Best Brand Bone Broth. Let’s Put It on Fire!

Saturday, July 13th, 2019. Manhattan is in absolute darkness because of a power outage. I am sitting with a flush light and candles writing this post. How crazy is it? Well, you might ask, “What is a power outage in Manhattan, New York has to do with the best brand bone broth?”

Trust me – a lot!

Anyone remember the horrible and prolong Northeast blackout on August 14th, 2003?

That evening my friends and I were sitting on the balcony of my apartment on the 37th floor, sipping wine and getting crackers. Why crackers?

I canceled my birthday party restaurant reservation. Yes! August 14th was my birthday!

Today, over fifteen years later, again – the constant sound of sirens and part of Manhattan is off the grid. If it lasts longer than a few hours, all food in refrigerators will go to waste.

Deja Vu?

Blackout. Best Emergency Food Supplies. Are you ready? Best Brand Bone Broth

1. Bone Broth. Wise Emergency Food Supplies?

Imagine – your refrigerator and your freezer are out. There is no food, and it is summer. You cannot “hang” your plastic bag with some goodies outside your window.

What are you going to do?

Moreover, you cannot go to the local store or a restaurant because their refrigerators are not a big help either!

Well, how about if you have kids or a sick person? Will you be giving them the Best Brand Bone Broth. Let's Put It on Fire!canned soup with 30% sodium and tons of crappy stuff in it?

Or how long will you last on crackers?

Instead, would you like to have in your “emergency reserve” delicious and nutritious broth which doesn’t require a freezer?

And not just a broth but the one made from the marrow bones combined with organic vegetables and filtered water?

The only one thing you should do is to open the package and simmer the broth for a few minutes.

So, lunch is ready!

After that blackout, we had quite a few “dark” days. And that bone broth served my loved ones dietary needs when we had no power.

We didn’t compromise our health with salty junk food. How did we do it?

We drank the best brand bone broth and nourished our bodies with everything this golden drink has to offer – minerals, protein, amino acids, and other good stuff. Luckily, I stocked up!

What was the brand?

Kettle & Fire!

I wish it was available back in 2003.

Best Brand Bone Broth. Kettle & Fire

2. Kettle and Fire Beef Bone Broth Review

Well, I started drinking and cooking with bone broth a few years ago as my oncologist suggested.

I needed badly to rebuild myself:

      • boost the immune system
      • restore nutrients level
      • inject energy into my overly exhausted body
      • rebuild my muscles
      • regulate circulatory system
      • restore the balance between all body’s functions

And, obviously, I needed to DETOX!

So, I began my very demanding rehabilitation.

One day, in a “drip room”—a medical facility where different IV protocols are administered—somebody mentioned the name “Kettle & Fire.”

I was curious. I tried, and it was love at first sight.


Well, let’s put Kettle & Fire on fire!


First, what is Kettle & Fire broth made from?

I checked all ingredients inside out, leaving nothing to chance to find the best brand bone broth.

First, Kettle & Fire is not just bone broth. It is made from marrow bones of 100% certified grass-fed beef. Why marrow?

It provides a higher level of collagen with most amino acids and nutrients. So, you should appreciate when knuckles and feet bones are in your broth. And now you know why.

Second, these are also bones of grass-finished beef. What does it mean?

Best Brand Bone Broth. Kettle & Fire. Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Cows

Grass-fed beef doesn’t mean that cows have been eating grass all their lives. It is either a grain-finished diet or grass-finished diet.

So, if you see grass-fed on a label, it also can be grain-finished.


Kettle & Fire. Best Brand Bone Broth.


3. Kettle and Fire Chicken Bone Broth

When you drink Kettle & Fire chicken bone broth, rest assured it is from organic chicken bones and feet.

Yes! Those scary feet I saw when my mom was cooking the bone broth. She always reminded me, “The beauty is the chicken feet.”

Well, the trick is COLLAGEN. Because of this, my mom got her first wrinkle at 51!

But that’s not all. What else is in the pot of the best brand both broth?

Organic celery, onion, bell pepper, onions, carrots, garlic, scallions and herbs—parsley, rosemary, and thyme.

Also, apple cider vinegar is a must to pull out as much good stuff out of the bones as possible. And the simmering process can take over 20 hours for the bones to release all nutrients.

Well, when sipping Kettle & Fire broth, you are a happy customer.

Kettle & Fire Chicken Bone Broth. Best Brand Bone Broth


Some people might think bone broth is tasteless. WRONG!

I bet they didn’t try Kettle & Fire. Their broth has different flavors depending on ingredients.

