Get Healthy and Sexy! Choose Weighted Hula Hoop

Does a hula hoop hypnotize you? Are you ready to sweep your friends off their feet? Choose a weighted hula hoop, get healthy and sexy and skyrocket your aerobic exercise.

It will kick variety, style, and fun. It is also an ideal hooping for detox. Why?

That is the topic of this writing, as well as what is the best-weighted hula hoop and how to choose it.

I will share with you my experience and my findings from poking around. You can use this post as a part of my weighted hula hoops review.

I am hula hooping every day for 20-30 minutes, and it is fantastic. My abs are more and more defined, and I “feel” them. I combine weighted hula hoop exercise with mini-trampoline for better results.

So, let’s elaborate on why weighted hoop, benefits of weighted hula hoop exercises, and what else you should know.

A Weighted Hula Hoop

1. What Is Weighted Hula Hoop?

First, what is a weighted hula hoop anyway?

Weighted vs. Traditional Hula Hoop

When we were kids, we played with traditional hoops–bare polypro hoops.

Remember, we were spinning them around waist, legs, hips, jumping through them, throwing a ball while hoop was rolling—we did it all!

The traditional and weighted hoops are different types of hula hoops.

A weighted one adds extra weight giving your workout more variety and improving your fitness results. It can be between 1 to 5 pounds, depending on what you want to do. It’s up to you.

I have two hoops – 1.5 and 2 pounds. They also have a different diameter.A Young Woman Spinning Weighted Hula Hoop

Regular and therefore lighter hoops take more energy to get it going. If you do a weighted hula hoop exercise, it is easier to spin and require fewer efforts. You will be surprised how long you can keep swaying.

That is the reason why weighted hula hoops are superb for exercise and fitness.

Weighted hoop is not only heavier than a regular one but also larger in diameter which makes it easier to spin.

You should choose hoop with diameter between 36” and 42″ where 36” and 38” are considered small adult hoops and 40” and 42” – regular hoops.

Smaller hoop is more challenging to rotate but can add to your aerobic intensity.

Which one is yours?

You can crack this puzzle and get a two-in-one hoop. It will energize you more, boost the level of difficulty and help you to get healthy and sexy faster.

I invite you for a learning adventure about “why” and “how” to choose a weighted hula hoop.

2. Weighted Hula Hoop Benefits

Want to shape your body and get a high score on your fitness card?

The weight and size of your circle will make a tremendous difference in your results.

Below are the top reasons why the weighted hula hoop is your best fitness and wellness tool.

Best for Beginners

If you are more relaxed learning something, wouldn’t it be easier to keep going?

Well, a weighted hula hoop is your answer. It takes lesser efforts to rotate the hula hoop and keep it balanced. Trust me – gravity will be on your side.

You will smile rocking your circle and saying, “I can hoop!”

Better Detox

The longer you spin—as with weighted hula hoop—the more you massage your internal organs—liver, kidney, intestines, and lymph. They are part of your natural body detox system.

Massage creates muscle contractions and very helpful for digestion, lymphatic drainage, and release of extra gases.

It also increases circulation and therefore helps your skin to detoxify more effectively.

Please read my post, “Hooping for Detox? Benefits of Hula Hoop Exercise.”

If your hoop is larger in diameter and therefore easier to spin—again, you can hoop longer and do extended massage of your abdominal, liver, and intestines. Result? Better digestion!

Smaller hoop, on the other hand, is more difficult to rotate but can add to your aerobic intensity.

Choose a two-in-one weighted hula hoop to get the best of both hoops. Start from 40″ or 42” and slide to 36″ or 38” size as you mature as a hooper.


Choose Weighted Hula Hoop

Strengthen Abs, Legs, and Arms

What is the area when people give a compliment, “O, it’s sexy?”

The abs!

Prolong swaying hips to keep hoop going activates abdominal muscles, builds your core strength, and helps to stretch different muscle groups.

Why am I so excited about weighted hoops?

