Best Coffee Beans Review: Lifeboost Your Coffee!

What kind of coffee do you drink? Any specific brand or region? And even if you have your favorite, read this best coffee beans review and lifeboost your coffee. Why?

Well, there is nothing better than waking up and looking forward to a cup of morning joe. Right?

But how is your coffee? Do you expect perfection?

For me, I want my java cup unique and tasty. It should have an intense aroma, bold flavor, delicate texture, and pleasantly-lingering aftertaste. Also, it should have no pesticides, chemicals, or any other harmful compounds. Well, does your coffee measure up?

I have done the coffee market review and realized that most people have no idea what they are drinking. You will see for yourself. And that’s why I decided to write this best coffee beans review. It is for those of you who have pride in their brew. Also, I will introduce you to my favorite brand and give you all the reasons why.

So, are you curious about what are the best coffee beans?

Best Coffee Beans Review


1. Are You Drinking the Right Coffee?

When it comes to coffee, our personal preferences may differ. But there are common factors that should impact our buying decision. So, what are they?

First, read my post about how to choose good coffee beans.

Coffee Sourcing

As can be seen, one critical factor is coffee sourcing.

Coffee is grown in the regions called the “Coffee Belt. Each of them gives coffee beans a specific identity. For example, what coffee country is your favorite?

Next, Europe and the US today import coffee from China. And one of the leading brands here is Starbucks.

Also, if you see that coffee is “mountain-grown,” it doesn’t guarantee top quality. I prefer that brand indicates on packaging the altitude where coffee is grown.

Besides, ideally, your coffee should be shade-grown because it adds to bean’s nutrition.

Beans Common Certifications

Another critical factor is coffee certifications. You want your beans Organic or Fair-Trade. And there are a few reasons for this:

  • low amount of pesticides or pesticides-free beans
  • higher content of coffee nutrients
  • GMO-free crops
  • sustainably harvested practices

Coffee Grading

Most people don’t know about coffee grades. It’s based on a number of defects, bean size, and attributes to coffee taste, acidity, body, or aroma.

Grade 1: Specialty Grade. No main defects, 0-3 full defects, moisture 9-13%, no quakers (unripened beans).

Grade 2: Premium Grade. Same as Grade 1 but a maximum of 3 quakers and 0-8 full defects.

Grade 3: Exchange Grade. Maximum 5 quakers and 9-23 full defects.

Grade 4: Standard Grade. 24-86 full defects.

Grade 5: Off Grade. More than 86 full defects.

TAKEAWAY: The best Arabica is organic or fair-trade. It is a mountain and shade-grown at an altitude above 4,000 feet. Also, the best coffee beans are specialty or premium grade.

Best Coffee Beans Review


2. Coffee Statistics

In the US and around the world, coffee is a thriving marketplace. Let me share with you some statistics that might surprise you.

Coffee Market

As of 2018 US Coffee Market Report by the Specialty Coffee Association, the US retail value of the coffee market was $87-$88 Billion. But what is interesting is a split between “Away from home” and “At home” segments:

  • Away from home – $73.9 billion
  • At home – $14 billion

Most of us belong to both categories. We drink coffee at home, coffee shops, restaurants, and at the office. For me, I am an exception. Yes, I brew my coffee at home. But I also do it at the office using my beans. And it’s because I have never liked the coffee pods or office coffee machines.

Let’s focus on drinking coffee at home.

Coffee at Home

I was shocked to know what people prefer to drink:

  • ground coffee – 86%
  • whole beans – 7.1%
  • instant coffee – 5.8%

Further, the most common brands here are Starbucks, Nescafe, Maxwell House, Folgers, and Green Mountain.

Well, where are you in these statistics? And how well do you know your coffee?

Arabica vs. Robusta

Before we continue, you should know about two major coffee varieties—Arabica vs. Robusta.

Robusta is easier to cultivate and therefore cheaper. It is used widely in blends to keep the cost low. Today 95% of all coffee in Latin America is Arabica. In contrast, the African coffee market at 80% is Robusta.

Let’s see what coffee do most known brands use and why you should avoid them.

TAKEAWAY: Coffee is a thriving market. It splits between “away from home” market with 84% and “at home” with 16%. The most significant portion of the home market is ground coffee.


3. Coffee Brands to Avoid

Before I introduce you to my favorite brand, let’s look at what’s in your cup. And if you buy coffee at the regular grocery store, the odds are that it is low quality.

Folgers in the Cup?

Well, one of the brands with the highest market share is Folgers. It’s also one of the largest American-owned multinational corporations. Folgers makes ground, instant, and pods. I haven’t seen any Folgers’ coffee beans, have you? Remember that pre-ground coffee is probably not fresh.

Next, you will not see on their packaging any standard certifications. Therefore, you might have in your cup pesticides, fungi, and mycotoxins.

Another critical point, beans are sourced from different regions. So, you have a blend. Why is it important?

Click here to read about single vs. multi-origin coffee. In short, single-origin beans is from a specific batch. As a result, there are no dangerous chemicals from cross-contamination. Also, it guarantees the same processing and roasting.

Well, don’t expect much from Folgers. Coffee is cheap and has low quality.