Do you like a mild or nattier feel?

Kettle & Fire has everything for everybody.

Beef bone broth has a mild flavor and is my FAVORITE for cooking and adding in smoothies. It does not overpower the taste of my greens or whatever I put in the dishes. Yummy!

If I want just a broth tea, I love to sip their chicken broth or chicken and mushroom. It has more “character” and zest. It is perfect on its own. I love drinking it, especially during long commuting hours.


There are tons of other options—butternut squash, tomato soup, chipotle beef, ginger and lemongrass beef, coconut curry and lime chicken, turmeric ginger. Wow!

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth and Soup. Best Brand Bone Broth

Best Brand Bone Broth

Kettle & Fire Soup. Best Brand Bone BrothBest Brand Bone Broth

→ TAKEAWAY: No matter how demanding you are, “the nose knows!” There is everything here for your nose and your sipping pleasure.

4. Bone Broth Nutrition Data

Have you ever made a bone broth?

Since preparing a homemade bone broth is very time-consuming, I make it only occasionally. On average, I buy my broth and, of course, from Kettle & Fire.

Now, let’s look at nutrition data—beef bone broth nutritional facts and chicken bone broth nutritional facts.

Beef Bone Broth Nutritional Facts

Overall, serving cup—240mL—has approximately 40 Calories where Calories from Fat is 0.

      • Total Fat and Saturated Fat is 0g or 0%
      • Cholesterol is under 5mg or 1%
      • Sodium is around 330mg or 14%
      • Total Carbohydrate is 0g or 0%
      • Dietary Fiber 0g or 0%
      • Sugars 0g
      • Protein 10g

Chicken Bone Broth Nutritional Facts

      • Overall, serving cup—240mL—has approximately 40 Calories where Calories from Fat is 0.
      • Total Fat 0g or 0%
      • Saturated Fat is 0g or 0%
      • Trans Fat 0g
      • Cholesterol is under 5mg or 1%
      • Sodium is around 220mg or 9%
      • Total Carbohydrate is 2g or 1%
      • Dietary Fiber is under 1g or 3%
      • Sugars are under 1g
      • Protein 11g

For both—beef and chicken bone broth—calcium is the most prominent at 4%.

As you can see, the most what you get is protein. And it is what we expected. It should be no added sugar or anything else.

I prefer not “bare bone” broth but the one where producers add different organic veggies, herbs, and spices. And Kettle & Fire is superb!

So, which broth is your favorite?

Try both–you will love them.

5. The Latest Packaging Technology

Do you have limited space in your freezer? Have a cabin on a lake or just busy to cook?

You will be shocked and happy to know that Kettle & Fire bone broth has a 2-year shelf life, which makes it perfect to have in your pantry as lunches, dinners, or emergency food supplies.

Have a so-so attitude toward stuff with a long shelf life?

You shouldn’t in the case with Kettle & Fire! The packaging here is a big deal. They use the latest packaging technology to seal their broth without using any preservatives. Packaging predominately is made from the wood fiber.

How do we know this?

Well, when you see on Kettle & Fire cartons the FSC labelForest Stewardship Council—you should know that it is true. The Council promotes responsible forests management and certifies products as eco-friendly.

Wood fiber Kettle & Fire containers are recyclable and don’t harm the environment. Is it important to you?

Even more, – cartons are entirely free from any bacterium or germ. And this way you can be sure there are no preservatives, additives or extra sodium.

O, did I mentioned that Kettle & Fire packaging is USDA approved and it is BPA and BPS-free?

So, stock up!

6. Best Bone Broth for Health

But wait! You might ask, “What is good about bone broth anyway?”

The HEALTH BENEFITS!Best Brand Bone Broth. Let's Put It on Fire!

Read more in my post “Natural Home Remedies for Liver Detox. Got Bone Broth?” (Section 2.)

In summary, bone broth is superb for digestion, joints health, skin elasticity and, of course, your natural body detox system.

How is it accomplished?

It’s all about amino acids and collagen. Well, how do we know that Kettle & Fire is the best brand bone broth?

First, they use animal’s most beneficial parts—hooves, knuckles, feet, connective tissues, which are the riches in collagen, minerals, protein, and amino acids. Second, it’s not just collagen. It is type II collagen – protein famous for doing magic for your skin, joints, and digestion.

So, is Kettle & Fire a right candidate for your pantry?

Check beef bone broth nutritional facts. A serving cup of 240mL has approximately 40 calories, where calories from fat are 0. Most of what it has is 10g of PROTEIN. A similar picture is with the chicken bone broth.