Like water in a swimming pool, extra weight provide RESISTANCE, which is essential to “train” your muscles and get sexy abs.

It is also a cardio portion of your weighted hula hoop exercise. You can change the level of difficulties and add feet movement, arms stretching and even strolling, especially if you are in the open space.

While hooping, you can do a variety of moves – from simple hills raising to circling arm hoops.

So, choose your “target” and stay focused!

Burning Belly Fat

Any idea what is the #1 exercise goal for most gym-goers?

To low body fat percentage and trim belly fat!

A simple movement of the circle spinning around your belly can help, especially if it is a weighted hula hoop. But you should hoop consistently. Why? Belly fat is very stubborn.

Donuts: High Body Fat


So, get patient, get your weighted hula hoop, and get spinning.

You will thrive!

3. How to Weight a Hula Hoop

If we say “how to weight,” please don’t take it literally. There is no reason trying to put your circle on a weight scale. I’ve got an easy trick for you.

Would you like me to explain?

Just a little basic math. Example – 38” hoop (the small adult hoop.)

  1. You should know the weight per foot of your hoop. All manufacturer has this base measurement. For example, assume that weight per foot of your 38” circle weigh is 0.1538 lbs.
  2. Let’s calculate CIRCUMFERENCE using basic school formula:
  3. Weight = 9.943 ft x 0.1538 lbs. per ft = 1.53 lbs.

Weighted Hula Hoop Diameter

Did you grasp it? Don’t wreck your brain – it’s easy.

Please remember that this weight is before some extras as connectors and decorative tapes are added.

My hoops are 1.5 and 2 pounds, and it is perfect for me. I am 5’8” and 130 pounds, slender, fit, and overall good health.

So, I challenge you: poke around with this simple calculation and “know your numbers.”

If you have a weight scale, double-check and compare! Let’s test a new 1.5  lbs. hoop before uncoiling complete.

One thing, though: you should keep your hoop “standing” on a weight scale giving it light support from the top. If you lean your hoop on the wall, it will slightly skew results. See the illustration below.

→ Hoop on a weight scale (leaning on a wall) – 1 lb, 4.3 oz.

Choose Weighted Hula Hoop. Get Healthy and Sexy. How to Weight a Hula Hoop

→ Hoop on a weight scale (free standing) – approximately 1 lb, 5 oz.



Given plus/minus a couple of ounces, we are right around 1.5 lb.

What else should you know?

4. Crash My Hoop! Facts About Weighted Hula Hoop

Curious how fast you can “crash” your hoop?

Testing the Hula Hoop

It depends!

I swing my weighted hula hoop, I kick, jump, roll, step, drop—I do it all with my circle! And it is still saying, “Yes, your majesty!”

How come? Well, a few things you should grasp.

You need to choose quality hoop and preferably USA-made since we have higher and tougher manufacturing standards.

What does it mean?

No-crash, materials and craftsmanship guarantee!

Most hula hoops are made from flexible and durable polyethylene tubing. They are of various length and tubing diameter. On average hoop, tubing has ¾ or 1” diameter. The thickness of the tubing wall determines different weights.

You should know one measurement—tubing’s pounds per square inch, or PSI. It measures pressure material can handle before cracking.

The higher the PSI, the stronger and heavier tubing. For example, 160 psi circle weighs more than a hoop with 100 psi. Hoops with low PSI are prone to faster wear and tear. Also, hoops with higher PSI require more material and cost more.

What is the PSI of your hoop? Does your circle “listen” to you? Does it follow your “commands?”

If you feel your hoop is unbalanced and keep tilting left and right, it might have sand or water for kicking extra weight. You don’t want to wobble, do you?

So, be smart and if you want to swing beautifully and have the electrifying experience, get the right hula hoop!

5. Choose Right Size Hula Hoop

“Right” – I mean quality, size, and weight. And here some new or renaissance hoopers “choke.”


