Health Benefits Of Drinking Celery Juice. Shaken, Not Stirred?

Are you part of this green veggie thrill? If yes or if you are planning to join the party, first, grasp the health benefits of drinking celery juice. Don’t do it because of the hype. Get knowledge, facts, and organic celery.

Well, this post will breeze through the bare-bones fundamentals of your healthy sipping pleasure.

  • what celery juice is good for
  • celery juice ingredients
  • how to do celery juicing the “smart” way
  • combining celery with other veggies
  • what is the synergistic effect
  • tips on how and how not to

But!Health Benefits Of Drinking Celery Juice. Shaken Not Stirred

First, you should be very clear “WHY” you drink celery juice. To keep up with the Joneses? To brag on Instagram? or a “trendy” thing you must be part of it?

I bet some of those social media “celery” activists don’t comprehend an idea about nutrition values of celery and raw celery juice. Also, they don’t know its pros, cons, and are not familiar with the body’s basic chemistry.

Besides, with all that celery juicing bonanza, there is limited scientific evidence confirming claims of those who are squeezing their green stalk every morning.

However, benefits are smashing, especially if you “drink” your celery the right way. I do it myself and can shout!

But I study detox, juicing and how the body works because I want to shine for the rest of my life and be independently healthy and active till my last breath. And if celery can help, – all power to it!

So, what brings you here?

1. Celery Nutrition Facts. Any Gems?

Buckle up your seat belt. Let’s explore.

First, do you like celery? Is it a staple in your fridge? And what is better: on-the-go snack, side dish or a glass of juice?

Well, let’s look at what is raw celery and its nutrients. And then we will take a deep dive into the health benefits of drinking celery juice.

Raw Celery

It is a crunchy and crispy green plant known since the mid-1600s. It has three parts:

      • Leaves – stiff and bitter, used to garnish salads or soups
      • Celery stalk – ribs growing as a “bunch” over 18 to 24 inches and mostly consumed
      • Celery root – consumed raw or cooked

Health Benefits Of Drinking Celery Juice. What Is Raw Celery?

Besides, there are celery seeds that are used as a seasoning and to make celery salt.

Celery Nutrient Table

For centuries celery has been known and loved for its low content of carbs and low calories.

As stated in the National Nutrient Database, celery is exceptionally water-based (almost 95%), and not particularly high in any minerals or vitamins. According to the U.S Food & Drug Administration, the top in a celery nutrient chart is POTASSIUM—symbol K on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Why celery has a salty and bitter taste?

Because it is full of SODIUM—one of the highest for most vegetables.

Raw Celery Nutrition Table
Data Source: U.S. FDA

As you can spot from the chart below, celery also has some calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, vitamins C and A. What else? It is a source of essential phytonutrients.

Image Source: The World’s Healthiest Foods

TAKEAWAY: Celery is 95% water-based, with a high content of potassium and sodium. Celery is NOT a do-it-all panacea to balanced nutrition.

2. Is Celery Juice Good for You?

Well, before we talk about risks, first, let’s review the potential health benefits of drinking celery juice.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Celery Juice


As can been seen, celery is a source of conventional antioxidant nutrients. They protect your cells from free radicals.

But celery is also crowned for its phytonutrients—non-nutrient antioxidants.

So, as their conventional siblings, they also deliver anti-inflammatory benefits. However, they are believed to have a higher antioxidant effect. And it is crucial in preventing unwanted inflammation and oxidative damage to your cells.

Natural Diuretic

Want your kidney to filter more efficiently waste and extra fluids? Celery juice can help.

Vitamin K

Next critical point: are you familiar with blood clotting?

Even though it is an essential function for your body, some blood clots might foam inside of your veins and don’t dissolve. One of the reasons is vitamin K (potassium) deficiency. Vitamin K is also crucial for your healthy bones.

→ Click here to read more about the role of vitamins for your body functions.


Because celery is 95% water, celery juice might be an excellent addition to hydration.


Next, what is the most common claim of people drinking celery juice?

They pop a lot!

Well, celery contains some flavonoids—apigenin and quercetin—which helps to induce gastric relaxation and move food through your gut. Magnesium in celery also can help with constipation.

Also, among other assumed benefits of celery to support digestive track is pectin-based apiuman. According to World Healthiest Foods, it is a vital element for stomach lining, decreasing the risk of stomach ulcers and improving stomach secretions.

Weight Loss

Lastly, the most significant reason why people are drinking celery juice is a weight loss.

Well, it makes sense since celery is 95% water-based and has low calories. Besides, fiber can curb cravings since it absorbs water in the digestive tract.


Are you consuming fiber?

TAKEAWAY: Celery juice might be a fantastic SUPPLEMENT to your regular diet. It is great for your gut, source of vitamin K and has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it won’t spike your sugar level.

3. Is Celery Juicing Risky?

After gobbling all good news, let’s smash this green favorite with risks. Otherwise, how else you can make an intelligent decision. Right?

Based on what we know about the health benefits of drinking celery juice, let’s do a little reverse engineering.

