have oily skin because of the excessive production of sebum—the oil naturally produced by the skin.

Next point, the acidity in the ACV is the reason how it can balance your skin pH level. In turn, it helps to find the healthiest medium between oily and dry skin. As a result, it will reduce acne, blemishes, and make your skin soft.

Best bentonite/apple cider skin mask

So, now, when you are familiar with why an apple side is best for oily skin, it is time for mixing.

  1. Combine bentonite clay and organic raw apple cider using a 1:1 ratio — for example, one teaspoon of clay powder and one teaspoon of ACV.
  2. Apply the mask on clean skin and keep for 15 minutes (adjust the time if need to).
  3. Wash off with filtered water.

TAKEAWAY: If you have oily skin, apple cider vinegar will do the trick. Add it to clay mask to balance skin pH level, improve complexion, and prevent inflammation.


6. Clay Recipe for Combination Skin

Overall, the skincare of the combination skin is more difficult compared with other types. I know because I have combination skin.

Well, when it comes to montmorillonite clay, I follow two paths.

First one – I prepare two separate mixtures. One is for oily skin, and another is for normal skin.

Another way is that I use clay and rosewater. 


On the one hand, it can draw excess oil from the T-zone. On the other hand, rosewater supplies extra moisture where it needs it. So, double benefits!

The protocol is similar as for other skin types:

  1. Mix clay and rosewater in a 1:2 ratio.
  2. Apply to clean skin for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off.
  3. Pat dry the skin and if need to, follow with your regular skincare protocol.

I love rosewater and often sprinkle face with it to give it extra hydration.

A critical point to remember is that temperature and UV light differ from season to season. Therefore, those changes can tremendously impact your skin. For example, during summer, I have oily/normal skin type, and in winter, it changes to normal and dry.

So, I adjust my skincare regimen. And when it comes to a clay mask, I change ingredients according to the condition of my skin.

TAKEAWAY: The best option for combination skin is using a clay mask with rosewater. It might benefit different types of skin.

Bentonite Clay Recipes. Clay and Green Tea

7. Bentonite Paste for Normal Skin

If you have a normal skin type, your must-have component of bentonite clay recipes for beautiful skin is the green tea.

I am a green tea drinker and use it extensively for my skincare. For example, after drinking tea, I store used sachet in the refrigerator. The next day it is a perfect aid to smooth the undereye area. And it will only take five minutes.

Well, green tea might have an enormous impact on your skin because of its antioxidant ability. And this means anti-aging! (3)

Additionally, according to research, green tea has anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic potential. (4)

Other than green tea, you can use water or milk. For example, I prefer goat milk since it’s pH level is close to the skin pH. Besides, milk can bring your skin a natural glow.

So, next time you enjoy a cup of green tea, save a little for your beauty regimen.

TAKEAWAY: If you love green tea, it can be a super tool if you have normal skin. Add it to a clay mask and take advantage of its anti-inflammatory ability.

Bentonite Clay Recipes. Hand Mask for Age Spots

8. Clay Recipes: Tips and Tricks

Other than water, raw apple cider, green tea, or rosewater, you can use different ingredients. For example, I love adding essential oils and milk.

Additionally, there are some other neat tricks you can use while preparing clay paste.

Age spots: apple cider and bentonite clay

Do you know that raw apple cider might be beneficial for age spots?

Thanks to alpha-hydroxy acid. It can rejuvenate aged skin. (5)

Tip: use clay and ACV mask not only for facial but for hands if you have age spots

Essential OilsLavendar Essential Oil with fresh lavendar

Tip: To prevent and soften wrinkles, add a drop of lavender essential oil. To rejuvenate and heal, choose frankincense.

Tip: If you have oily skin or acne, add to your clay paste tea tree or lemongrass essential oils. They might balance oily skin conditions. Besides, lemongrass can improve the pH of your skin and stimulate circulation.

Keeping the mask hydrated

If some areas of your skin getting dry faster, especially if you have dry skin, use water or rosewater as a spray.

Montmorillonite clay face wash

Montmorillonite clay has a light scrubbing effect. As a result, I use it not only for a mask but as a face wash.


  1. Make a small amount of paste using filtered water. Then apply it to the skin as a cleanser using fingers.
  2. Massage face for a minute, pushing paste all-around before rinsing everything off.
  3. Pat dry the skin and follow with your skincare regimen.

You might sensor some tingling because of the increase in blood circulation. Your skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated!

TAKEAWAY: For the best result with bentonite clay recipes, add to paste your favorite ingredients, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Bentonite Clay Recipes. How to Mix Clay Mask


In summary, if you want to heal your skin and restore a beautiful flow, bentonite clay is your best and most cost-effective remedy. Also, it is pure and has no toxins and chemicals.

No matter your skin type, when it comes to bentonite clay recipes, there are options for everybody.

Of course, you should know how to buy bentonite clay for detox and beauty.

So, forget about expensive cosmetic treatments!

Create a do-it-yourself SPA at home using the best bentonite clay recipes for beautiful skin.

Use a variety of ingredients depending on your skin type—pure water, raw apple cider, green tea, and rosewater. You can also experiment with milk, preferably goat milk.

Lastly, adding lavender will improve elasticity and smooth wrinkles.

Well, join me on my journey to heal and cleanse with the power of volcanic ash. Enjoy bentonite clay recipes for healthier and more beautiful skin.

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.

Happy Detox!

Mom with her daughter with clay mask



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