Detox for Beginners: 5 Ways to Reduce Toxic Exposure

You’ve started cleansing. Great! But remember to follow the rules of detox for beginners.

Please, review detoxing basics in my prior post “How to Detox My Body Effectively and Pain-Free” which covers in detail Golden Rules of Detox:

      • No rapid detox
      • Hydration
      • Detox smart diet
      • Breathing
      • Move your lymph
      • Sweating
      • Dry Skin Brushing

If you are not doing everything on a list already, take one step at a time. Practice each step and when you are comfortable, add another one. There is no such thing as “perfection.” The most important is to build a new habit and make it stick!

You will do great! Trust me.

Basic rules are an absolute “must,” but it is just a beginning. If you are serious about detoxing, healing, improving your health and looking younger, there are other essential things you should follow.

What are they?

First and foremost, if you put your best efforts to remove your current chemical overload, – doesn’t it make sense to reduce the intake of new toxins?

How can you do it? It is a fight on a few fronts.

1. Go Organic

Did you hear anything about kale lately?Dangerous Chemicals Banner

In fact, where do you buy it? How do you wash it?

When I read the news about how many pesticides were found on kale, it sent chills to my spine. I use kale almost daily. Luckily, my kale is organic, and I strongly advise you to go organic for your safety.

Kale is part of the so-called ‘Dirty Dozen.’ KaleIt is a list of 12 most contaminated fruits and veggies. Along with strawberries and spinach, kale topped that list.

Well, as it turned out, kale is not as safe as you might think.

Every year in the United Stated millions and millions of pounds of pesticides and herbicides are used. Among them are atrazine, glyphosate (remember Roundup?), and chlorpyrifos. They can severely damage your health!

Read the related post, “Are Pesticides in Food Harmful to Your Health?”

Should you be concerned?

What to Do?

Well, there is only one smart solution is GO ORGANIC! And it is an essential part of the detox for beginners.

Also, even with organic produce, be careful and clean your fruits and veggies well with filtered water only!

→ Tip: Soak for 10-15 minutes lengthy green vegetables in a big glass or stainless-steel bowl with filtered water completely covering produce and add a few drops of raw apple cider. Rinse. You can give this bath to your greens a few times.

→ Tip: Split your shopping between a few stores where prices are more reasonable.

Organic Fresh Foods

2. Know Your Seafood

Let’s break down an issue of mercury and how it ends up on your plate.

Do you like seafood?

I do! I love seafood, but I am a smart eater.

Well, what is your favorite? Salmon, tuna, bass, or trout maybe?

Also, how many times a week do you eat fish? Do you know where your fish comes from? How “old” is fish on your plate?

I have to stress out that seafood is vital to your health. It is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acidsDHA and EPA. They are absolute must-have for brain health, proper heart function, the strength of your immune system and your skin luster.


Dangerous Seafood

Questions Know Your Fish

You should be careful with the choice of seafood, or you can ingest a mercury-contaminated fish and fish products.

Mercury is present in the oceans because of burning coal. It is a dangerous endocrine disruptor and can interfere with your body’s daily functions, especially damage your central nervous system.

Most longer-lived predators—shark, tuna, swordfish, king mackerel–accumulate a significant amount of mercury in the form of methyl mercury because they eat other fishes.

What to do?

Do you eat salmon?

→ Tip: Choose wild King, Coho or Sockeye salmon because of the highest amount of Omega-3s and a lower amount of mercury. 

→ Tip: Avoid consumption of large predators like tuna, swordfish, king mackerel.

By knowing your seafood, you will follow detox for beginners in a smart way.

Salmon With Raw Vegetables

3. Limit Use of Plastic

In the post “Natural Body Detox… or Else,” I reviewed that by design you are perfectly equipped to rid yourself of toxins and harmful elements. Your body is indeed a detox chemical plant.

But when you get in more stuff than your natural body detox system—your liver, kidney, lymph, lungs, skin, and intestines—can handle, you are in trouble.

Well, now your body needs your help.

In fact, with all that bad “stuff” and plastic, in particular–you are inviting hormones disruptors which act like hormones confusing your body what to do!

Please limit the use of plastic in your daily life and switch from a plastic water bottle to a safe alternative. Also, don’t reuse plastic water bottles!

Do you microwave food in plastic containers? Do you freeze liquids in plastic containers?