So, what are the risks?

  1. The high content of sodium – be very mindful and don’t ever load.
  2. High potassium content – if you drink a lot of celery juice, watch potassium level!
  3. NOT a do-it-all panacea to balanced nutrition – drinking only celery juice might lead to malnutrition.
  4. An excessive amount can “interfere with the process of iodine functioning in the thyroid.”
  5. Stripping fiber will make you hungry faster.

TAKEAWAYBeware of RISKS of drinking celery juice and talk to your doctor before committing to any drastic dietary changes if you have a medical condition.

4. How Are You “Drinking” Your Celery?

Shaken and not stirred?

Well, a little sprinkle of wisdom is to do it the “smart” way – by blending and combining celery with other ingredients.


For starters, if celery is only the ingredient, the juice is bitter and bland (remember high sodium content?) And if you want something yummy, you should experiment.

Next – sugar. If one cup of celery has 2 grams of sugar (USDA data), by juicing, you will consume more of it. The same is about other ingredients, especially sodium!Health Benefits Of Drinking Celery Juice. Shaken, Not Stirred

To squeeze the best out of celery green “delight,” it is crucial HOW YOU MAKE YOUR JUICE!

To preserve FIBER—and this is what is so beneficial for your digestive tract and your pop—it is wiser to blend your celery! Read my in-depth review of the best blender on the market.

Or, at least, rotate juicing and blending. And this is how I do it. But that’s not all.

Considering all potential benefits and risks, I “drink” my celery in combination with other vegetable juices.


Let’s pull the curtain and discover different “juicy” nutrients in various vegetables.

Nutrition Information for Raw Vegetables
Data Source: U.S. FDA

Anything striking? Any ideas popped into your mind?

It is evident that you can mix and match different veggies based on what you need and where you are possibly deficient.

Make sense?

Look at the broccoli with vitamin C 15x higher vs. celery. Isn’t it eye-popping?

Well, would you like to add broccoli if your juicer or blender is in motion anyway? Or how about carrots with a superb amount of vitamin A?

TAKEAWAY: “Drink” your celery the “smart” way – blending will keep the fiber and help your digestive tract. Adding other ingredients like carrots, beets, broccoli, and leafy greens will assure the full range of minerals, vitamins, and trace elements.

Got it?

5. Carrot Celery Juice Benefits. Killer Duo!

For me, I have been juicing and shaking for a long time. And the question is always “How to maximize your nutrients?”

While pocking around and researching the potential benefits of different veggie combinations, something grabbed my attention.

Curious what it is?

It’s one key pair present in a lot of recipes—CELERY and CARROT! They go like a horse and carriage.


It is super healthy as is or can be sprinkled with other super ingredients—beets, parsley, leafy vegetables, cucumber, spinach, watercress, and others. And this is how I do it.

Well, what is so striking about this celery-carrot duo?

Remember your mom always told you to eat your carrots?


You already know—carrots are very high in vitamin A or more correctly Beta-carotene, which is converted in the body to vitamin A as needed.

Why do you need Vitamin A?

Plenty of reasons!

  • Slows the aging process — isn’t it jaw-droppingly good?
  • Protects eye lens from light-induced damage – want to have a “sharper” vision?
  • Might help to inhibit new cancer cells production – o, boy, that’s a biggie!
  • Strengthens immune system — when last time did you have an infection?
  • Help the body to detoxify and protect against toxins – get those “suckers” out of your body!
  • Vital for wound healing and synthesis of collagen — music to my ears! Glowing skin!
  • Helps with good appetite and digestion – healthy cravings, good taste buds, and great poop? Wow!
  • Beneficial for reproductive organs – cannot even comment here.Health Benefits Of Drinking Celery Juice Thumbs Up Carrot


So, how do you feel about this orange friend now?

Which juice would you prefer?

No brainer, isn’t it?

Below are few ailments when celery and carrot formula might be a blowing away “natural” helper:

  • arteries
  • cold
  • constipation
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • indigestion
  • liver problemsHealth Benefits Of Drinking Celery Juice Carrot Celery Juice

Shockingly but some people who do celery juicing, are not aware of their level of minerals and vitamins. Obviously, the idea is to have your blood test done to know the baseline.

Now you can choose WISELY and based on YOUR NEEDS!

Six months later – boom! You see a striking difference, and I guarantee you will be more motivated to juice to your health and not because of the hype.

TAKEAWAY: Combining celery and carrot can be a fantastic combination on its own or an excellent nutritional base for other juice or shake mixes. Create your super drinks!

Ready to experience?

6. What’s In My Glass? How I Do It

Are you curious what’s my favorite?

My credo is I DO WHAT I PREACH!

Well, I rotate my veggies and play with mixing different juices and shakes. By now, I could have become a bartender! I can easily monitor what vegetables “hit” me with more energy, better mood, lesser muscle cramps after swimming, gave me glowing skin, and better sleep.

Well, what is in my glass today?

Ella's Nutritious Veggie Smoothie

I might be more advanced than you are. I have been juicing and shaking for a long time.