If you want to grab your kid circle and hoop—most of them are 24” in diameter—don’t be disappointed. It’s not for you!

What is the measurement? Your waist! If you have a larger waist size, the hoop should be bigger too.

As I have stated prior, the advantage of the larger hoop is that it takes lesser efforts to swing. So, since rotations are slower, you have more time to learn how to keep your circle in the air. That is why I love my 42” hoop. But!

With 38” hoop – you should move faster, which will kick your heart rate and burn more calories. Would you like it?

You would as you progress with your weighted hula hoop exercise. How can you do it?

Get started with The Two In One Weighted Hula Hoop!

→ Tip: Your ideal hoop should reach by “standing” your waist or point between your waist and mid-chest, depending on the length of your legs.


Choose Weighted Hula Hoop. Get Healthy and Sexy


If we talk about weighted hula hoops, it doesn’t mean the heavier, the better. Wrong!

Three pounds or more hoops can be not only challenging but dangerous—two much impact on your spine. It might be OK if you are tall, muscular, and very athletic. But for most of us, even if you exercise regularly, 1.5 to 2 pounds is ideal.

Hooping the smart way should strengthen your spine and its flexibility. Right?

Well, the last thing you want is to damage it. So, be smart and exercise caution, especially if you have a prior history of spine problems.

→ My Experience: 15 years ago, I had a spinal surgery – L3-L4 laminectomy. I remember pain and struggle as long as I live. Will I take an additional risk? No!

I have two hoops: 42” for a prolonged exercise with more resistance and 38” hoop to boost a cardio portion.

6. Fall In Love With Your Weighted Hoop

Do you want to shine and get that firm sexy abdominal?

How about better detox, a healthier immune system, and glowing skin?

Well, hug your weighted hula hoop. And now you know why.

It is the easiest, low-maintenance, and low-impact exercise. You can do it 10-15 minutes a day in the middle of your living room: no sexy gym outfit, no makeup, no travel time. Just put your favorite music on, grab your fitness weighted hula hoop, and move your hips.

Happiness and fitness shouldn’t be expensive. And sometimes it takes only a simple circle. You will see results – you will flourish and fall in love with your hoop.

Kick-start your hula hoop fitness and choose weighted hula hoop!

Hit the music, have fun and a smashing workout.

Happy hooping!

Choose Weighted Hula Hoop. Get Healthy and Sexy

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.


Founder of Detox Generation

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  • It a real good product, I want to advise something as well, A great way to add some extra excitement to your ‘Hula Hooping’ is by using a dazzling, brightly glowing LED Hula Hoop. These Hula Hoops utilize some of the latest technology such as programmable software, USB adaptability and wireless remote controls to help you put on an amazing fluorescent display of lights and patterns every time you swirl your hoop. You can lose weight but also, you can enjoy. 

    • Hello, Fabio!

      It is a great suggestion and can be very handy when hooping with friends or have a competition.

      I would probably not use it regularly since I don’t want any electronics or digital devices close to my body and my skin. I am a cancer survivor and there are certain things I will do or not do. I have enough electronics for a day. 

      I will be enjoying exercise with my hoop regardless if it is glowing or not. Also, I might be dizzy since that “sparkling” is too close to my eyesight. Also, please don’t forget that hoop is spinning!

      But your advice is good if someone can add more fun and excitement. Absolutely agree!

      Thank you, Fabio, very much. I sincerely appreciate your feedback.

      Kind regards!

  • Ella, your post is such an eye opener and I can’t be less glad that I came across it. Honestly, I always thought hoops were for fun let alone knowing it has different types for purposes. Every guy just like wants to have more abs to impress the ladies and your tips on having the right weighted hula hoop is really fantastic. At a point in the post I thought the heavier the hoops the better for me but then you regulated that thought and I’m happy you did. I’d like a recommendation on where to buy or order a good hoop.

    • Hi, Henderson!

      Yes, everyone wants that sexy six-pack: guys and girls. But some people don’t want to do crunches on the floor or stand in a plank pose. And it is difficult for a lot of people and… boring.

