How To Buy Bentonite Clay for Detox and Beauty

You’ve decided to detox using the cleansing power of volcanic ash. But do you know how to buy bentonite clay?

There are plenty of options on the market:

  • for external use
  • food grade
  • powder, paste or liquid form
  • color: lite gray, beige, green, pink
  • compounds from different locations: California, Utah, Wyoming

With all the choices, I am sure you are asking, “How do I know what kind of bentonite clay to buy?”

Well, the focus of this post is to educate you about the best bentonite clay brands.

My conclusions are fact-based, as I always do while writing any product reviews. And one of the main reasons for this – I am the end user.

So, if you are curious about how to buy bentonite clay, read what my top picks are.

But first, why my reviews?

1. Flaws In Bentonite Clay Reviews

Women in my family used clay as a beauty and detox aid for years. That’s why I was determined to find the top-quality montmorillonite.

If you are new to the idea of clay, read my post, “Montmorillonite Clay: Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects.”

Well, I have read numerous online reviews about the “best” bentonite. Let me share with you my findings.

First, what the majority of authors do is go through customer’s feedback and bundle it together. They have no personal experience.

Second, most of them DO NOT do any “investigative” work like reviewing a Certificate of Analysis and other critical information.

Next, some authors do address an issue of heavy metals—lead, for example. However, while using statistics, they don’t refer to the source of information.

Lastly, often when they do use references, it goes back to the clay manufacturer. How about an independent lab, 3rd-party research, or a government agency?

Well, because I am a cancer survivor, I am very “picky” what I put on my skin and in my body. Therefore, CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS—or COA—is a must. I will give the “NO BUY” recommendation to any clay without it.

Maybe it is a quality product but the fact that the company either doesn’t have the COA or doesn’t release it to the public is a red flag for me.

Why is the COA critical?

  • it is prepared by an independent lab
  • lists most minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals
  • shows the value of all elements
  • provides a pH level and other vital data

With this in mind, see below my top two picks:

  1. Terramin ION-MIN montmorillonite clay
  2. Redmond Clay

TAKEAWAY: If you want to know how to buy bentonite clay, use a fact-based approach, review a Certificate of Analysis and other relevant information.

How To Buy Bentonite Clay

2. Terramin Clay

Product Description

Are you concerned about heavy metal toxicity? Want to detox naturally and have stronger bones?

Terramin clay might help!

It is a sub-brand of the ION-MIN—the trusted label since 1946. Product is the premium Calcium Montmorillonite Clay exclusively found in the Colorado River Delta Region in California, USA.

Terramin is the original living clay, which complements and supports life. It uses only the finest montmorillonite and, therefore, perfect for external and internal use.

Terramin Clay Benefits

The most known benefits of the Terramin clay are:

  • contains ionic minerals in bio-available form
  • delivers nutrients and remove toxins
  • might be ingested or used topically for an extra holistic effect
  • can play a role in DNA regeneration
  • powerful antibacterial agent
  • rich in silica
  • the strong adsorbent of heavy metals and harmful chemicals

→ Click here to read more about montmorillonite clay benefits and uses.


ION-MIN clay is neutral or lite reddish beige, cream, brown, or gray. It is darker when wet.

ION-MIN Clay Grades

Terramin clay is more delicate than other clay brands on the market. Currently, there are three grades available:

  1. Ultra-Fine: oral, facial and skin application
  2. Extremely Fine: human ingestion
  3. Very fine: water detoxification and bathing products

Which one is best for you? It depends on how you want to use it.

NASA Study of ION-MIN: Strengthening Bones

You will be amazed to know that NASA was interested in clay clinical study. Scientists tried to find an effective way for the astronauts to get calcium to prevent osteoporosis.


After testing ION-MIN montmorillonite, researchers confirmed its superior benefits for strengthening the bones.

→ CLICK HERE to view the full report.

TAKEAWAY: Terramin ION-MIN clay is a superb natural detoxifier and a mineral warehouse. It is also a clean, and safe way to strengthen the bones.

3. Terramin Testing Protocol

During my search for the best bentonite clay, I have reviewed and used numerous products. The Terramin ION-MIN brand was the most transparent and it is my favorite.

The company has established a protocol for lab testing. Besides, getting the Certificate of Analysis was a breeze.

Please see below.

Other than mineral content, you should pay attention to heavy metals elements:

  • Lead 13.65 ppm
  • Arsenic Oxide <0.01 ppm
  • Mercury <0.0002 ppm

It is critical to emphasize that the above numbers are within the acceptable levels for elements that naturally occurred in soil. For example, according to the Center of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, lead usually is present in the soil in the range of 15 to 40 ppm (parts per million).

Well, do you feel more comfortable? I do!

ION-MIN Premium Montmorillonite

In addition to known elements from the COA, below are other characteristics of Terramin clay:

  • high-grade form of Montmorillonite clay
  • pH 8.13
  • active, open ionic state
  • low swelling properties
  • no additives, colors, or fragrances
  • no pathogens, toxins, or allergens
  • all elements are safe to consume as measured during testing
  • energy is present and detectable

ION-MIN Production Process

The next critical point is the production process. Don’t you want to know if mining operations are eco-friendly?

Well, it includes careful extraction and processing using industrial crushing and grinding. As a result, it produces fine powders of three size grades. Then, they are packaged in vapor-resistant and tamper-proof bags and delivered to final packaging facilities.

After extraction, the land is returned to the original contour.

TAKEAWAY: Terramin clay has an established testing process and works with an independent lab. The COA shows the low value of naturally occurred heavy metals. All operations are eco-friendly.