Under high or low temperatures, plastic might change its chemical composition, and harmful elements leach into your food. It is a detox for beginners 101.

What to do?

→ Tip: At home, try to eat freshly prepared food and if leftovers—warm them up using a steam basket.

→ Tip: At the office, bring lunches you don’t have to warm up—salads, healthy sandwiches, slightly prior steamed cold vegetables. Animal protein—chicken, meat—can be as tasty being cold as warmed up. So, you have plenty of options.

→ Tip: Drink and cook with filtered water. It will help to reduce the number of endocrine disruptors entering your body from tap water.

Please, don’t compromise!Don't Compromise



4. Ditch Dangerous Cleaning Products

When you open your under-sink kitchen cabinet, what do you notice first?Dangerous Cleaning Products

In most cases, it looks like a mini chemical plant with tons of metal and plastic bottles of cleaning supplies.

You also will be “hit” by unbearable odor which probably contains the whole Mendeleev Periodic Table!

And if it is difficult to breathe, are you sure you are safe inhaling it? For goodness sake, it’s in your kitchen!

Well, nowadays we all want to know what we are buying. Right?

Most of us tend to trust manufacturers what they put in that box. And for sure we as consumers think that regulators did their job to protect us. It is a common belief.

Do you agree?

But do you know that many chemicals in your everyday products are lightly or not regulated at all?

Surprised? Yes, you are pretty much on your own here. That is why detoxing your kitchen is a critical part of detox for beginners.

When you look at the label, do you think there is a complete list of ingredients?


You see only active disinfectants and potentially dangerous ingredients.

And some of them contain toxic substances that can harm your red blood cells, reproductive organs, and other body functions.

So, check your under-sink and where else the dangerous toxins might be in your home!

What to Do?Baking Soda Best Safe Cleaner

→ Tip: Choose baking soda(!) and white wine or raw apple cider vinegar for your household cleaning needs. Make it yourself: cheap, safe, and easy.

→ Tip: This is how my mom and my grandma did it: mix baking soda and a little liquid soap. Add water and vinegar. Stir till lumps disappeared. Pour the mixture into a bottle and wah-la! You can put your name on a label!

Why spend a fortune and put yourself in danger?

5. Think PositiveThink Positive Poster

Any idea what is the cause of all chronic conditions?


Emotional toxins can add more problems to your health and overall wellbeing. Toxic thinking, jealousy, anger, holding grudges—this will keep you in a constant state of stress and inability to make the right decisions.

In turn, it will be adding more stress preventing your natural body detox system from doing it’s #1 job–detoxing.

By design, your body has no problem to dissolve the inflammation. Let’s assume, for example, you have another immediate stressful situation. But the body hadn’t handled the previous one! As a result, the inflammation on the top of another inflammation creates unresolved inflammation which is very dangerous.

Well, I have learned it the hard way!

It weakens your body, your immune system, and, of course, negatively affects your detox organs—kidney, liver, lymph, skin, lungs, and intestines.

What to do?

Be smart! Learn how to respond, not react! It is another smart point of the detox for beginners.

→ Tip: Try to give your body and mind a little break every day and relax, meditate, listen to soothing music.

→ Tip: If you are more advanced, do a guided meditation.

It is what helped me to deal with my negativity, being upset, angry and feel sorry for myself after cancer ordeal, split with my husband and my mom’s passing.

Happy Think Positive


Now you are not only familiar with golden rules of detox but know bests ways how to reduce your exposure to toxins and harmful chemicals.

Healing your body is a project on multiple levels. But for now focus on go organic, make smart seafood choices, limit the use of plastic, ditch dangerous cleaning products and think positive.

Will you have bumps on a road? Sure, you will.

But I encourage you to be patient and commit to your health. Because if you don’t and waste builds up in your body again, where will you end up?

The same crappy place—muscle aches, joint pain, constipation, headaches, food cravings, fatigue, skin issues, premature aging…

Or worse – you get sick! You don’t want it, do you?

Your body will heal only if you reduce the number of new toxins, pesticides, harmful chemicals, and heavy metals entering your body. It will help to optimize your natural detox system and overall detoxification process.

So, MINIMIZE your exposure to toxins and don’t bring the “old” habits in your new life.

Follow detox for beginners and celebrate your wins!

Please leave a comment below with any questions and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Happy detox,


Founder of Detox Generation


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