      Hoop is totally different. Its fun but hooping is also a great and challenging exercise. All depends on your level and you getting the hoop of the right size and weight. You are correct: most people are surprised that a little heavier hoop is easier to spin. But! Be careful and don’t be a hero. Hoop over 3 pounds can really hurt your spine.

      Please read my post “Weighted Hula Hoops Review. Best Buy!” I spend time and wrote a very detail report including my own experience, my findings, and some other interesting facts.

      Of course, it all depends on what do you want. If you are a beginner, just get USA-made Canyon Weighted Hula Hoop 42″ and it will be enough. If you are planning to challenge yourself later, get Adjustable Two-In-One Weighted Hula Hoop. But again, the first option 42″ is plenty. Just practice EVERY DAY!

      Good luck and Happy Hooping!

  • Hello!

    I love to hula-hoop! And your absolutely right- hula-hooping is the best workout for abs!! I struggled my whole life trying to get abs! I did so many crunches it was ridiculous and when it was all said and done- no abs! I didn’t start hula-hooping until about 6 years ago. I got really into it and before I knew it- I had abs!!  I was so totally blown away! I never looked at hula-hooping as working out but my body sure did! And now I know that it is also detoxing my body as well!! I never would have known that! Thanks for the info! 

    • You are so welcome, Brittany!

      And you are so right: I also was doing crunches for a long time as a part of my pilates regimen but NO ABS! Actually, I hate crunches. Well, somehow a while ago I started hooping again and voila – I have defined sexy abs and I am not a spring chicken! Yes, it took a while but my body was very cooperative. And since it also helps with better elimination and detoxing, – DOUBLE BENEFITS!

      Well, what’s not to like?!

      Keep hooping, Brittany, and you will be looking very sexy and “feel” your ads for a very long time!

      You are a beautiful lady but beauty needs MAINTENANCE, doesn’t it?


      O, stop by again. I am working on tons of other interesting topics for your wellness and detox pleasure!

  • Hi Ella, excellent article you have here. I thought hula hooping was just for pure fun and nothing attached to it but reading through this post right now,  I’ve been enlightened on the excellent benefits it has on our health by being a great way to exercise. Six packs would be the best reason I would be willing to purchase this since all my normal routines are becoming too redundant for me and lack of fun. 

    At first I was thinking of getting a hoop with huge weight until you clarified things about maintaining normal weight to avoid injuries. I really enjoyed the post and I learnt too. Thanks

    • Well, I am glad you did, RoDarrick!

      Getting the wrong size or weight is not fun. You will be disappointed. Now you know which hoop is best and why. 

      As for the health benefits of haul hoop, If you think about how a hoop is rotating and where are the points of contact with your body, all benefits are pretty much self-explanatory. Right?

      As they say, “All genius things are very simple.”

      So, let’s be genius and keep it simple.

      Get the hoop, have fund and let me know how you are doing.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • Hey there,

    Thank you for enlightening me.   I am 54 years and enjoy hooping.  I’ve only perceived it as  just a game against my daughter and grandson to have fun – not aware of the benefits.   We use the light hoops.   It is really good to learn about the benefits of hooping in general, and the benefits of using weighted hula hoops.   Since we already into it as a game, not sure if it was my daughter’s plan to make sure that I exercise, I will simply buy the weighted hula hoops.   I will share your website url.

    All the best. 


    • O, my pleasure, Sandikazi! Thank you very much.

      If you have a regular hoop, still I would buy adjusted weighted hula hoop since you can share it with a person who might need a small diameter. Weighted hoop, in general, is better for fitness and can add variety.

      It is so amazing to get a few members of the family and different generations together. And that is why I think Detox Generation is a great name. It is for all of us!

      Well, thank you very much for your time and input. I sincerely appreciate it.