What does it mean?


What should you do?

Now it is a matter of experimenting and creating YOUR great drinks.

Practice, practice, practice!

Tip: If you use celery only, it is still faster to blend it first and then separate fiber by squeezing juice through cheesecloth. Here you need to clean only two pieces of one machine – the bucket and a lid. Juicer has more parts.

Tip: If you are limited on time but want two or three in one, go only with juice because you have to clean only one machine. I work with both—juicer and blender. I do it fast, but if it is not your habit, take one step at the time.

TAKEAWAY: For beginners – the most important is to build a HABIT of juicing. Start with “blending” your celery with some other items: spinach, leafy greens and adding frozen fruits. I love to throw frozen cranberry. If you don’t mind cleaning juicer – make your celery/carrot juice.

Options are endless!

7. Celery Juicing – A Balancing Act?

Well, we have “shaken” celery juice quite well, haven’t we?

As fantastic as celery is, its juice cannot become a balancing act for your diet, your digestion and feel good. Can it?

And despite obvious health benefits of drinking celery juice, if you are betting on it as a do-it-all answer to your proper nutrition, – you are mistaken.


Juicing veggie mixes can be fantastic for your health and your well-being.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Celery Juice

A beginner? Have no fear!

There is no need to change your lifestyle drastically. Building a habit takes time and baby steps. Do it every other day, do “double” on weekends. You WILL feel the difference!

Most noticeable? ENERGY! You will have plenty. How do you think I swim 40 laps a few times a week?

“Fighting” for your health is a battle on multiple fronts. And one of them is processed food. To avoid a terrible toll it can take on your body, get off the SAD bus! That is another super-duper habit you will build in time.

Even with two steps forward and one step back, imagine where you will be in six months?

      • wholesome diet
      • juicing and blending to support your nutrition
      • no cravings
      • tons of energy
      • positive attitude
      • looking and feeling smashing!

Well, you glow, and you are happy. Isn’t it what you want?

As for Celery Juice Challenge, my prediction – it will NOT be roaring forever. The trend will die, people will jump on board of another crazy train, and Instagram will be flooded with new buzzing posts.

Still jazzed about the health benefits of drinking celery juice? Shaken but not stirred?

You are on the right path. But maybe carrots in the mix?

Happy juicing!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help.


Founder of Detox Generation

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  • Read the article on celery juice and found it very interesting.  I am into health and fitness and eating well myself.  Although, I’ve never really given detox a whole lot of thought,  I do think that the health points you bring up with the combination of celery and carrot juice are excellent; something I’m looking forward to trying.    

    • Leoaqua!

      Continue to be into health and healthy eating. Good for you!

      Nowadays we simply CANNOT afford to get sick! And it is not just about money.

      As for detoxing, please remember that those “healthy” foods–fruits, veggies, leafy greens, healthy grains–they are just raw material. They don’t detox your body. Liver does! And we either helping her to get rid of waste and harmful chemicals or we slow it down. 

      Since the liver needs a variety of minerals and antioxidants to do its job as a master filter, that is why it is so important to have a different blend of all possible nutrition. That is why a healthy diet is a “balanced” diet!

      The same can be said about blending and juicing – ‘BALANCED!”

      So, what do you think?

      Kind regards,

  • Wow! Happy to see this..☺ another juicy item for food lovers..!!!😍 

    You have described nicely all the necessary thing about it. more importantly that I liked that you have discussed the harmful effects along with the health benefits. This has made your article perfect. The nutrients we can get from celery juice like Anti-oxidents, vitamins, natural diuretics are very important for our health. adequate hydration is also very important. lastly your carrot celery combo looks very delicious also.. have to try this..☺

    • Hello, Touhidur!

      Thank you for your comments. I sincerely appreciate your time and interest.

      For me, those good “juicy” stuff is about your health and keeping yourself healthy. And since we are doing it, should we know what is in the glass? It is basic chemistry and how all vitamins and nutrients are related and compliment each other. 

      But it is precisely when they are there! But if you are overload yourself with one set of minerals and enzymes but is deficient in something else – how good is it, especially if you are doing it for a prolonged time?

      As for celery and carrots, it is not only great synergy. It is about great taste: sweetness from carrots balance the bitterness of celery and makes it very “drinkable.”

      So, Cheers!

  • What excellent writing!!
    You sure know how to find ways and places to go to and bring us useful information!!
    Thank you.
    I have a very powerful blender that I use,(used)?!
    Not so much lately ? But reading your article was a good reminder!! Now I have to go “ hunting “ for cheap celery!!

    • Dear Angie!

      Thank you so much!

      I tried my best to bring my readers information through a story and with an interesting twist! Don’t we have enough boring stuff? And it is also fun for me! I really enjoy it. Each post is a new journey!

      Well, where is your blender? In the garage or basement? Or maybe just in the kitchen low cabinet?
      It belongs to your countertop! Set it and get “messy!”

      As for “cheap” celery, it’s already there. I’ve checked. 🙂


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