Blender With A Juicer. Should I Buy Vitamix?

Blender With a Juicer. Should I Buy Vitamix?

One cold winter afternoon while buying groceries, I found myself in front of a very enthusiastic man presenting a live demo of a kitchen appliance called Vitamix. You can use it as a blender with a juicer. I was curious, “Should I buy Vitamix?”

But when that guy in front of a puzzling crowd made just from a few raw ingredients hot and delicious soup, I was sold. It took him only four minutes!

How did he make hot soup? From the heat of the blades!

Well, it was 15 years ago.

When it comes to something sacred like a blender—at least for me(!)—there is only one machine that deserves your cash. And the word is Vitamix!

Thinking “To blend or to juice?” DO BOTH but with an attitude. Again, it’s Vitamix.

And if today you are asking, “Why should I buy Vitamix?”– let’s have a brainstorm session. Let’s discover all cool things about it, why it is so popular, “attack” it if we can, and get all the reasons why you should be fired up to have it.


And even though I am a bit bias, I promise I will be tough. Consider this post my addition to Vitamix reviews.

Shall we begin?

1. My Vitamix – 15 years Beyond Blending

When 15 years ago I shelled out whopping $500 for my Vitamix-5000, I had no idea what a fantastic helper get a permanent spot on my kitchen counter!

What did it do for me?

Absolutely everything! Suit yourself.

Blender With a Juicer. Should I Buy Vitamix?Blender With a Juicer. Should I buy Vitamix?

Are you impressed?

Yes, I make mayonnaise, pesto, grind flour, cook home-made pasta source, chop Parmesan cheese or bread for breadcrumbs, blend seeds, coffee but most important – make delicious veggie and fruits smoothies and protein shakes. And, of course, I use it as a blender with a juicer and make fantastic vegetable juices.

Of course, remember about potential pesticides in fruits and veggies. So, take all the precautions.



  • It is EASY – you throw ingredients in a container and in a few minutes voila!
  • It requires a MINIMUM of food prepping.
  • You can use Vitamix as a BLENDER with JUICER. There is no need to buy a separate juice machine unless you have an extra budget.Blender With A Juicer? Should I Buy Vitamix?
  • POWER MOTOR. What does two-horsepower mean? You can blend anything!
  • EASY cleaning and maintenance
  • It takes LIMITED SPACE – crucial if you blend every day and keep your Vitamix on a countertop.

So, ready to experiment?

How about hot soup without a stove? Or never seen before sorbets or milkshake?

Get your Vitamix and get wild!

2. Vitamix – The Monster! The Best Blender To Buy

“Some people meditate, some people get massages. I blend!”

Remember this famous phrase by Will Smith from the movie “Enemy of the State?”

So, do you BLEND?

I have been testing Vitamix for 15 years, and I NEVER(!) have been disappointed.

Well, is it a MONSTER?

As with any reliable test, it requires a substantial amount of produce. Right?

Can you imagine how much those “produce” I used for 15 years? And with all grinding, blending, juicing, mashing – I have tested my Vitamix from head to toe and beat the life out of it.


Always – PASS!

In contrast, during those 15 years, I used other blender and three juicers. And all of them GOT BROKEN! Compared with Vitamix, those things are weak, shaky and unreliable. They are toys. Never mind a waste of money.


  • Always turn on and off
  • Continuously spin
  • Very stable, doesn’t tilt
  • Perfect speed, full control
  • The container of the right size
  • Doesn’t leak
  • The lid is never loose
  • No mechanical issues
  • 7 years of warranty but never used

One minus Vitamix has – my 5000 model is a ROARING machine! But it’s from a powerful motor. And it’s a must if you want to use it as a blender with a juicer.

Current models, however, are “smoother” and quieter.

Next point, do you know who uses Vitamix?

McDonald’s, Jamba Juice, Baskin-Robbins and leading professional chefs – they have this “monster” as a staple and continue to please us with a silky smooth texture and astonishing taste of their creations.


Blender With a Juicer. Making Iced Coffee in Vitamix

TAKEAWAY: Vitamix is the most durable and the highest performing blender. 15 years and going! It works today just the same as I bought it! It will please you all the time. Never a failure, never a disappointment!

3. To Blend Or To Juice?

Well, I blend. Do you?

Why would you want to throw away fiber?

Juicer strip all the fiber! And this is what so crucial for your digestive system. Furthermore, sugar gives a kick to your liver if you drink fruit juice!

So, I want to be clear: if we say “blender with a juicer,” don’t take it literally. If you mean “extraction the juice and separating pulp and fiber,” Vitamix is not a perfect option.

Let’s assume you want to juice a very water-based veggie like celery and make celery juice. Then you can blend it and squeeze the juice using a cheesecloth.

