How to Detox Lymphatic System: Easy, Quick and Fun!

When I ask anyone about lymph fluids and the lymphatic system, normally I get a puzzled look. Well, do you know that the lymph is essential to your health and how to detox the lymphatic system?

If not, let me help you to get to know your lymph and what you can do to optimize its function.

That is the whole idea of why you should detox. You are helping your detox system to do what it does best—remove harmful chemicals and other garbage.

As I wrote in the post “Natural Body Detox… Or Else,” lymph is an essential part of your “Fantastic Six”—organs involved in body detoxing: liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymph, and intestines.

If you have chemical overload, it is possible that your lymph cannot keep up with your body trying to rid itself of toxins and other harmful elements.


Let me explain.

1. Lymph 101—How Does It Work

Well, have you ever been sick? Have you ever felt small firm lumps in your neck or armpits while fighting a cold or flu?

Don’t worry—it is normal. Lymphatic nodes are pea-size glands through your body supplying infection-fighting immune cells. They are scanning your body for intruders and uninvited guests. When you are sick, swollen nodes show that the body is in a fighting mode and send more “troops” to kill those enemies.

Other than the infection-fighting system, your lymph is your body’s waste management center which sends garbage trucks—lymphatic fluids—to all cells and organs in the body to “pick-up” harmful waste, dead cells and harmful toxins.

What body does next?

Other organs of your natural body detox system like kidneys, liver, and skin will be eliminating that waste through sweat, urine, and bowel.

Your lymph also delivers to all cells fats, vitamins, proteins, essential elements which it absorbs from the digestive tract.

For all these reasons, it is critical to understand how to detox the lymphatic system. Right?

2. Lymphatic System: Who Is Who?

Lymphatic System
Image Source: Wikimedia

Lymphatic vessels

Imagine a long swimming pool where swimmers can only go in one direction. Lymphatic vessels are like those lanes in a pool. They go throughout your entire body and create the whole “network.”

Lymphatic fluids

Next, ‘water’ in a pool is your lymphatic fluids but they are not ‘flowing.’ They have to be pushed through lymphatic vessels to deliver to your organs the good stuff and pick up the waste.

Well, what is the source of lymphatic fluids?

When your blood is moving around your body, the small amount stays behind your tissues. Nearby lymph capillaries absorb it and transfer into the lymph.

Lymph nodes

Can you guess how many lymph nodes are in your body? Around 600!

They are like checkpoints to verify the identity of who is who and determine who will get a green light. If ‘identity’ is not confirmed and it is a virus or other harmful substance, immune cells destroy the enemy.


Remember last time you needed a blood test? How did the doctor check your immune system?

TCell Lymphocytes
Image Source: Wikimedia

White-blood cells? Anything else?

Well, remember the disease-fighting function of your lymphatic system?

Lymphocytes do just that–fighting infection. They primarily live in lymph nodes.

There are two types of lymphocytes: T-cells and B-cells.

Even though all white blood cells are born in bone marrow, T-cells are ‘grow-up’ and ‘trained’ in the thymus. Hence, the name T-cells. B in B-cells stands for bone marrow.

T-cells and B-cells have different functions.

T-cells directly recognize and kill invaders, as well as destroy abnormal cells. B-cells produce antibodies that bind to foreign agents and lead to their destruction.

3. Lymph in Slow Motion: Give It a Boost

Well, do you have more appreciation for your lymphatic system now?

But what happens if you have sluggish lymph?

It will slow your immune function which will lead to slower recovery from illness. Right?

Not only!

It is crucial to remember that clogged lymphatic can also lead to a slower process of removal of waste and dead cells. Therefore, it can make your cells poisoned by their own garbage and turn lymph fluids into a toxic substance.

Result? Inflammation, infection and you get sick!

Well, with this in mind, would you like to know how to detox the lymphatic system?

Yes, your lymph needs your help! But there is another superb reason.

How does your blood make its round trips in the body? What does make the blood move?

It is the HEART!

It is like an engine for blood–it pumps and moves blood around.

And guess what? There is no engine for lymphatic fluids! That is why lymphatic fluids move slow and rely on muscle contractions to push it forward.

Well, it is up to you to speed up your lymph! Would you do it?

You should!

4. Dry Skin BrushingSkin Dry Brush

What exactly can you do?

My favorite and the most powerful detox tool is skin dry brushing.