Furthermore, for both—beef and chicken bone broth—calcium is prominent at 4%. Besides, Kettle & Fire broth has NO sugar added.

Best Brand Bone Broth. Let's Put It on Fire! Best Bone Broth for Health

Next critical point: grass, shrubs, and flowers absorb water and convert inorganic elements into organic. Remember photosynthesis from school program? How about chlorophyll? It is how vegetation world is synthesizing nutrients, and we are part of that world.

Also, it is important to know that because of the grass, Kettle & Fire broth has NO saturated fat as grain-fed bone broth.

So, which bone broth would you prefer: grain-fed, grass-fed or grass-fed and grass-finished?

Which one has more good stuff? Never mind all hormones and antibiotics.

Well, make your choice wisely. Choose Kettle & Fire, the best brand bone broth!

7. Kettle & Fire – Magic in a Mug!

Remember the old saying, “You are what you eat?” Do you follow this wisdom?

With Kettle & Fire, you will because their bone broth is:

      • not only grass-fed but also grass-finished
      • made by slow-simmering bones for over 20 hours to release most of the collagen
      • made with organic vegetables and spices
      • packaged in environmentally friendly and BPA and BPS-free cartons

Bring this knowledge if you compare this broth with the competition. Are there other options? Of course. I tried a few but nothing compared with Kettle & Fire.

What results can you expect?

Better looking skin, improved digestion, and healthier bones. Is it worth a try?

No wonder that even the mission of the Kettle & Fire is “TO DELIVER THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF BONE BROTH TO THE WORLD.”

Well, the more I drink Kettle & Fire, the more I know that it is the best bone broth for my health. For me, the grassier, the better.

But there is another super benefit: Kettle & Fire will save your time, money and frustration. Good enough for you?

…Luckily, the power outage this time didn’t last long. But it could have. Are you ready?

So, for all your sipping pleasures: Get Kettle & Fire bone broth – the best brand both broth. You will thrive!

It is real magic in a mug.

Happy Sipping!

Best Brand Bone Broth

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.


Founder of Detox Generation

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  • Hi! You have brought up a very good point here. We have also experienced a blackout of a few days here in our country. And I really understand you when it comes to feeling concerned about food. This is a great advice and I’ll follow it: to have in our “emergency reserve” broth which doesn’t require a freezer.

    Since beef bone broth is your favorite, I’ll start by trying it! Thank you!

    • Hi, Henry!

      Thank you for your smart comment.

      Yes, I know well how scary the blackout can be and that most people are ready for it. Well, bone broth which doesn’t require freezer is a godsend. And the cool thing: even if by any chance you cannot heat it, you always can sip it as is. I tried it. No problem.

      Beef is my favorite for cooking since it doesn’t overpower any other ingredients. But for drinking as a tea, I like a lot of chicken bone broth and chicken mushrooms broth.

      So, get different ones since you might have them in your “emergency reserve” anyway! Try and see what is YOUR favorite.

      Happy Sipping!

  • Hi Ella, just some days back I read your post which introduced me into bone broth and now I’m glad you have shared the best possible brand to get bone broth from. This kettle and fire seems to pop up a lot when I was searching for the best bone broths and reading it here about its totally eco friendly benefits couldn’t make me more happier. Since I’m assured of it being preservatives free, I will order some of this so we could stack up well in preparation for the days to come. I cannot wait to have a taste of this benefit ridden cup of magic.

    • Hi, Stepho!

      Thank you for stopping by again and reading my other post.

      Yes! It is preservatives-free and this is what makes it especially beneficial.

      As of taste, as you might guess, I have in my panty all varieties. Again, for cooking, I love beef bone broth because of its mild taste since it doesn’t overpower other ingredients. Read my new post “Easy Quick Soup Recipes. Broth and 10-Minute Wonder.”

      For drinking the broth like tea, my choice is chicken bone broth and chicken and mushroom broth. They have nuttier flavor and more “interesting.” Again, it is a matter of personal choice and when you try a few different flavors, you know which one is your #1 or #2.

      Please, let me know how you like my soups. I would love hearing from you.

      Happy Sipping!

  • It is so amazing to see all the benefits of bone broth in this review. We haven’t given this product a chance in my household that’s why I can’t really say much about the fun that comes with it. Since I come across this review now, I will try it out and see if it is what I can prescribe for my household. I love meat that eat natural food like grasses or grain rather than processed food. This will limit our body to be exposed to deadly chemicals that usually come with meat broth.

    • Hi, Stella!

      I love that like me, you are very picky about what you “allow” for your loved ones in your kitchen. Good for you!

