Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Review

Are you serious about getting control over your wellness? Of course, you should have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. But you also should take the best vitamin and mineral supplements. And it is a great subject for discussion. That’s why I wrote this supplements review.

Well, have you ever observed how people, especially in discounted stores, “choose” vitamins? I have seen it many times and always smiled.

People take a bottle off the shelf, move it around in their hands, and read one side. I assume they “study” ingredients. And guess what? In a minute, the bottle is in the shopping cart. Well, that is a typical story of how most people choose supplements.

Besides, what worse is that in a minute, a person suggests to others what to buy. It’s like blind leading the blind! Hopefully, you are not in this category.

But, seriously, with 80,000 different supplements on the market, how to choose? And what are the best vitamin and mineral supplements?

Today I will review the following:

  • supplements fundamentals
  • ingredients – what should be in the bottle
  • most advanced supplement blend on the market
  • carbon-bond technology
  • why it works and why it’s for you

So, let’s discuss this.

1. What Is The Best Supplement?

First, let’s breeze through supplements fundamentals. I have covered this in detail in the prior post, “The Truth About Vitamin and Mineral Supplements.”

Hemoglobin production

What Do Nutrients Do?

In summary, you need nutrients to support body functions, for example:

  • muscle contractions
  • bone formation
  • fluids balance
  • steady heartbeat
  • hemoglobin production
  • hair growth
  • cell health

Nutrients from Food?

Food supposed to nourish the body. Right?

In reality, you are not getting a sufficient number of vitamins and especially minerals. And the main reason is that harmful chemicals destroy organic substances in the soil. So, there is not enough food you can eat to get the needed amount of essential nutrients.

So, you have to supplement to stay healthy.

Source of Supplements

Next critical point – are your supplements natural or synthetic?

You should know that if you are taking vitamins, they are probably synthetic. Therefore, you might be a disadvantage. (1)


First, synthetic vitamins contain fillers which have large molecule size. As a result, they have low absorption.

Second, synthetic supplements are always isolated. Therefore, they cannot interact with the body’s natural vitamins. Besides, synthetic supplements might have chemicals, additives, and other bad things. (2)

Click here to read more.

Multivitamin vs. Individual Vitamins

Another critical question is, “Should I take multi or individual vitamins?”

For years, I had been taking individual vitamins. But there might be a few issues:

  1. You have an excess of some vitamins and be deficient in others.
  2. An extra amount of some nutrients—like fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K, and E—can cause severe toxicity and some health issues. (3)

So, having this in mind, multivitamins work well for general nutrition needs.

TAKEAWAY: Nutrients are critical to support your optimal body functions. And if deficient, take 100% natural multivitamins. Which one? Keep reading.

Gel Supplements

2. The Best Supplement Ingredients

Let’s review what ideally should be in your supplements.

First, look at your supplement bottle. What do you see?

Keep in mind that our discussion is not your typical “vitamin A, B, C” talk. Your best vitamin and mineral supplements should be a vast resource of all nutrients body needs:

  • vitamins
  • macro minerals
  • trace minerals
  • superfoods
  • phytonutrients
  • essential fatty acids
  • non-essential amino acids
  • enzymes
  • electrolytes
  • prebiotics
  • antioxidants
  • essential oils

Well, now you know how to answer the question, “what does the body use to build, maintain, and repair cells?”

In summary, the best vitamin and mineral supplements for general nutrition needs should have all those nutrients. Right?

Also, as you might read in “The Truth about Vitamin Supplements,” ingredients should be natural and organic. In addition, they should be in liquid form and have high absorption. Lastly, it should be a perfect blend based on the most advanced technology.

Of course, the critical point is the selection of perfect ingredients.

Well, how do your supplements measure up?

If not, I would like to present the most advanced, top of the line, and highly absorbed nutritional supplement—the IntraMAX. Let’s see how it meets all the above requirements.

TAKEAWAY: Your body needs not only vitamins and minerals but also trace minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fatty acids. They should come from a natural source and be in the liquid form to assure high absorption.


3. IntraMAX: Best Liquid Vitamins Review

First, the IntraMAX is the most complete, all-in-one liquid blend of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

Second, it is clinically proven how it might normalize and improve cellular functions. Click here for more information.

Third, in contrast to other supplements on the market, it has unbeatable unique features.

IntraMAX Ingredients

How would you like to have over 415 nutrients in your supplements?

With IntraMAX, you will!

See below Supplement Facts and % Daily Value of IntraMAX major vitamins and minerals:

Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Review, IntraMAX Supplement Facs

Additionally, IntraMAX will give you 65 organic trace minerals, superfoods, and phytonutrients. For me, I also value herbs and essential oils. And IntraMAX has them all!

Coupled with all those essentials, IntraMAX provides antioxidants and fiber from vegetables, seeds, and sprouts. Among them are asparagus, beetroot, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrot, green bell pepper, kale, parsnip, yellow squash, and others.

Further, with IntraMAX, you will also get antioxidants from most amazing fruits: acai, apple, apricot, banana, sour cherry, cranberry, elderberry, goji, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon extract, lime, noni, papaya, pomegranate and few more.

Next, how about essential fatty acids? Well, there is no shortage here. IntraMAX has a proprietary blend of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. They are critical for your hormonal and cognitive health.

Equally important are unique IntraMAX amino acids. They are must-haves for your healthy skin, bone, muscle, and joint health.

Click here for a complete IntraMAX label.

So, how about your supplement? Can they measure up?