I have been dry brushing body, face, and scalp for seven years now. I do dry brushing twice a day as a part of my mandatory detox routine. It is easy, inexpensive, takes only a few minutes and it feels FANTASTIC! Anybody can do it!

Once you start dry brushing your skin, you will get hooked.

Our ancestors had known skin dry brushing for centuries for its fabulous benefits:

  • Help lymphatic drainage of toxic waste
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Wake-up the body
  • Optimize immune function
  • Stimulate, exfoliate and detox skin
  • Reduce cellulite

→ Tip: You should begin dry brushing with soles of your feet and work upward to your heart. It is how lymph travels through the lymph vessels heading to the final point of destination—the lymph duct near the heart. There it reenters the circulatory system and the process begins again.

→ Tip: Brush your legs and arms with long gentle strokes. Chest, stomach, and back–in a circular clockwise motion always toward the center of your body. Breast–brush gently following horizontal “8” pattern. When brushing arms, start with palms and move toward the heart.

→ Tip: Brush your entire body except for the face. For face brushing, I use a special brush.

→ Tip: You should use a  brush with firm natural bristles only. Use gentle pressure and don’t scrub. It will be enough to push your lymph fluids because they are close to the skin. The skin should be pink after dry brushing.

→Tip: You should clean your brush every week in warm soapy water to remove dead skin cells.

So, if you want to shed excess water and toxins, feel better and have glowing and tighter skin, get yourself a skin dry brush!

5. Mini-Trampoline for a Rescue: You Rock!

Trampoline For Lymph DetoxWhat else you can do to boost your lymphatic system and feel better?

I’ve prepared another super useful detox aid.

When last time did you jump on your bed? Remember like when we were kids? How much fun it was!

OK, how about rebounder?

Yes, a rebounder or mini-trampoline can be enormously helpful in getting your lymphatic system in shape. Remember that your lymph doesn’t have an engine and relies on muscle contractions?

Rebounding can assure those contractions to push fluids through lymphatic vessels.

In turn, it will lead to superb benefits:

  • Increasing of lymphatic flow
  • Boosting immune function
  • Increasing activity of white blood cells
  • Optimizing body detoxification


To achieve the best detox results, you should know how to rebound.

→ Tip: Step on a rebounder and begin gently rocking your body. Keep your toe on a mat moving up and down only your hills. DO NOT JUMP! It is not an aerobic exercise. Do it for 10 minutes.

Don’t be surprised if you start losing balance. It is normal. You will get used to it. When I started, I was falling left or right on a second minute.

So, get a quality mini trampoline and get rocking!

Conclusion: Fix Your Sluggish Lymph!

Bottom line: if your lymph is out of shape, it is essential for you to boost your immune system and optimize your natural body detox.

Again, since there is no engine for pumping lymphatic fluids like a heart for the blood, you’ve got to move!

Benefits are obvious: well-functioning immune system, increased circulation, the boosted activity of white blood cells and effective detox.

What will happen if you continue having sluggish lymph?

It’s not pretty—inflammation and unresolved inflammation can result in ballooning the existing conditions and a cascade of new problems.

Well, do your lymphatic system a favor: get the best skin brush and step on rebounder! Aim to engage in 15-20 minutes of lymph detox each day. This should be an answer to the question “How to detox lymphatic system?” But it’s not only lymph detox!

Rebounder exercise and dry brushing will also produce endorphins and push not only your lymph but your well-being! It will make you feel great and re-energized!

Please leave your comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Happy detox,


Founder of Detox Generation

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  • Hello, Thank you for posting such great info on detoxing. I have recently been diagnosed with Lyme disease which causes an over abundance of toxins. I do many detox strategies.
    I have a question on your rebounding description…..when you state in your tip area to keep a toe on a mat and move up and down your hills. Does this mean to place the rebounder at an angle like a hill and place one foot on the rebounder and other foot or toe on the floor and move up and down? I can’t seem to picture how to do this. Thank you so much!

    • Dear Mary!

      Thank you for your comment. The answer is you actually have to stand in the middle of the trampoline net. So both feet are on the net. And now you start moving up and down always keeping toes on the net. No jumping. And this is what I do every day for 10 minutes. It is absolutely great for helping to move your lymphatic fluids.
      Also, to help your natural body detox system, you should be familiar with glutathione. Read my comprehensive post “Glutathione Master Antioxidant: Ultimate Guide for Health Nuts in 2020 (With Action Plan).”

      Please keep me posted on how you are doing. Critical: stick with your routine. Remember, now it is a part of your life.

      Good luck and stay safe!

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