      One word of caution: as you might read from my post, if a cow is grain-fed, it might cause inflammation in your body. That’s why I love Kettle & Fire bone broth because it is from grass-fed and grass-finished cows. It is very difficult to find these types of bones. Trust me, I tried.

      I hope you will make bone broth a part of your regular cooking or drinking it as a tea. If you read my other post “Easy Quick Soup Recipes. Broth and 10-Minute Wonder,” you can see how much fun I have with it.

      Please let me know how you like it.

      Happy Cooking!

  • A broth which has 10g of protein? Wow! That’s some very good nutritional value there. I don’t usually make broth unless I am sick or for risotto but 10g of protein in 240ml plus all those other nutrients I am going to start making it much more frequently.

    I wanted to ask you, is this Kettle & Fire bone broth ready-made or is it sold as a powder or gel which you add in hot water in order to become broth?

    Thanks a lot for the help!

    • Harry!

      Thank you for commenting. For sure, you know what you are talking about since you recognized the value on a spot. Yes, 10g of protein makes this broth very unique and so beneficial on a top of all other superior factors.

      Kettle & Fire is ready-made bone broth. Even though it is not a paste or in lose form, I really encourage you to try and have it as a kitchen staple. Great thing is that even if you cannot heat it and drink it as – no problem. It is tasty. This makes it also a perfect “emergency” nutritional food.


  • I know bone soup has been recommended for a very long time, and for various reasons. For myself and family, we usually indulge in bone soup when we are a little bit under the weather. Seems to solve sickness especially nausea.

    I like that the Kettle & Fire can still be useful even without refrigeration. Its preparation seems quite easy. The ingredients within the broth are a winner! Where else can you get all these in just soup?

    Thank you for taking your time to give us this thorough review.

    Much appreciated!

    • Dear Carol!

      Yes, writing a detailed review takes time. But I do precisely this or don’t do it at all.

      I am so glad you are familiar with the bone broth and use it at least sometimes. I do it almost daily and remember what my mama kept telling me, “The beauty is in the chicken feet!” Well, as we age, we should remember it! 🙂

      I love your comment that “where else can you get all these in just soup?” VERY TRUE! No commercial soup has it. That is why I DO NOT eat soup outside of my kitchen.

      Anyways, I wish you and all your loved ones stay healthy!

      Thank you kindly.

  • Hello Ella, great review! I have heard of many of the amazing benefits of bone broth and kettle and fire is a brand that comes up often. You made a really good point about being sustained by bone broth incase of a power outage as well. I will have to give this brand a try!

    • Hi, Cliff!

      Yes, it is a brand of my choice because of numerous reasons. And one of them is a long shelf life but without any preservatives using an advanced packaging technology. Love it!

      Please do try it – you will feel more energy, better skin, and hair. O, did I forget better nails too? I hope you will make it your “pleasant” routine drinking bone broth.

      Thank you very much for your time.


  • Hi Ella – I’ve never heard of this product before but after reading this review,  I’m tempted to try it. It’s do good to have dishes with all natural ingredients. Chemicals are killing us! I’ve posted an article on my website about the chemicals we’re exposed to and the subsequent damages they cause.  I’ll be back with you when I’ve tried the soup.  Thanks!

    • Hi, Nathaniel!

      It will be my pleasure. Try broth and/or soup and let me know how you like it and what is your favorite.

      Yes, you are correct: chemicals are everywhere and that is why I call my website Detox Generation. We are indeed the first generation exposed to so many toxins everywhere that detoxing is no longer a matter of “Should I?” but “How Ofter?” But, of course, it is only if a person is a realist.

      Anyways, I appreciate your comment and input. Hopefully, I will talk to you again soon.

      Kind regards!

  • I really enjoyed this article. I found it to be very informative on the health benefits of drinking bone broth. I like how you pointed out this particular brand being important by being from grass fed cows which I think is important. There is other very valuable nutrition in this bone broth as you point out to the readers. Adding veggies and herbs and spices would make the broth taste better. I like being able to see the ingredients on the label and you provided that in your article.

    I didn’t  realize drinking bone broth after cancer treatments could build back up a persons immune system and strength. This is very good information. I know someone who is recovering from cancer and hasn’t regained their strength back yet and I will pass this information along as well as get them some of this bone broth.

    • Hi, Terry!

      Yes, pass along info and let’s spread the word. Be so kind and say that person “hello” from Ella and send my best wishes!

