Best Home Enema Kit Buying Guide

After doing coffee enemas for seven years, my first question: do you have the best home enema kit?Belly Liver Give It Love

Well, enema is not just a way to detox your liver. It is a very private and sophisticated ritual like no others.

Therefore, you should be very comfortable with each step of the process. There is no place for frustration or disappointment. Right?

So, you need the best tools.

Let’s explore the process of how to choose the best home enema kit that is safe, reliable, and easy to use.

1. Enema Kit 101: Must-Have Items

Are you a beginner?

Below is a quick overview of what is available.

Enema SuppliesBest Home Enema Kit Buying Guide

There are few must-have items of the enema kit:

  • Enema container—bucket or a bag
  • Hose/Tubing – also known as a ‘cord.’
  • Nozzle
  • Clamp
  • Micromesh strainer
  • Tubing cleaning brush
  • Coffee

If you are using a bag, it’s should either have a built-in hook, or you can use a metal one that can work with any size of wall or door hooks.

For a place to lie down, I use a yoga mat as a cushion and a clean towel on a top instead of a sterile sheet.

Enema Containers

There are two types of enema containers: BUCKET and BAG.

I prefer a bucket. Why?

  1. With a bucket, you have a choice—to hang it or set it on a toilet seat cover, chair, or some other surface.
  2. A bucket is easier to clean since you see and can reach the entire surface.
  3. With a bucket, you have an option to have it as stainless steel or glass.

The only time I would use a bag is when I travel.

Quality Control

2. Silicone, Glass or Stainless Steel?

When it comes to enema equipment, I have a list of specific requirements. So should you!

Obviously, the right equipment comes from high-quality material.

Therefore, I suggest a stainless steel or glass bucket compared with a plastic one because plastic might leach into coffee harmful chemicals, especially after extended use. And it is not only about BPA. There might be other toxic elements you don’t want to go into your colon.

Stainless steel or glass bucket is easier to clean than a plastic bucket or a rubber bag.

If you go with stainless steel—the product should be made from food-grade or #304 stainless steel and preferably be USA-made.

If you, like me, prefer glass— Pyrex glass of the highest quality is the best option.

I do NOT recommend rubber latex bags because of a potential issue with allergy. Also, it always has some odor. Why take a risk?

For tubing and nozzle, choose medical-grade silicone, PVC, BPA, latex, and rubber FREE.

Take Note: Pyrex glass

Do you have Pyrex glass kitchenware?

Not all Pyrex glass are made equal. There are two types: soda-lime silicate glass and borosilicate glass. Soda-lime silicate glass is a tempered version of the original Pyrex. It is incredibly cheap, even though it can provide high chemical durability and good optical transparency.

If you have a low-quality glass bucket, avoid sudden temperature change. It might cause the glass to shatter. You should cool off your coffee first and then pour it into the bucket.

Borosilicate glass is the highest quality Pyrex, and it is not easy to get due to its popularity. Stick with borosilicate glass if you can, even though it is more money. Since it is very resilient to a thermal shock, you can pour your coffee (through micromesh filter on a top) right after you make it.

Take Note: Silicone 

I am sure you have silicone products in your everyday use, don’t you?

But do you know what the silicone is?

Most people are under the impression that it is a natural material. It is NOT!

Yes, one of its components is silica—found in nature like beach sand—but silicone is a result of heating silica at a very high temperature with carbon.

Even though most experts consider silicone non-toxic and safe, there is still some chance of leaching.

Precautionary approach: go with the highest quality “medical grade” or at least “food grade” silicone.

Please don’t compromise—it’s your HEALTH!

3. No Leakage, No Mess, No Injuries

If you want an excellent user experience doing a coffee enema, there are two other things you should have in mind when choosing the best home enema kit—design and maintenance.


