How to Boost Kids Immune System in 2020 (Includes New Ideas)

We all want our kids to be happy and healthy. Right? But here it goes again: your child is cranky and has been crying the whole night. You’ve tried everything. You are exhausted  and thinking, “Maybe it’s about low immunity?” So, it is logical to ask the question, “What to do and how to boost the kids’ immune system?”

So, does your child’s immune system work to its fullest potential? And if you are wondering why there are some facts.

Do you know, for example, that approximately 500,000 children hospitalized in the U.S. annually with respiratory infections? (1) How about 35 new infectious diseases burst upon us over the last 30 years?

Well, it is a nightmare of every parent to see a child pale, sitting quietly on a couch and refusing his/her favorite snack. And what worse is not being able to help or is it so?

Today we want to take a deep dive into a topic of children’s low immunity, and how to boost kids’ immune system. But the most important, how to do it for life.

So, what’s the game plan?

1. ​Low Immunity Reasons in Kids

For starters, you should know immune basics and how body fights infection. Now, let’s review the reasons for a child’s low immunity.

Rise of Infection Diseases

First, today we are exposed to more dangerous infections than ever before.

Joel Fuhrman MD Image

In the United States, adults can expect to catch a cold 2 to 4 times a year. And children can expect to get 6 to 10 colds annually.

               - Joel Fuhrman, M.D.              

Second, many exotic microbes developed antibiotic resistance. 

Third, environmental, social, and nutritional changes help trigger an explosion of infection. As Dr. Fuhrman stated in his book "Super Immunity", in the U.S., the rate of infectious disease deaths has doubled since 1980.  

Low Immunity Reasons: Too Early Back to School

Next, what if I tell you that one of the reasons your kids are sick often is that you “rush” them to get “better”? 

What you didn’t realize was that child’s immune system didn’t have enough time to “study” and reflect the threat in his/her immune memory. Result?

On the one hand, there are no antibodies and strong immunity built. Therefore, if the same virus comes around, Mary suffers again. On the other hand, in case of an additional threat, a kid’s immunity is attacked on two fronts. No wonder child cannot handle it!

Do Genetics Play Role in Immune System? 

Another reason for low child resistance is genetics. The level of immune defense is different for different people and can be strong, weak, or something in between. And if your immune defense is low, there are higher odds of lower immunity for your child. 

Social Factors that Affect Immune System

And now about social factors affecting little Mary immune defense, specifically:

  • complete nutrition
  • harmonic development
  • qualified medical care
  • encouraging healthy habits

 So, if there is “no” in front of those factors, your child might have low immunity.

Breast Milk Feeding a Newborn

2. Learn from the Newborns: How Baby Gets Strength

The best way to understand how to build strong immunity is to learn from nature. For example, the newborn has a fragile defense. Through the mother's milk, the baby gets the wisdom of a more mature immune system.

Breast milk contains antibodies and hormones protecting the baby from infectious diseases. This way, the mother 'transfer' to her infant the valuable information. In turn, it makes the baby's more protected.

Colostrum Breast Milk: Liquid Gold for Your Infant

So, breast milk is a super start for your baby. But especially valuable is the first milk or colostrum, which is called the 'liquid gold.' The mother makes it immediately after birth. Colostrum is insanely rich in nutrients and includes antibodies.

And the key hero here is a molecule of the ​transfer factor. It is a group of amino acids that function as an immune messenger and communicates with the white blood cells.

So, breastfeeding is the way for a mom to give her offspring the right information about the outside world.

4Life RiteStart for Kids & Teens

4Life RiteStart: Immune Borrowing for Kids and Teens

But how about kids and teenagers? Is there a way for them to 'borrow' the antibodies? Luckily, the answer is YES! In fact, you can successfully educate your immune surveillance.

The company 4Life is specializing in immune-boosting products containing the ​transfer factor.

4Life created the amazing supplement RiteStart ® for kids ages two and up. This quality formula provides for your children the immune system support, healthy energy levels, and have many other benefits. But it is not just the right start for a day. It is the right start for your child's healthy life.

So, feel confident by giving your children this comprehensive nutritional supplement.

3. Teaching Kids Healthy Habits 

And now the big question is about teaching your kids healthy habits. It is crucial for how to boost kids immune system.

​Is Your Child Washing Hands?

Do you know that touch might transmit up to 80% of infections?

When I came to America twenty years ago, I was shocked not seeing prominent reminders in restaurants and cafés for customers to wash hands. Furthermore, a lot of places even now don’t have a section where you can wash hands. But the bigger problem is with kids.

Kid Washing Hand With Mom Teaching Healthy Habits for Kids

As a child, I knew to wash hands after going to the bathroom, before meal or snack, after sneezing or coughing, and when back from the playground.

But washing hands is not just touching water and make the hands wet like a lot of kids do. We should teach them to use soap and warm water and wash hands for at least 20 seconds. That is a must-do to remove germs and stay healthy. As an alternative, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol. (​2)

Next critical point: the best way to encourage regular hand washing is to make it a family activity:

​Making Sleep a Priority

Well, the day is over, and it’s time for a little Mary to catch a snooze.

As researches show, making sleep a priority plays a crucial role in building a child’s strong immunity. For example, when the body is resting, T-cells of the immune system, like bods, inspect all organs for potential threats. As a result, sleep can fight off an infection. (​3)

But for different ages, it is suggested the following sleeping hours. (​4)

CDC Kids Sleeping Hours for Strong Immune System

4. Encouraging a Healthy Diet

The next common cause for kids' weak immunity is an unhealthy dietary habits.

