How To Remove Pesticides from Your Body

Do you know anyone with Parkinson’s disease? Imagine getting a cognitive problem or memory loss because of toxic chemicals? To reduce your odds, learn about how to remove pesticides from your body.

So, detox now!

For this reason, we will cover the detoxification process using a blend of potent herbs and zeolites.

But first, should you even bother?

Well, if not Parkinson’s, how would you feel about premature aging, heart disease, or cancer?

And if this potential health risks might be from toxic chemicals overload, would you like to know how to flush those chemicals out?

Below is what we will cover today:

  1. Pesticides removal  and Parkinson’s disease
  2. Benefits of removing pesticides from your body
  3. How chemical and metal cleanse works
  4. Detoxifying herbal ingredients
  5. Toxins Detox Instructions

Let’s have a closer look!

Parkinson's Disease Memory Loss

1. Pesticides Removal and Parkinson’s

Not sure if you need to know how to remove pesticides from your body? Then you should learn more about pesticides in foods and why they are harmful to your health.

Pesticides and Parkinson’s Connection

Today, there is a stronger potential connection between Parkinson’s disease and the environment because some pesticides are neurotoxic. (1)

Remember Muhammed Ali, George H.W. Bush, Michael J. Fox, Rev. Jesse Jackson?

Probably, some of these famous people and Parkinson’s diagnosis might be hereditary. But for millions of suffers around the world, there is no family history. So, can it be because of toxins, pesticides, and harmful chemicals?

As new assessment shows, the answer is  “yes” and some herbicide and insecticide exposure is associated with PD. (2)

Well, what is so damaging about pesticides?

The Danger of Pesticides Metabolites

First, you should know that when pesticides break down, they create so-called “metabolites.” They are often more toxic than neurotoxins themselves.

Second, it is even more dangerous because pesticides are not ‘stable’ substances. So, it is unknown how metabolites react with other chemicals.

Do you see a chain reaction here?

Free Radicals and Parkinson’s Disease

Another critical point of why pesticides are dangerous is damaging free radicals.

In the ideal scenario, they are neutralized by the body’s antioxidants. But when there are more free radicals and a lesser number of antioxidants, you have an imbalance. Therefore, there is oxidative stress and, as a result, damaged cells. In turn, it might trigger Parkinson’s. (3)

→ TAKEAWAY: Pesticides and their metabolites might potentially damage brain nerves, cause cells oxidation, and lead to Parkinson’s disease or other cognitive problems.

The Danger of Pesticides Memory Loss

2. Benefits of Removing Pesticides from Your Body

Fortunately, we have a solution to how to remove pesticides from your body using powerful herbs.

But before, it is critical to understand that your body is a natural detox machine. However, considering how much toxic chemicals are ‘bombarding’ you daily, you can help your natural body detox system work more effectively.

In turn, it can result in other health benefits in addition to reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Also, detoxing from pesticides might include removal of some dangerous heavy metals and chemicals:How To Reduce Toxins Exposure

      • aluminum
      • lead
      • mercury
      • cadmium
      • asbestos

Read more about heavy metals toxicity symptoms.

After detox, some of those harmful chemicals will be removed through urine and fecal elimination.

Below are what you might expect within a few weeks of the cleanse. Of course, individual results might vary:

      • better sleep
      • improved digestion
      • clear skin complexion
      • mental clarity
      • reduced brain fog
      • fatigue reduction
      • increased energy

Will any of those results make your life easier? Then consider learning how to remove pesticides from your body.

→ TAKEAWAY: Your health problems start with toxic chemical overload. You can take an extra step and help your body to function more effectively. Ridding of harmful toxins might lead to numerous health benefits

Good Health

3. How Chemical and Metal Cleanse Works

So, want to feel better? Ready to eliminate toxins and restore energy and vitality?

For all of those reasons, I am happy to introduce to you the Zeotrex, the best chemical and toxic metal cleanse formula.


There are three unique elements:

  1. zeolites
  2. toxin-eliminating herbs
  3. proprietary technology to combine the power of zeolites and herbs


In fact, have you ever heard about zeolites?

It is a volcanic mineral that can positively affect your health and boost your immune system. How?

First, it can bind with chemicals and heavy metals since it has a negative ion charge. Also, because of the zeolites porous structure, it can trap other molecules inside like in the cage.

Second, it can transport harmful “passengers” to the exit point and kick them out of the body.

Besides, zeolites might balance body pH and act as antioxidants. Also, some Zeolites might potentially help to remove toxic chemicals without depleting the body’s electrolytes.

One critical point to remember: zeolites are viewed as dietary supplements and not for any medical treatment.

Spagyrex Process – Origin of Good Health

In the center of the Zeotrex proprietary formula is the so-called “Spagyrex” technique. It is a unique process of separating and recombining elements of an herb to achieve the best healing effect.