But even with dense vegetables like carrots and beets, you still can do it with the Vitamix. But there are a couple of tricks you should know. Read more in our post, “What Is Detox Smoothie? How, Why and How.”

Well, do I use my blender as a juicer?


Do I use a “real” juicer?

Also yes, but overall I prefer blending with the rare exception of mixing blending and juicing. However, it’s a lot of cleaning! A real pain in the neck, even for me! That is why I studied all the tricks on how my Vitamix works.

TAKEAWAY: Blending is the best way to “juice.” It preserves fiber and prevents fast absorption of sugar, which might be a strong shock to your liver. So, “juice” wisely!

Green Shake Ingredients

4. Does Vitamix Worth The Money?

Are you ready to discuss $$$?

Do you want a new machine or a refurbished?

Even though used Vitamix can be fantastic and reliable—like mine, for example—I strongly suggest you get the new one. There are so many cool features that were not available 15 years ago!

Are a few hundred dollars expensive?

I want to break it down for you. Let’s use common sense, our experience as “educated consumers” and basic math:

  1. $500 – 15 years – 5,280 days. An everyday use minus vacation – approximate 5,000 net number of days.
  2. Cost per use: $500/5,000 days=$0.10


Can you handle it?

That is how you should look at it: it’s NOT ABOUT PRICE! It’s about QUALITY and VALUE!

Is $0.10 worth it?

Want investment with guaranteed return and consistent dividends?

Get the Vitamix and jumpstart your healthy diet.

Is Vitamix Worth the Money?

TAKEAWAY: What would you rather pay: $500 for the Vitamix—your blending Ferrari for the next 15 years—or one time for a doctor’s second opinion? The choice is yours.

5. Which Vitamix Should I Buy?

Well, you have answered the question, “Should I buy Vitamix?” Positively “YES!”

But now you are wondering: which Vitamix should I buy?

Like you, I am curious because I want to buy a new machine. I will donate my Vitamix to a lady who is also a cancer survivor.

Well, today with all Vitamix products and models, which one jumps off the page?

Blender With a Juicer. Should I Buy Vitamix?

For this reason, we researched different Vitamix blenders, compared numerous features and compiled a table below.

What is best for you?

Let’s find your blender.

But first, a few facts about Vitamix models:

  1. All Vitamix blenders are the USA made (Cleveland, Ohio) and built to last
  2. Containers: 32, 40 and 64-ounces
  3. Low profile containers: fit under upper kitchen cabinets
  4. Containers material: Eastman Tritan or plastic. Eastman Tritan means durability, heat and chemical resistance.
  5. The aircraft-grade stainless steel blade will handle any ingredients
  6. Variable speed control guarantee different textures


Blender With a Juicer. Should I Buy Vitamix?


Now, let’s get to specifics. Shall we?

Any idea which one you want?

6. Vitamix PRO Series 750 – Top Of The Line!

Check-Mark-Green Features:

  • Classic design with a brushed finish
  • Full control
  • Pulse function
  • Stainless Steel – PVC and BPA-free
  • 2.2 horsepower motor
  • Container – 64 oz Low-Profile, Eastman Tritan BPA-free
  • Warranty – 7 years
  • Stainless Steel blades
  • 5 Program settings (smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, purees and self-cleaning)
  • Comes with two cookbooks

Do you want it all?

Model PRO 750 is Vitamix “Classic Series” and has lots of bells and whistles. You will appreciate programs for smoothies and soup, and self-cleaning mode makes cleaning a breeze. Also, it is a perfect blender with a juicer.

Even better! Each out of five programs has different speed and timing. I want this one!

Super extra – when my friend bought this model, I noticed that it is quieter than mine. It is a monster but not “roaring!”

You can buy additional containers for making smaller portions – 32 or 48 oz.

TAKEAWAYSeries 750 is the best Vitamix blender on the market. It is MY NEXT VITAMIX!

Blender With a Juicer. Should I Buy Vitamix?SHOP NOW

7. Vitamix 5200 Series – Best Buy!

Check-Mark-Green Features:

  • Full Speed Control – you can achieve a variety of textures and can change the speed at any point
  • Aircraft-grade Stainless Steel blade – will grade anything
  • 64 oz self-cleaning container
  • Cooling fan and Thermal protection
  • No pre-programming
  • No pulse feature
  • 7 years warranty
      • Include: motor base, container, tamper, guide, video, cord

This model is similar to my Vitamix 5000 – no bells and whistles, no programmed settings. It does NOT fit under an upper kitchen cabinet – you should take the container off the motor base.

It can do anything: blend, grind, mix, and you can use any ingredients.

TAKEAWAY: 5200 Series is a barebone model. 64 oz container is ideal for blending from medium to large batches. It will blend everything flawlessly and even. No chunks, no fuss!

Blender With a Juicer. Should I Buy Vitamix?