Starbucks: Burned and Bitter

Another “No Buy” recommendation is Starbucks coffee. I stopped drinking it years ago. Why? Because of burned beans and horrible metallic aftertaste.

As it turned out, Starbucks doesn’t follow the perfect coffee production: growing, roasting, and brewing. But there are tons of fancy drinks. And it’s an ideal way to hide the awful taste of those burned beans.

Humor me: buy a cup of black Starbucks coffee. And if you know how the quality coffee should taste, you will be disappointed. But Starbucks insists that it is how coffee should taste. Well, it is laughable! Of course, it’s about profit margin.

TAKEAWAY: If you buy coffee at the grocery stores or most known coffee shops, you probably drink the low-quality coffee.

Beast Coffee Beans Review Rethink Coffee

4. Best Gourmet Lifeboost Coffee!

So, are you ready for a fabulous coffee experience? Let’s continue with this best coffee beans review.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my favorite coffee brand – the Lifeboost. It captured my heart and my cup. So, what’s so amazing about it?

The answer is EVERYTHING!

What is Lifeboost Coffee?

Lifeboost is a premium coffee company created by Dr. Charles Livingston. His main goal was to give the coffee lovers:

  • the cleanest and healthiest coffee
  • pesticides and toxins-free beans
  • all coffee health benefits
  • an amazing coffee experience

Lifeboost Sourcing

Coffee plants by the Lifeboost are grown in a Nationally protected area of Nicaragua. Farmers handpick and spring water wash only the best beans. So, here it goes the premium grade. Isn’t it what you want?

Next, coffee crops are grown on small plantations at the altitude of 5700 feet. They are covering by guava trees that protect the coffee from excessive sun and add to bean nutrition. Also, beans are slowly grown to full maturity. As a result, all beans are ripened, and there are no quakers.

Why Fermented and Hand-Picked?

One fantastic factor about the Lifeboost is that its beans are hand-selected one-by-one. As a result, you get only the best beans.

Besides, how Lifeboost assures that beans are not damaged? The answer is seed fermentation for 26 hours to remove skin and preserve the beans.

All the above factors assure the superb quality of Lifeboost coffee beans. And if you have pride in your coffee, you should choose the premium grade. Well, you will – with the Lifeboost.

So, start your day with a delicious cup of Lifeboost Premium Coffee!

TAKEAWAY: Lifeboost is a premium coffee brand offering the cleanest and healthiest Arabica beans.

Best Coffee Beans Review: Rethink Coffee


5. Boost Your Life with Lifeboost!

Want more reasons to try Lifeboost?

The brand is well-known around the world. It is highly regarded by fans and competitors. Further, it has risen to the Winners Circle.

And how did I find out about the Lifeboost? It was a gift from my friend. I was amazed and instantly fell in love! And that’s why I wrote this best coffee beans review.

Aroma, Flavor, and Taste

Each stage in Lifeboost coffee processing—growing, ripening, picking, fermenting, and roasting—guarantees perfection. As a result, it gives beans the following profile:

  • unique identity
  • premium grade
  • a wide array of health benefits
  • full body
  • mouth-watering aroma
  • taste-enhancing richness
  • perfect humidity content of 11.5%

Keeping this in mind, does Lifeboost coffee deserve space in your kitchen?

Best Low Acidity Coffee

Before the Lifeboost, I couldn’t even finish the first cup. My stomach didn’t feel right. And I didn’t even have any digestive issues!

Well, what is amazing that the Lifeboost Premium Coffee is a low acidity coffee. And how do I know it? Because my stomach feels great and later I can have another cup.

But how about if you have GI issues? Here, Lifeboost is a lifesaver. You can have this coffee because it’s smooth and easy on your stomach. So, enjoy!

The Healthiest Coffee

Next critical point is mycotoxins, pesticides and mold. Do you worry about it? Well, with Lifeboost you won’t.

Mycotoxins are common in low quality coffee. Therefore, you should avoid multi-origin beans and blends. Are you sure what’s in them?

So, don’t make a compromise. Stay safe and get Lifeboost Premium Coffee—pesticides-free and 3rd party mycotoxins tested.

TAKEAWAY: Lifeboost Premium Coffee is clean, low acid and pesticide-free coffee. You will get all of its health benefits and love it’s flavor, richness, and texture. Have a cup!

6. Why Lifeboost Premium Coffee?

In summary, what should you require from your favorite brew?

See below the Premium Lifeboost Coffee report card. Does your coffee have the same characteristic? So, rethink coffee!


So, are you ready to say, “WOW?”

Do you want a smooth, rich and flavorful cup of coffee? How about mold and pesticides-free beans? Well, get picky about your coffee. Get the Lifeboost Premium Coffee – the best coffee beans online.

Still, have doubts?Happy Coffee Cup

I am a cancer survivor. And among other lessons, I’ve learned to never compromise quality. That’s why I always pick the best for my health and pleasure. How about you?

Follow this best coffee beans review and rethink coffee. For sure, you deserve the best. Get your morning burst of energy and bring harmony to your day.

Boost your life with the Lifeboost coffee! I am sure you will be hooked.

Happy Tasting!

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