The process was created by the famous German-swiss physician and healer Paracelsus. He also was a father of the science of toxicology. (4)

→ TAKEAWAY: Zeotrex is an all-natural detox formula consisting of zeolites and toxin-eliminating hers. It is created based on Spagyrex process to achieve the best cleansing effect.

Zeotrex® is an herbal blend that helps rejuvenate vitality, energy, mental clarity, and overall wellness through the detoxification of chemicals and metals.

4. Detoxifying Herbal Ingredients

The next question you should be wondering about is the formula ingredients.

Well, let’s put you at ease about what goes to your body.

There are two parts of Zeotrex ingredients:

  1. Iodine
  2. Proprietary herbal blend

Iodine detoxifies the thyroid of harmful chemicals because they compete for the same receptors.

Organic Cilantro (leaf) is famous in the detox process. It binds to toxic molecules and escorts them out of the body.

Organic Parsley (leaf) helps to replenish vitamins and minerals needed for metal cleansing. Among them:How To Remove Pesticides From Your Body? Parsley Herb

      • vitamin C
      • beta-carotene
      • chlorophyll
      • vitamin K
      • folate

Parsley also boosts the amount of glutathione which is your body’s master antioxidant.

Agaricus Mushroom contains beta-glucans known for stimulating the immune system.

Organic Stinging Nettles (leaf) has a reputation as an effective intestinal stimulant. It helps trapped chemicals to be expelled quickly.

Fulvic Acid is another natural substance that binds with toxic chemicals and transports them out of the body. It also helps nutrients absorption.

Shilajit is a substance from organic plants compressed for hundreds of years. After purification, it becomes a potent extract rich in amino acids, antioxidants, and essential nutrients. Besides, shilajit boosts your vitality.

Well, now you know how to remove pesticides from your body. What is next?

You should have commitment and act!

→ TAKEAWAY: Zeotrex is a power herbal blend that encourages detoxification from dangerous chemicals. It’s ingredients–zeolites and herbs–bind with harmful molecules and transport them out of the body.

Zeotrex® is an herbal blend that helps rejuvenate vitality, energy, mental clarity, and overall wellness through the detoxification of chemicals and metals.

5. Toxins Detox Instructions and Quick Facts

In the end, let me answer a few more questions and present you with Zeotrex quick facts.

What is special about Zeotrex?

Zeotrex is the first in the world formula which contains both zeolites and organic herbs. Most cleansers today have either zeolites or herbs.

How should I take Zeotrex?

  • Take Zeotrex 2x daily on an empty stomach for 30 days.
  • Mix 20 drops (each serving) to 2 ounces of distilled or purified water.

After 30 days, please revaluate how you feel and your chemical load using hair, blood, or urine analysis. As a result, if you desire some further improvement, you can repeat detox after a 10-days’ rest.

Dropping Detoxifying Formula

Should I expect any side effect?

It is essential to remember that detoxing too fast might cause a so-called “healing crisis.” In this case, your body releases toxins quicker than eliminate them.

What should you do?

Just low the Zeotrex serving, and adjust it gradually. And don’t forget to drink plenty of filtered water to help to flush toxins out.

Zeotrex Quick Facts

How To Remove Pesticides from Your Body

If you want more comprehensive detox, get the Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit. And this is what I do.

→ TAKEAWAY: For better detox result, take Zeotrex twice daily for 30 days. If any side effects, reduce serving.

The Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse Kit will help you purge your body of both chemical and metal toxins, which can lead to serious health concerns.

Conclusion: Zeotrex -Best Solution for Pesticides Removal

For me, detox from toxic chemicals has a special meaning.

In 2011 during cancer treatment, I was taking heavy chemotherapy cocktail. It was full of heavy metals. As a result, I became “dirty” and badly needed cleansing.

From time to time, I used different detoxing methods, including IV chelation which was not cheap.

Later, I stumbled on Zeotrex, which has been very effective for me.

Well, you don’t have to be a cancer survivor to have a chemical “bomb” inside of your body.

Pesticides, mercury, fluoride, lead, arsenic, chlorine, MSG, plastics… Do you think you have exposure to these chemicals?

They can cause tremendous damage to your health:Brain Damage

      • cognitive problems
      • memory loss
      • muscle weakness
      • premature aging
      • cancer
      • Parkinson’s disease

Well, Zeotrex is to the rescue!

Powerful zeolites and herbs can bind with toxins and safely remove them out of your body.

For all those reasons, there is no doubt that Zeotrex is the best solution to how to remove pesticides from your body.

So, are you ready to eliminate fatigue, have clarity and restful sleep?

==> Get Zeotrex!

Happy Detox!

How To Remove Pesticides from Your Body Detox

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