  1. Tubing should be long enough to assure easy set-up and reach in a different environment. I had kits with short cord—it is a disaster! One wrong move and your coffee are on the floor.
  2. Clamp–ideally should not only allow your effortlessly to start or stop the flow, but also control the speed of the flow. If you are a beginner, you need to use both hands, which might be tricky when you are already on the floor. Don’t worry. You will get used to it!
  3. Handler–either on a side or top–is preferable. I like to have a harness which gives me an option to hang my bucket or use a harness as a protector. It might absorb the shock if a bucket falls (not guaranteed!)
  4. Measuring lines should be on any see-through buckets.
  5. Spigot can be on the bottom or aside. I prefer the latter because it gives me an option to either hang a bucket or have it as a tabletop model.
  6. Nozzle – avoid tips with a sharp or a flat edge to prevent injuries.
  7. S Hook – might be part of the kit or you can use your own you probably have in your kitchen.

Maintenance Tips

  • Bucket, tubing, and nozzle should be easy to use, clean, and maintain.
  • You should have a storage container to keep enema kit away from dust, odors, and household chemicals. If not supplied, use any old clean drawstring fabric bag or a pillowcase. No plastic bags!
  • If you have a stainless-steel bucket, it should be in a properly ventilated storage to avoid corrosion.
  • Replace tubing once in a few months depending on the use. Remember it is still a silicone that degrades with time.
  • After the enema, clean equipment immediately, dry, and properly store.
  • Cleaning solution – you can use natural pure coconut oil soap.
  • Regularly clean tubing and nozzle with the unique cleaning brush.
  • If you are using an enema bag, don’t forget to empty it after cleaning it! DO NOT by accident pour new liquid if there are any leftovers of cleaning solution. You can end up in the ER!

4. Non-USA Made Enema Kit: Buyer Beware

I always proudly buy “Made In USA” and not necessarily because of patriotism.

When a product is USA-made, it speaks quality, superb craftsmanship, and good assemblage. The USA has one of the safest medical supplies on a planet.



Well, is your enema kit up to par?

First and foremost, whatever you put inside your body should never harm you!


This assurance comes from the high standards for material, its purity, and its effectiveness.

The imported enema kit doesn’t give you any guarantee of the product’s quality and longevity. And if your enema tools are not American made, you might get yourself into trouble.

Few of them!

Contamination  and Counterfeit

China and India, for example, are very famous for poor quality, ineffective and often dangerous products.

How come?

It’s all about profit but at the expense of your health!

Very simple: overseas mill owners came up with different “economical” ways of product manufacturing. In stainless steel business, they save money skipping certain stages of refining, changing the percentage of necessary alloying elements or using other dirty tricks. Result?

Your stainless steel is not so “stainless.”

The same is about any other material and their quality or lack thereof—glass, rubber, plastic, or silicone.

Is the risk worth it?

Customer Service

When I dial my American-made enema kit people, the real person located in the US picks up the phone! Nobody puts me on hold or keeps me waiting. Nobody guides me with a monotonic voice we all hate(!) to press 1 or 2 or 3.

They are here for me when I need them! Wouldn’t you love it?

Who do you call when you have an issue?

Poor Customer Service


Privacy Protection

Does it matter?

If you cannot even get in touch with customer service, who can guarantee your privacy?


Conclusion: Get the Enema Kit That Last

Have I convinced you?

A high-quality enema kit will last a long time. You will forget the price but will remember the poor quality or great experience.

What would you choose?

So, do things right out of the gate:

  • choose an enema bucket of Pyrex highest quality glass or medical grade 304 stainless steel USA-made
  • give preference to medical or food-grade silicone tubing and a nozzle
  • avoid any plastic parts
  • buy the best organic coffee

…One smart doctor once told me: Take care of your body, and your body will take care of YOU!

So, don’t gamble! Show your body some love—get the best home enema kit.

For more information, read my PureLife Enema Kit Reviews.

If you have any questions, leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.

Happy detox,


Founder of Detox Generation

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