How To Buy Bentonite Clay for Detox and Beauty

4. Terramin Clay Products

Terramin ION-MIN clay is my top pick, and I use it in different applications:

Skin and Hair Mask, Oral Care

I love Terrasilk Clarifying Masque Powder, which is a Terramin sub-brand. It is a SPA quality product with all-natural ingredients.

Well, you are never too young or too mature to take care of your body and skin. Right?

And here Terramin clay does few tricks:

  • fantastic facial mask and cleanser
  • great for removing age spots (combined with apple cider vinegar)
  • can be used as tooth power
  • beneficial for acne relief

Since I use Terrasilk daily, I prefer to get a minimum of 2 lbs. of powder. This packaging is very cost-effective.


Bath and Foot Detox

Would you like to relax and treat yourself to luxury after a busy day?

Well, make a bath with the best montmorillonite clay.

For the cleansing and mineral bath and foot soak, I prefer Terramin Powder. It has abundant minerals, which, along with high silica content, will cleanse your whole body.

As a result, it will rejuvenate both—your body and mind—and give your extra energy. 20-30 minutes of this royal bath, and you are in heaven!


The Best Edible Clay

In generals, names Montmorillonite and Bentonite clay are synonyms.

However, for ingestion, you need MONTMORILLONITE, mainly because of its molecular structure. And here, Terramin ION-MIN clay is an absolute WINNER!

Internal Cleanse and Mineral Supplements

Terramin clay is a fantastic way to get minerals and trace elements. It contains over 50 trace minerals!

Since most of us are deficient in essential minerals, taking food grade clay might help. For example, Terramin Mega-Mineral Supplement is dietary minerals and a perfect internal detoxifier. Besides, it aids digestion and metabolism.

So, if you need a safe and cost-effective supply of minerals, take Terramin Mage-Mineral Supplement.


5. Redmond Clay Reviews

My other top pick is Redmond Clay.

Product Description

Redmond Clay is a food-grade bentonite clay in its natural state. It hasn’t been refined, has no additives, chemicals, or preservatives.

The name “Redmond” came after the area near Redmon, Utah, which is famous for the traditions of using clay.

Redmond Clay BenefitsLoose Terramin Clay

Redmond clay is believed to have a healing effect for the following ailments:

  • aid for bruising, scrapes, blisters and cuts
  • soothe sunburns
  • help with insect bites and stings
  • might help with arthritis
  • used as a poultice
  • beneficial for weight management because of waste elimination

Redmond Clay Minerals

According to the Elemental Analysis, Redmond clay is abundant in minerals. Among them are:

  • calcium
  • aluminum
  • chloride
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • silicon
  • sodium

Redmond Clay Elemental Analysis

Aluminum In Redmond Bentonite

Aluminum is believed to be the main reason for most Redmond clay benefits. But if you are concerned about aluminum, I want to put you at ease.

First, we need a small amount of aluminum to function correctly. Second, the question should be not about the aluminum but the source and form. The body differentiates between what is natural and what is an additive and can harm you.

Next key point: your body cannot absorb aluminum in clay. The reason is that aluminum in clay is not a free element. It bonds with silica and carries a high negative charge. As a result, aluminum-silica particle attracts toxins, heavy metals, and all impurities which carry a positive charge.

So, relax!

Redmond Clay Lead

Next, you should know that Redmond clay contains only 1.24 ppm of lead. So, you are safe.

TAKEAWAY: Redmond Clay is an established American brand of fine bentonite products. It offers a wide range of benefits for your body detox and beauty. Redmond Clay contains a very low amount of lead.

Clay Teeth Powder

6. Redmond Clay Uses

First Aid Hydrated Clay

Redmond hydrated clay is purified water mixed with Redmond clay into the paste. When needed, you should apply a generous amount to the affected area. Use cheesecloth or plastic wrap to prevent the clay from drying.

I have this ready to use clay in the office and while traveling. It is also in my gym bag.

Recently, while in the pool, I stepped on a sharp earing stud. As a result, I was in severe pain and hardly could walk.

After using Redmond hydrated clay as a poultice,  I felt better within 24 hours. In three days, I was back to normal.

It is for sure acts like a sponge drawing impurities and is also very gentle. I love this stuff!


Redmond Clay Detox

Redmond Clay Powder is perfect for:

  • facial mask at home
  • bath and foot detox
  • natural surface cleaner
  • external poultice on cuts, burns, bruises, and achy joints

My favorite use of Redmond Clay Powder is as an external poultice and as a natural cleaner. For other applications, I also use Terramin ION-MIN clay.


Redmond Facial Mud

You shouldn’t skip your beauty regimen when traveling or on vacation. Besides, you want to avoid mixing and making a mess, right?

Well, this ready-to-use Redmond Facial Mud assures the following:

  • deep cleansing facial
  • removal of impurities and dirt from pores
  • skin rejuvenation


Redmond Earthpaste

I love this natural toothpaste in a pack of three–peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon. t is very cost-effective.

The Earthpaste has no fluoride, glycerin, foaming agents or coloring. What are the ingredients?

  • water
  • Redmond Clay
  • real Salt
  • essential oils
  • xylitol

My mouth feels fresh and I know that Earthpaste benefits my teeth. Also, it is gentle if you have sensitive gums as I do.


Conclusion: Detox and Mineralize

Your immune system is the superb machine capable of fighting any disease and healing.

But living in today’s “dirty” world, most people have an enormously compromised and therefore weak immune cell.

What should you do?

Detox and mineralize!

These are your two pathways to restore health. So, give your body the help it needs—the healing power of MONTMORILLONITE CLAY.

So, after you have learned how to buy bentonite clay, take the first step, and begin cleaning your piled waste. It is simple, smart, and safe.

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.

Happy Detox!

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