  • Hi! I always thought Hula Hoop was just for fun, but it seems that it has amazing benefits too! A fun way to sculpt your abdominals, improve your circulation, and detoxify ! Is 15 minutes a day of hula hoop enough to sculpt your body, or would you recommend to combine it with some other exercises?

    Thanks .

    • Great question, Lucrezia!

      You should combine it with something else and this is how I do it.

      I do 20-30 minutes hooping daily(!) breaking it in two sets of 10-15 minutes. I combine my hooping with exercise on mini-trampoline for better lymphatic drainage. Of course, better coordination and sense of balance are a big plus.

      I do NOT do cranches regularly and I do NOT stand in plank pose. But I am a swimmer. Swimming is more for the whole body and combines resistance training, cardio exercise, stretching and building muscle strength.

      On a weekend I also enjoy speed walking to be more on fresh air.

      But, of course, nothing can be easier in terms of being low-maintenance than HOOPING! As a swimmer constantly with the wet hair, I know it very well! Ha-Ha-Ha.

      Anyways, try different combinations and choose what works the best for you and your lifestyle.

      O, please DO NOT put any junk food in your precious body.


  • Who would have thought that something we did as kids and considered kids play toy will turn out to be a great way to get our body healthy and sexy.

    I have always looked for alternative means to achieve sexiness, whilst being in good health, without having to resort to rigorous exercises and supplements

    I think the best thing about this weighted hular hooping is that unlike exercise, it won’t feel like I am doing any work at all.

    But just having fun and at the same time achieving a great deal of healthiness and sexiness.

    can’t wait to give this a try and see how it goes.

    • Yes, Queen!

      That is the main idea–fun and exercise. If you are not in the mood for music, just put on your favorite movie and time will fly. That’s what I do. And little by little, you will start seeing the result.

      Unfortunately, sometimes even for a relatively fit person, midsection can be an issue. And for women especially. That is why we should work harder. But!

      When we get to the point of perfect abs, we must continue exercising. And, again, it is great for digestion and for pushing lymph fluids.

      In summary, I am sure we should show tremendous appreciation of this plastic simple “toy” and use it for our advantage. Well, I do!

      Thank you and I hope you will find time this summer hooping outside.

      Have fun!

  • Great post and an interesting one. It’s really fascinating to see someone doing the hoola hoops because I’ve been good before but over the years of not doing it, I tried doing it, I couldn’t anymore. I keep practicing but it couldn’t achieve the same thing when I was a kid! 

    I’ll take a look at the weighed hoola hoop you recommended on your site and see if this works for me than the traditional ones. Thank you for sharing the information in this post. It’s been an informative experience for me. 🙂

    • Hello, Mecyll!

      Don’t be disappointed. Hooping is like riding a bike. Once you “know” how to do it in your head, legs will follow. Well, same here: you should just “open” your mental library and “activate’ that know-how. Remember the old saying that muscles have memory? They do!

      You’ve got my point.

      So, I encourage you to squeeze hula hooping exercise in your busy schedule, put aside whatever you are doing and get into the routine of moving your hips at least for 10-15 minutes but regularly!

      Thank you for stopping by. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your kind words.


  • Hula hoops certainly have come a long way since I use to play around with one as a child.  I’m sure it was not the best type either.  All the information provided in this article about them is making me want to turn my belly around for a hula hoop again.  They seem to be so sophisticated now.  Different hoops to give different parts of the body a work out.

    • Hi!

      Don’t even think – just get on with it. Grab the weighted hula hoop and you are in the club! I also thought a few years ago, “O, boy. I probably lost the feel of the hoop!”


      Again, skill ever gained never lost. Remember?

      All our bellies need not only love through the food but love through the exercise. Right?

      And what are we talking about here? Tough crunches? No!

      The HULA HOOP!

      OK. Its time to kee circling!

      Thank you!

  • Fascinating! I didn’t realize the benefit of detoxing using a weighted hula hoop. That is a good reason to train with one. Personally, I would like to see a video of a large person like me using a hula hoop. As a kid, I was terrible at spinning one as I was not very coordinated. I don’t think much has changed now that I am an adult. But buying one should not break the budget.