Major Benefits of IntraMAX

As a result of taking IntraMAX with its superior blend of the powerful ingredients, you will rip numerous benefits:

Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Review, IntraMAX benefits

Also, it is critical that IntraMAX might be beneficial for different body systems, for instance:

  • circulatory, neurological and gastrointestinal
  • respiratory and neurological
  • metabolic and cholesterol

TAKEAWAY: IntraMAX has a unique blend of natural and potent ingredients. You need them to support overall health and wellness.

Why Carbon Is Important


4. Why Carbon Is Important

Another critical point – have you ever heard about carbon-bond technology?

But first, let’s explain “organic” meaning.

Organic: What Does It Mean?

It is critical to understand the difference between “organic” in general and scientific sense.

Well, organic, as you know, is a production of food without chemicals, toxins, pesticides, antibiotics, and other harmful compounds. But in a scientific sense, “organic” means that substance contains “living carbon.”

Why carbon and why carbon bonding?

Carbon is the main ingredient of proteins, fats, DNA, and muscle tissue. Well, we exist because we have a carbon-based life form. (4)

So, IntraMAX nutrients are carbon-bonding.

IntraMAX High Absorption

Well, you probably heard that most of the supplements on the market today are synthetic. And because of the large size of their molecules, they cannot achieve perfect cell penetration. Therefore, vitamins and minerals have poor absorption.

Also, absorption depends on the format do you use—tablets, pills, or liquid format.

Because IntraMAX has carbon-bonding nutrients, the body starts absorption in seconds.

It is critical to remember that the body cells have living tissue. And it has receptors for living foods, not synthetic. Therefore, the correct carbon-bond is essential for your body to function at an optimal level.

Carbon Bonding for Detox

Another striking benefit of the IntraMAX is its ability to assist the body to detox on the cellular level.

How does it work?

Well, once in the body, organic carbon instantly bonds with inorganic toxins. As a result, they turn into non-toxic micro compounds. Then the body quickly can eliminate them through organs of the natural body detox system.

So, with IntraMAX supplements, you will get all the benefits of proprietary carbon-bond technology.

TAKEAWAY: IntraMAX uses proprietary organic carbon-bond linked minerals and nutrients to promote rapid absorption and cellular detox.

IntraMAX essential oils, lemon essential oil

5. Fulvic Acid, Herbs and Essential Oils

At this point, have you compared IntraMAX with your supplements? Need more facts?

Let’s review in detail some IntraMAX impressive benefits.

Why Fulvic Acid

Are you familiar with the fulvic acid? Is it in your current supplements?

The critical feature of IntraMAX is that the use of fulvic acid helps to deliver bio-available nutrients for maximum absorption.

Besides, coupled with the most advanced technology, fulvic acid is a strong antioxidant and might improve the pH level. And why is it so crucial?

A healthy pH level helps the body to identify better and utilize other nutrients. As a result, it reduces cellular toxicity and moves body fluids. So, it might reduce the number of free radicals and slow aging.

IntraMAX for Immune Support

One of the impressive features of IntraMAX is the immune and wellness blend of natural phyto foods. All ingredients are organically-bound.

Besides, IntraMAX has the best herbs for the immune system: Aloe Vera extract, Wormwood, Black Cumin, Oregano extract, Clove, Thyme, Peppermint Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Holy Basil Extract.

How about immune-boosting oils?

IntraMAX has 38 organically-bound essential oils. Among the most impressive for immune support are Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove, Clary Sage, Grapefruit, Frankincense, Lemon, Oregano, and Rosemary.

So, if you are concerned about the immune balance, IntraMAX has the best vitamin and mineral supplements coupled with immune-boosting herbs and essential oils.

 Energy Booster

How is your energy? Feeling tired sometimes?

Well, one fantastic feature of IntraMAX is that it might significantly improve your energy level. What makes a trick?

Some of your best IntraMAX energy boosters are Licorice and Ashwagandha extract.

TAKEAWAY: Fulvic acid in the IntraMAX make nutrients highly bio-available. Coupled with potent herbs and essential oils, they might improve immunity, reduce free radicals, and promote energy production.

5 Stars


6. IntraMAX – 5 Stars Supplement

Well, you are still wondering if the IntraMAX is for you?

As can be seen, IntraMAX is the most advanced, effective, and clinically proven nutritional blend on the market. This all-in-one liquid dietary supplements should be your best friend.

Let’s briefly review it’s ingredients, features, and benefits.
IntraMAX Quick Facts

It is critical to emphasize that the IntraMAX proprietary carbon-link technology assures rapid cellular absorption. No one other blend withstands the competition. It helps with pH balance, reduction of free radicals, and slow aging.

Also, the IntraMAX formula is 100% natural, drug-free, vegetarian and hypoallergenic. Besides, it was formulated for users with allergy and chemical sensitivity

Lastly, it has NO additives, preservatives, colloids, gluten, caffeine, yeast, corn, nuts, fillers, pesticides, artificial flavors, chemicals, and binders.

All those IntraMAX smashing ingredients help you to use and process nutrients. In turn, this assists the body to function at the optimal level. And it is precisely what we wanted. Right?

In that case, especially since IntraMAX replace all your other supplements, does it worth $2.70 a day?

It does for me!


Conclusion: Best Supplements that Work

So, now you have all the right pieces. With the impressive resume of IntraMAX, you found your best vitamin and mineral supplements.

In conclusion, my question to you, “Do you know your body?” And what vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are you deficient in? Remember that all of us have some nutritional gaps.

So, follow my best vitamin and mineral supplements review and reboot your body with the IntraMAX—the best supplements that work.

Get your wellness back on track!

Happy Detox!

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.

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