How to Detox My Body Effectively and Pain-Free

OK. You are serious about detox.

But wait! Any ideas on how?

I have been detoxing for 7 years and if you ask me “How to detox my body,” my answer is always “It depends.”

Would you like me to explain?

First, detoxing is a protocol of getting rid of your body of chemicals, toxins and heavy metals. If you are still asking a question “Do I need to detox my body?”, I really encourage you to give it a try. When done right it can be an answer to some of your health concerns or accelerating aging.

Is it a panacea for everything? Of course, not. It might be other contributing factors.

For some people, detox is just a “quick fix” after the holiday or a big event—wedding, vacation or a superball party. For others, it is a lengthier commitment.

As for me, imagine how I tried to “crawl” out of my hole of problems after cancer treatment. I was so fragile that I needed something powerful but very gentle. Detox started a new chapter in my storybook and became a lifestyle. I tailored it based on my needs. Again, the key focus here is effective and pain-free.

Curious how did I do it?

Let me give you a tour for beginners.

1. Don’t Be a Hero!

First, I want to warn you against the biggest mistake a lot of people make.

Don’t go into extreme! Don’t be a hero!

Whatever you do, stay safe.

I am not a big fan of any drastic measures since it creates a shock for a body. Then you go through pain, discomfort, side effects, mood swings, and other unpleasantries. Even though it is normal and expected during the detoxing protocol, in my opinion, we should treat it as a journey, not a race and take one step at a time.

This is one answer to the question “How I detox my body effectively and pain-free?”

No Rapid DetoxSo, NO RAPID DETOX!

Why side effects while detoxing?

It’s simple: cleansing helps your natural body detox system working more efficiently and “wakes” up the army of toxic chemicals and heavy metals which are on the way out. It puts additional stress on your main detox organs–liver, kidney, lungs, lymphatic, skin and intestines.

So, your body is overwhelmed. Its reaction might be headaches, muscle aches, stiffness, abdominal pain, fatigue, acne, weakness or something else. That is why please be gentle and take a slow approach. Remember old wisdom “the slower you go the further you get.”

Also, if you haven’t detoxed before, a severe reaction can ultimately detract you from staying the cause. But gentle detox can help you to remove toxic chemical overload safely, pain-free and without significant side effects.

Well, be smart.

2. Start with End in Mind – You Look Great!

Have you been on the web lately?

There is so much confusing information out there! Detoxing sometimes can feel like a complicated task. But it’s not!

To make it easier for you, start with the end in mind—what is your goal?

You Look Great

Then you should do a mental “body scan” and write down where you are today. Do you have high energy? Are you moody? How do you look? Any skin issues?

An honest conversation with yourself will help you to be very determined! It will make detox easier and this is how you will win.

Also, how is your overall health? Do you have any chronic conditions? How is your will power? So many things to think about! Yes, I know.

Feels a bit overwhelming?

Don’t worry. Again, imagine where you will be a month or six months from now—more energy, a stronger immune system, improved stamina, youthful glowing skin, and tons of compliments!


3. Golden Rules of Detox

So, what should you know about “how to detox my body effectively and pain-free?”

I am not going to impress you. Let’s go back to the basics. They are the same no matter if you are a beginner or already been detoxing.

Rule #1. Hydration

How many glasses of water do you drink a day?


Detox Lemon Water


Your ultimate goal during detox is to get more toxins removed from your body. You need plenty of water to flush them out. You don’t want “bad stuff” stuck somewhere halfway, do you?

Also, since sweating is critical for detoxing, hydration will help you to replace those “lost” fluids.

So, drink plenty of clean filtered water. This is not subject to negotiation. This is a RULE! You can add herbal tea, some light broth and hot water with lemon. It is my favorite.

But! Avoid caffeinated drinks because they will quickly dehydrate you. If you can’t, reduce the amount gradually.

You see, it is not so stringent after all!

Rule #2. Detox Diet 

Please take an inventory of your fridge. Detox Diet Avocado

The smart thing to do during detox is to eat foods that help your body to cleanse, notably support your liver—the main filter in your body responsible for expelling and breaking down toxins:

  • avocados (help produce glutathione essential for detoxing, reduce cravings for sugar and other carbs)
  • apples (pectin helps to get toxins out of digestive tract)
  • beets (support liver function)
  • garlic (selenium in garlic helps liver cleansing)
  • leafy green veggies (pull toxins from the bloodstream)
  • cauliflower and broccoli (support production of enzymes needed to flush toxins)
  • lemons (stimulate liver function)
  • cabbage (stimulate liver function)
  • turmeric (helps stimulate enzymes to flush out toxins)
  • peppermint (calms the stomach and optimize digestion, helps to break down fats)

So, keep your liver function properly.


Detox Diet Beet Salad

Rule #3. Breathing

Do you know that with each breath, you detox your body?


Your lungs are an organ of your natural body detox system. When you take a deep breath in, lungs take more oxygen to detox your body. They also expel waste in the form of carbon dioxin each time you breathe out.

So, fresh air and deep breathing are essential. Take advantage of walk on a beach, in the forest or a local park.

Rule #4. Moving Your Lymph

Don’t underestimate your lymph!Walking Move Your Lymph

The lymphatic system is another major detox organ and the largest circulatory system in your body. It collects waste from each cell and each organ. But this garbage track has no engine!

Well, you don’t want stagnant lymphatic fluids. Right? How do you get it moving?

You’ve got to walk!

I love Nordic power walking—it is perfect for “kicking” your lymphatic flow, especially because you swing your arms. It also a great low-impact exercise.

Rule #5. Sweating

Skin is your big (or biggest!) ally in the detox process.

With sweat, skin pushes out toxins, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and other bad stuff.

How can you sweat “better?”

The answer is exercise and sauna. When done, take a warm shower to wash away toxins.

There are different types of saunas, but we will discuss it in another post.

Rule #6. Dry Skin Brushing

Do you know that your skin is breathing?

Yes! This is how skin helps the body to detox. Of course, you cannot have your pores clogged. That’s why you should do a dry skin brushing. It is also helping lymphatic drainage of toxic waste.

I do it every morning before taking a contrast shower. I also do scalp brushing and gentle brushing of my face.

Try it. You will love it!

Rule #7. Hydrotherapy – Contrast Shower

Hydrotherapy Contrast ShowerHave you ever alternate hot and cold shower? It’s amazing! Wake you up in an instant!

Remember from school–everything contracts under cold temperature and expand when it’s hot?

Your body is not an exception. Contrast shower makes your slow lymphatic fluids move faster and jump-start your immune function. Great water pressure is a plus. Please, don’t forget to finish with cold water to close your pores.

Never taking a contrast shower before?

Start very slow and alternate hot with just a little cooler water. Adjust as you go.

Have an Attitude!

Now you know “rules of engagement.” Do you think it’s hard? Harder than anything you’ve ever done?

The truth is–you don’t have to follow all those “rules” at once. After all, we are trying to answer the question “How do I detox my body effectively and pain-free?”

Of course, any new habit takes a little effort and time. No problem!
Just implement something easier for you first, and in a few weeks, add another task on your “Detox To-Do List.”

If stuck, give me a hallow! I will be with you all the way.

In no time you will become a pro. Can you imagine how you look and feel in a few months?

But, whatever you do, please have an attitude! The attitude that your body is a #1 and worthy all the TLC in the world! The attitude that you are in control, you are powerful and will do whatever it takes!

Happy Detox!



Founder of Detox Generation.


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