8. Vitamix Ascent Series A3500 – The Smart Blender!

Check-Mark-Green Features:

  • Full Speed Control – you can change the speed at any point
  • Five program settings (smoothies, hot soups, dips & spreads, frozen desserts and self-cleaning)
  • Built-in Programmable Timer – for your custom recipes
  • Pulse feature – to achieve the best texture
  • Touchscreen – sleek appearance and easily wiped clean
  • Built-in wireless connectivity – motor automatically adjust blending time for the certain container size
  • Aircraft-grade Stainless Steel blade – will grade anything
  • 64 oz Low-Profile container
  • 10 years warranty
  • Includes: motor base, container, tamper, cookbook

You can play with your custom recipes and prevent over- or under-processing. Set the time of your blend and the machine will turn off automatically.

Pair A-Series Vitamix A3500 with the Vitamix Perfect Blend App and discover 17 programs and 500+ recipes. Very cool!

TAKEAWAY: Want a combination of sleek design, modern convenience, and the latest innovation? Go crazy with the Vitamix A3500 model and COOK WITH THE APP!

Blender With a Juicer. Should I Buy Vitamix?SHOP NOW

9. The Best Blender Is Your Way To Health

Well, are you ready for the Ferrari in your kitchen?

We’ve already counted many benefits:

  1. Powerful motor
  2. Blends everything
  3. High-quality materials
  4. Superb durability
  5. Replaces many appliances
  6. 7 – 10 years warranty
  7. Will last a lifetime
  8. Fun!

How you can beat that?

Vitamix introduced to me the world of yummy and instant creations– smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, purees and much more. Furthermore, it helped me when I lost taste buds after chemo and was very weak. And it continues to amaze me!

In summary, I have been using this fantastic appliance for 15 years and can shout “Viva, Vitamix!” Indeed, it is the best blender there is.

So, I give it 10 out of 10 because it is as good as any superb machine can be. My STANDING OVATIONS and my highest praise!

It is a blender with the edge – my way to health. And it can be yours too.

Well, still thinking “Should I buy Vitamix?”

Don’t wait any longer. Get your Vitamix and get your mornings healthy! CLICK HERE.

Is $0.10 worth it?

Happy Blending!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Founder of Detox Generation

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  • I was surfing online looking for a blender and I happened to land on your page. I have heard of the Vitamin before but never checked it out until reading your awesome review. After reading other reviews on the Vitamix 5200 Series I found yours to be the most informative so I decided to go ahead and buy it from Amazon. I can’t wait for the Vitamix 5200 Series to arrive so I can try it out!



    • Hi, Jack!

      I am so glad you like my review. Thank you!

      Yes, when I write a review- it is “investigative” writing. I try to look everywhere and turn every point upside down. 

      For goodness sake, everything is life has plusses and minuses. It is a matter – how you handle them and what is not a subject for negotiation for YOU!

      Vitamix 5200 is a great down to the eath model, does everything like any other models but without any extras. But it gets the job done! And this is what we want, don’t we?

      My Vitamix 5000 is an older sibling of 5200 and I LOVE IT!

      I am glad I could help. Please drop me a line if you need anything else.


  • This is really cool. Me and my wife are trying to live a healthier lifestyle and get our bodies in shape for the summer. So we recently got a gym membership and switching up our diet to more organic and unprocessed food that supposed to be good for you. So anyways, we are in the market for a blender so we can make protein shakes and healthy smoothies. But It can be so hard deciding on a blender because their are so many different options to choose from which is why I am glad I came across your site. Exactly what I was looking for. I am definitely going to check out the Vitamix and share this review on my Facebook page. Great review, very helpful.

    • Fantastic!

      It would be great. We need to spread a word and let everybody know how amazing Vitamix is and what it can do!

      Again, look at it as an investment in your HEALTH INDEPENDENCE! As a cancer survivor, I can attest.

      Stay healthy!

  • Wow!!! 

    I never heard it before. Like seriously!!!😒 I couldnt even think that something can work like that before reading your review.!!! We just blend.. keep blending for years.. keep changing blender every year.. spending money to make juices.. 

    why did you not let us know about vitamix before?? anyways.. Thanks a lot for it. it is very impressive, resonable price also in comarison with its duration of service. $500 only for 15 years!! That is very good. Also it tooks shortest time to make soup, consumes less space, doesn’t leak.. 

    Everything is shocking impressive..!! I must buy this one quickly..

    • Hello, Touhidur!

      You should get your Vitamix!

      They teach us a lot about building financial independence. Great! But they don’t teach us building health independence! And here – any little thing can help!

      Please get your Vitamix. It is the smartest investment!

      Let me know what recipe is your favorite. I have quite a few. This will be my next post – but not just about recipes. There will be a twist.

      Please stay tuned.

      Thank you for your comment. I sincerely appreciate it!

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