    • Hi, Glen!

      I hear you loud and clear! In fact, I’ve got a lot of questions regarding the same topic – hooping for people with more “round” waist and lack of skill.

      I am working on a couple of other posts devoted hula hooping but with the different twist targeting a more specific audience. I am sure when I publish, I will find some beneficial and exciting news.

      Please give me a week or so. As you might be noticing, I try to do an in-depth review to be sure that all angles are covered.

      So, stay tuned!

  • Hi Ella, I am so excited to have read this post and part-review. I’m so glad you included a link to the actual review and to tell the truth, I had no idea price-wise what to expect the cost of a weighted hoola hoop to be but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw what the Amazon price is! I’m definitely going to order one. 

    I’d never heard of a weighted hoola hoop before but I have to admit, what a great idea! I’m always looking for ways to trim my waist (I’m at my ideal weight but still have stubborn belly fat). Right now I’m doing yoga and a health walking machine. I think it’s an added bonus that it massages the internal organs and helps with digestion. I’m so happy to have found your website. And the fact that it’s not hard on the spine means my husband can do it too! Thanks so much!!


    P.S. I just ordered the Canyon since I’m a beginner! Can’t wait!!

    • Dear Sue!

      Thank you for your great comment. I am so glad I could help. That was the idea – to spread the word and get on more people as a hooping generation. After all, the name of the site is Detox Generation!  Everything is interconnected!

      When you get your hoop, please follow my guidance and do everything as I have described in my post “Weighted Hula Hoops Review. Best Buy!”

      Please DO NOT use a hairdryer to speed up uncoiling! You might damage the gaffer tape. Just leave your hoop alone for 24 hours in a room without air condition. Engineering brilliance and design will do the rest!

      Another tip: rotating a hoop on your waist is always slower and takes lesser efforts than on your hips (just below your hip bone). Even though you are a beginner, I think you should know this.

      Why does it work like this?

      When your hoop is on your waist, it is “supported” by the hip bone (or pelvic bone) on each side. It is a sort of extra helper not letting your hoop fall. That is why it is easier for women because we have curves!

      But when rotation is on your hips–just below the hip bone–you have to move faster not to drop the hoop. It is just FYI…

      Well, Happy Hooping!

      Be so kind and let me know how you are doing. 

      Keep smiling and keep going!

  • Hi Ella,

    You really have me intrigued with this hooping idea, which is why I’ve read 2 of your articles now. 

    I haven’t bought one yet, and I’m glad I didn’t go out and buy one after reading your detox article, since this one gives some very useful pointers for choosing the right one. 

    I have a couple questions for you – I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, but is there a hoop made that is adjustable in diameter? You mentioned a 2-in-1 style – is that one that can be made bigger or smaller?

    Do they also make one where you can change the weight? Maybe it has a connector that can be pulled apart where weight can be added or removed, and then put back together??

    Lastly, is there a manufacturer of hoops that you recommend?

    I hope to be working on my abs soon (gently due to my knees).


    • Hi, Tom!

      Thank you for your questions. It will be my pleasure to give a little more clarity.

      Regarding 2-in-1 weighted hula hoop: what makes this hoop unique is that per se it is “adjustable” (literally). If you use the full length, you get the hoop with larger outer diameter–40″ for example. 

      If you remove a hoop segment, – not only you will change diameter, but by default, the weight will change and hoop will be lighter. That is why I like it very much: you can go back and forth either to add variety and level of intensity for your exercise or to share it with somebody who might have different needs (different height or weight.)

      As for the manufacturer, my choice is Canyon Hoops–the USA nifty company based in Oregon. They make hoops, they love hoops, they have passion for hoops and the products are terrific. I have them, tested them and can confirm.

      Well, go ahead and get your Canyon Adjustable Weighted Hula Hoop.

      Good luck and stay tuned!

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