To address it, make a list of what your little Mary ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the last few days. Include snacks and drinks. So, how healthy is the menu? Are there any home-cooked meals? And how about foods that support the immune system?

The right raw materials and nutritional factors can double or triple the protective power of the immune system.

                                                 ​- ​Joel Fuhrman, M.D ​"Super Immunity"

Encouraging Healthy Kids Diet

​What Foods Boost a Child's Immune System

Without a doubt, you want to know foods to increase immunity in children naturally. Well, your kid's menu should include foods rich in the following essential elements:

  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • vitamin C
  • beta-carotene (vitamin A)
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin B
Children's Diets Facts

To have enough zinc, sprinkle pumpkin seeds in oatmeal. Or mix sliced almonds with pieces of the dark chocolate and give your kid as a snack. What an excellent alternative for sugary crap most children eat!

Another option is red bell pepper sticks to boost vitamin C or carrot sticks for beta-carotene. And, of course, it is always citruses – grapefruits and oranges. But please be sure that a little Mary eats the whole fruit!

Green Kids Meals: Veggie Shakes to Boost Immunity

To add vitamin C naturally to your kid's diet, consider shakes from dark leafy vegetables. My favorite is from spinach, which contains not only a high amount of vitamin C but also iron. (​5)  

So, grab your Vitamix and get to work!

To eliminate bitterness, add slices of raw banana or sweet frozen fruit like mango. Play around with recipes and rotate your greens. Also, since veggie shakes are a fantastic addition for kids and adults menu, make 'shake time' as a family activity and have fun with it!

5. How Do Probiotics Help Your Child Immune Health?

Over 2,000 years ago, famous Greek healer and physician Hippocrates said that all diseases start in the gut. It is probably true since the gut contains around 80% of all immune cells. (​6)

So, your child's gut health is critical for strong immunity. Let's review a few points.

Probiotics Teach Kids to Make Friends with Good Microbes

​Maintain Your Child's Microbiota

First, the gut microbiome is an enormously complex system of ​microbes that naturally occur in the gut. They protect stomach lining and function as a shield against harmful viruses or bacteria.

Furthermore, good microbiota is critical for extracting vitamins and other essential elements, balancing digestion, regulating metabolism, and elimination. Lastly, it protects your child's gut from the overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

​Teach Kids to Make Friends with Good Microbes

So, if keeping your child's healthy microbiota is essential for how to boost kids immune system, what should you do?

​First, teach your kids about probiotics and prebiotics. A child should know that probiotics are good living microorganisms. They have a positive effect on intestinal health. Of course, it is beneficial to explain that without probiotics, a kid might have problems pooping.

In comparison, prebiotics is non-digestible nutrition helping good bacteria to grow. In other words, prebiotics is food for probiotics.

​Best Probiotics for Kid's Immune System

Among the best fermented foods containing probiotics are yogurt, kefir, kombucha tea, and sauerkraut. For example, offer your child organic plain yogurt with fresh fruits instead of sugar added.

Fermented Foods for Kid's Immune System

On the other hand, prebiotics, for example, can be found in the following foods:

  • Almonds
  • chickpeas
  • cabbage
  • watermelon
  • grapefruit
  • flax seeds
  • garlic
  • onion
  • asparagus
  • bananas
  • Benefits of Physical Activity for Immune System

    6. Why Exercise for Immune System?

    Next, to make sure that your child sleeps well and has a good appetite, your child should be very active during the day. And here comes the importance of the exercise.

    ​Benefits of Physical Activity for Immune Defense

    So, for example, do your kids spend the most time in front of the computer? Or are they outdoor playing, running, biking, and jumping? As a parent, you should know that exercises boost immune system, specifically:

    • boost the number of natural killer cells
    • help to remove bacteria out of lungs and airways
    • decrease the number of stress hormones and therefore reduce the chance of some illnesses
    • affect changes in antibodies and white blood cells (​​7)

    Additionally, as research shows, when the temperature rises during and after the exercise, it might prevent bacteria from growing. Of course, nothing guarantees that the immune system of the child who exercises will detect a threat faster, but at least there are higher odds. (​​8)

    ​Physical Activity as Family Fun

    The best way to encourage kids to get active, of course, is leading by example. I love biking on weekends along the Hudson River. And it is amazing to see when parents are bicycling with their children.

    Other family sports are tennis, skiing, hiking, roller skating, rock climbing, swimming and even kite flying. So, what is your favorite activity with kids? Remember that it is a big part of how to boost kids immune system.

    Physical Activity as Family Fun for Strong Immune System Father and Son Swimming


    To summarize, do you want to reduce minor and major infections in your kids?

    It is critical to remember that infancy and childhood are times when the immune system is the most fragile. That is why building a kid's strong defense is your top priority as a parent.

    Remember that immunity is not only resistant to harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. It also plays a critical role in tissue repair, removal of the dead cells, and support of gut microbiota and, therefore, good digestive health.

    In his book "Super Immunity," Dr. Fuhrman said: "The immune system like an angel watching over our lives and protecting from the risks surrounding us."

    ​So, let's take care of that angel from a young age. It can save a child's life. Let's learn how to boost kids' immune system in 2020 and follow all the steps we discussed in this post. And don't forget about the transfer factor.

    ​Pure, Potent,             at Wholesale Price!

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    Transfer Factor Boosting Immune System

    I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. What is your experience with your child immune system? Leave your comments below.

    Happy Immunity!


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