Easy Immune Health: How to Educate Your Immune Surveillance

Do you feel on the top of the world? Do you function at the A+ capacity? If not, maybe it’s because of your immune system. And if you want easy immune health, you should educate your immune surveillance. How?

That was a big secret till now. And the task here is to transfer the immune memory and knowledge. In other words, you should borrow the immune wisdom from somebody else.

Are you curious?

So, let me share with you how I do it and why. Hopefully, after reading this post, you also become a part of this ground-breaking discovery in immune support.

Buckle up your seat belt!

1. What Is the Function of Immune System?

But first, let’s cover some immune system basics.

What Is Immune System

The job of the immune defense is to sustain life in a hustle environment. But what are those hustle elements? The answer is any foreign invaders:

  • dangerous chemicals
  • toxins
  • harmful bacteria
  • viruses and pathogens
  • pesticides

Well, your life entirely depends on immune surveillance since it’s primary function is to detect and defeat the infection.

Structure of Immune System

In general, most people know little about the immune system. Why?

In contrast to other body systems, a person cannot observe it. But in reality, your immune system is a network of different organs: lymphatic nodes and fluids, bone marrow, spleen, thymus, and various immune cells.

Furthermore, among various immune cells are macrophages and white blood cells, mainly B- and T-cells and famous Natural Killer Cells or NKC. What do they do? The NK cells function, for example, is to kill the infected cells. They are made in the bone marrow and travel straight to the bloodstream.

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All immune organs work together and therefore are the crucial parts of your immune surveillance. So, you can function at your best.

Rising Immune Deficiencies

But what if your immune system is compromised?

In this case, you might experience various unpleasant signs:

  • weakness
  • poor appetite
  • sinuses problems
  • digestive issues
  • constipation
  • anemia
  • low resilience to infection

Today, we have a frightening problem with rising immune deficiencies. And to add salt to injury, what if your already weakened immune system has a few attacks at once?

So, would you want your immune surveillance active and functioning at its peak?

TAKEAWAY: Your survival depends on the immune system. And if it’s weakened, you might experience numerous health issues.

Easy Immune Health: Common Immune Products

2. Common Immune Products

Now is the question: what do you usually do to support your immune system? And is it possible to get easy immune health?

Vitamins and Minerals

Probably, like millions of people, you take vitamins, minerals, and try to eat healthier. I do the same, and that is superb.

Without a doubt, vitamins and minerals play an enormous role in supporting the body’s critical functions. But it is not enough. Vitamins and minerals—assuming you are taking the best supplements—provide only nutrients. But your immune surveillance has to recognize new threats in case of the immune invasion.


Additionally, you might take a step further and use herbs.

Nowadays, more and more plants can provide human health benefits. And if you know what you are doing, herbal supplements might be a fantastic addition to optimize your overall wellness. However, most people don’t have enough information on how to take herbs, and how to choose them.

And this is especially true about the hemp extract. For example, I have been using it daily, and it made a big difference. But I made a conscious decision to know about it as much as I possibly can. To learn more, read my post “What you need to know about CBD Oil.”

Missing Link – Immune Surveillance Education

Overall, vitamins, minerals, and herbs provide only temporary nutrition. And the missing link here is the information about the outside world which your immune cells badly need. It will not only “educate” your immune system but will keep it active and balanced. What does it mean?

TAKEAWAY: Balanced diet and supplements are crucial in providing the essential nutrients for critical body functions. But sustaining life is beyond simple nutrition. Your immune cells need vital information about outside threats.

Knowledge is Power

3. Best Solution Against Immune Invasion

So, why is “education” is the most genius solution against the immune invasion?

For starters, the more information your immune system has, the better it’s equipped against various challengers. It’s like the more you know, the better prepared you are, right?

Well, what would you rather have: more “educated” immune surveillance or not?

What Mother-Nature Didn’t Consider

I know what you might be thinking, “Mother nature gave me that amazing defense mechanism. Isn’t it superbly sophisticated by design?”Immune Education

And the answer is “yes.” Absolutely!

However, that “design” doesn’t take into consideration all challenges in life:

  • chemical overload
  • pesticides
  • heavy metals
  • electromagnetic waves
  • poor nutrition
  • polluted air
  • compromised water supply
  • stress

Never mind new superbugs and viruses and being over-medicated.

So, let’s assume the potential attack on your immune system. In this case, to better deal with those outside threats, your defense system has to be educated. And especially it is critical for boosting kids’ immune system. But what if it has already been compromised or weaken? Or it doesn’t “see” the particular organism as harmful and doesn’t know what to do?

Recognize, Respond and Remember Potential Threats

And this is where the genius of transferring immune memory comes in. Now you have the answer to easy immune health.

Why does it pay to know something? Obviously, to better recognize and respond to what around us. In turn, it assures that you will remember a similar situation and know what to do. Right?

Well, your immune system is no different. The advantage of having memory cells in specific defenses is that they recognize, respond, and remember potential threats.

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TAKEAWAY: To build a better immune system and deal with the immune invasion, you should educate your immune surveillance about the external threats.

Easy Immune Health Recognize Respond Remember

4. The Genius of Transferring Immune Memory

Next, what if I tell you that there is a unique immune molecule that does just that—educating the immune cells. Moreover, it comes from nature – no chemicals, no artificial ingredients.

Are you interested in how it works?

From Cell-to-Cell: Messenger Molecule

First, when that messenger molecule meets the immune cell, there is a biological interaction between them. In other words, they are communicating, and the messenger molecule transfers knowledge to the immune cell. As a result, an “educated” immune cell has vital information about unexpected threats.

For The Rest of Cell’s Life

Well, going forward, the “educated” immune cell will be searching for and removing the specific threat. What does it mean for you? Better protection!

And the most significant thing is that the immune cell has to be taught by the messenger molecule only once. So, it will carry that newly acquired knowledge for the rest of its life. But the cells live only for a few months. Therefore, each generation of new immune cells requires continuous education. So, you need an ongoing supply of those messengers.

Immune Paradigm Shift

Are you wondering why you haven’t heard about that messenger molecule?

Well, I haven’t heard either. But after cancer, I have been searching for years for a way to strengthen my immune surveillance. I had spent a tremendous amount of time and money. Finally, I’ve stumbled upon the genius solution of borrowing immunity from somebody else.

And this is a godsent answer to a question about how to keep your immune system running at peak performance. It’s truly a paradigm shift in immune support.

This messenger molecule is called a  TRANSFER FACTOR.

TAKEAWAY: If you want easy immune health, you should consider borrowing the immune knowledge using a unique immune molecule.

Easy Immune Health Transfer Factor

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In summary, are you concerned about your immune defense? And if it’s compromised, how is it affecting your health?

It is crucial to remember that the immune defense system is a complex network. But you can achieve easy immune health if your cells have:

  • enough nutrients
  • vital information about the external threats

The solution? First, take the best vitamins and minerals. Some of them perfectly validate their high worth for the immune system and overall strength and wellness.

Next, EDUCATE YOUR IMMUNE CELLS! They might or might not have specific information about the outside threats. But that information is the best solution for your well-functioning immune defense.

How will you benefit from it? Borrowed immune knowledge will help your immune system to do the three most crucial things:

  • better recognize the threat
  • respond to it quickly and efficiently
  • remember the threat next time it comes around

Well, no wonder that knowledge is power. And the knowledgable immune surveillance is also powerful.

Convinced? So, take the first step on the road to easy immune health. Unlock the power of the gift from nature – the TRANSFER FACTOR!  Join the Immune System REVOLUTION!

Happy Immunity!

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