      One of the reasons why it helped me that I practically lost all muscle mass. And as you know without protein, it is impossible to be strong. After treatment, my digestion was poor since chemo and radiation negatively affected the gut flora and immune system as well. So, “drinking” the protein with the bone broth was very easy. Of course, I did and still do a lot of other good things.

      Even now – I am responding to your comment and sipping my chicken bone broth. Yummy!

      I am very happy you liked my review. When I write a “report” about something, I do cover all possible aspects of the story. Of course, to the best of my ability and resources.

      Please, stay tuned. There are a lot of interesting things to come.

      Good Health!

  • I felt the taste of the bone broth from your excellent write-up. Starting from the origin of the bone and meat source, this article covers in detail the preparation details and finally the packaging aspect of the broth. It is fascinating to the ingredients of the bone broth but I am vegetarian.

    My only question will be-does the bone broth really offer us immunity boost, build muscles and balance all our body functions. The reason I am interested to know is there are articles claiming against its performance.

    So a reference or from an established scientific source where there is actually a proof about the performance of bone broth will make this article stronger.

    • Hello, dear Anusuya!

      Thank you very much for your comment. I sincerely appreciate it. 

      You are absolutely correct and I will add some additional resources to my post. No problem. 

      Also, please read my prior article “Homemade Remedies for Liver Detox. Got Bone Broth?” where I gave very detailed coverage about bone broth benefits and its role for the body detox. I would love to know your opinion.

      Well, regarding negative articles. You are a vegetarian. How many negative articles about being vegetarian out there with all research behind it? PLENTY! 

      But you don’t stop following vegetarian protocol, don’t you? You’ve got my point.

      I used to be vegetarian for a number of years. I read fantastic research(!) “The China Study” and the rest was history – how convincing it was!

      But guess what? IT DOESN’T WORK FOR EVERYBODY! And I don’t care about any research!

      It’s all about what is working for YOU! We all are different.

      Now about the bone broth: it is chemistry 101 – amino acids from collagen essential for our immune system and are building blocks of protein which is essential for muscle tissue! 

      As a not vegetarian, I am stronger and sharper. I don’t have fatigue which I used to have and I am no longer light-headed.

      But, again, it’s me–ELLA–and my body. I know that a vegetarian diet works for a lot of people! I am just not one of them.

      Anyways, thank you for your wisdom and your advice. I sincerely appreciate it.


  • I left a comment on your website. It was totally engaging. I almost read the entire site. It would make anyone 30y/o and up really stop and think about what they are using in and on their bodies. Would someone like me who takes 15 pills each morning benefit from the bone soup? Keep on going your doing great! It is a good idea. I think the site is beautifully put together.

    • Hello!

      You made my day! Thank you very much for your time and kind words. I am very grateful.

      Of course, I don’t know what kind of pills you are taking but if they are supplements, I hope it is based on your blood test. 

      I am sure if a person is not vegetarian or vegan, anyone can benefit from drinking a bone broth! It is very “smart” drink.

      Unfortunately, nowadays we are getting further and further away from the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors who knew a lot about home remedies.

      Anyways, please take care of yourself and stay HEALTHY!

      My best wishes

  • Hi Ella,

    Very inspirational website due to the value of the information.

    I am in my own form of detox, mainly from prescription medications and I am a recovering alcoholic with liver damage,

    My sister is a cancer survivor and she has gone through a lot.

    I would not have know about the benefits of bone broth until I read your information. The benefits you mention are incredible. 

    I like using things that are natural and herbal, just too many side effects to pharmaceutical drugs.

    Detoxifying is definitely a better way to be and stay healthy.

    I have bookmarked your site as I will be paying a more in depth look

    I thank you and I thank your mum.

    Wishing you the best,


    • Hello, Michael!

      Visitors like you are especially dear to me because you know the pain of struggle and every little win. And most important – you know what it takes to win!

      Your comment is kind and supportive and I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you for recognition. Your wife and you are my best audience and most valuable readers. I am so happy you have stopped by.

      Congratulations on staying in recovery. Great job! I beg you to continue doing this. And, of course, keep detoxing using as much natural stuff as you can. The last thing we need is another pill!

      Poke around my site. And even though the Detox Generation is only a few months out, you can imagine how many years I have been preparing for this.

      As for the bone broth, try it and give it time. Start small, as I’ve suggested – 8 oz a few times a week. It is tasty, soothing, has tons of amino acids and collagen and very beneficial on all fronts.

      I will be very happy if you visit again. So, come back and please send my best wishes to your wife.

      Stay positive and remember: YOUR BODY IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!


      PS: Thank you for saying “thanks” to my mom. It is very sweet…

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