Hula Hoop Exercise Benefits for Health and Wellness

What do all kids growing up in the 60s, 70x and 80x have in common? The HULA HOOP! But today it’s all about hula hoop exercise benefits for health and wellness. And there are plenty!

Ever since I had remembered me hooping, it was a lot of fun and always – a great adventure!

By the way, what color was your hoop?

Mine was a silver-blue fashioned by my brother with bright red glitter tape. Everyone was jealous!

Do you remember how after hooping for a while, your heart started beating faster, and the air felt so fresh on your cheeks?

It was like yesterday when with all our colorful hoops, we wanted badly impressed our friends and were spinning hoops around waist, neck, hips, hands, legs… Girls competed, performed tons of tricks, and, of course, played with few hoops at the same time. It was the whole show!

We waved to one another inviting others to our “circle” of hoopers. And the only “likes” we got then were the loud shouts of greeting and excitement! Life was simple.

Hula Hoop Exercise Benefits. Kids Playing with Hoop

We grew up and the good news that hula hoop is not just a popular children toy. It is a superb exercise targeting the whole body. You can start reaping all the health benefits of hula hoop exercise today.

What are they?

1. Does Hoop Exercise Work for Digestion?

A little biology lesson: your natural body detox system is a smart and very efficient machine. It is your “fantastic six”—liver, kidney, intestines, lung, skin and lymph. I have written about how it works and what are the challenges in the article “Natural Body Detox… or Else.”

How hooping can help?Hula Hoop Exercise Benefits for Health and Wellness. Six-Pack Abdominal

Do you know that all professional hoopers have killer abs?

Yes. If you already practice spinning hoop around your midsection, you know that it build CORE STRENGTH because it is an enormous workout for your abdominal muscles.

Well, your muscular, digestive, respiratory, immune, lymphatic, and circulatory systems depend on each other.

When one is out of rhythm, others might suffer. That is why we have body HARMONY.

Opposite works as well—when one is getting “stronger,” it might affect your body other functions positively.

While hooping, the more you focus on specific rotations around the waist and areas just above and below, the more you improve circulation and process of elimination. It also massages your liver, kidneys, and intestines, which further enhance the digestion process.

So, want to have your gorgeous six-pack?

You should! I will help you poop better.

2. Benefits of Hula Hoop for Lymphatic Drainage

Want a robust immune system?

You’ve got to move your lymphatic fluids! Since there is no “engine” pumping circulation for your lymph—like the heart for your blood—it is 100% on you.


Read about ‘Lymph 101’ and ‘Lymphatic System: Who Is Who?’ in my post “How to Detox Lymphatic System: Easy, Quick and Fun!”

Your lymphatic and immune systems are interconnected. Lymph fluids pick waist from the cells and deliver nutrients—good stuff in, bad stuff out!

What happens if lymph is very slow?

Sooner or later cells will be suffering from lack of “good stuff” and having too much of its own “bad stuff.” Result?

It is the potential for common chronic conditions. And, of course, you don’t want it, do you?Lymphatic System Chest and Abdomen

But the good speed of your lymphatic fluids assures not only the delivery of nutrients, but also immune cells to combat infection. Where are they?

Lymph nodes!

Well, you must MOVE to get your lymphatic system in motion and speed up its circulation. You need those muscle contractions to keep it going!

What are some areas with the highest number of lymph nodes?


First, while hooping, you keep pressing with intervals your muscles to get the hoop circling. Those contractions work as a pump for lymph circulation.

While hoop is spinning around your waist, it massages the abdominal section, which also results in muscle contractions. Double benefits to boost your lymph fluids!

So, get hooping to flush toxins out, stimulate your immune cells, and help your natural body detox system.

Hula Hoop Exercise Benefits for Health and Wellness. Woman Spinning Hoop Around Waist

3. Super Boost for Detox – Hula Hoop and Rebounder

Want an extra kick for your lymphatic and immune system?

Let’s add rebounder to your hula hoop.

→ How I do it: every morning I am on my mini trampoline for 10 minutes and I hula hoop for 20 minutes. My exercise is two sets of the following:

  • 10 minutes hooping with fast speed bump midway through for 2 minutes;
  • 5 minutes rebounding

The total exercise time is 30 minutes. If you are in a hurry, stick with a 15-minutes routine but do it consistently. Remember: repetition is a mother of skill.

Why mini trampoline? Click here.


Hula Hoop Exercise Benefits for Health and Wellness. Rebounder and Hula Hoop


Don’t have rebounder?

Read “Mini Trampoline Reviews: Lymph Detox Super Tool.”

While rebounding, those rocking movements up and down can “push” fluids through lymphatic vessels.

Also, if you are little “gassy” – you feel quickly how that “air” moves down to the exit!

So, don’t be shy—let those dogs out! Of course, rebounding helps to move not only the extra “air.” You know what I mean, don’t you?


You will get amazing benefits:

  • Increasing of lymphatic flow
  • Boosting immune function
  • Increasing activity of white blood cells
  • Optimizing body detoxification
  • Influence elimination

Now, can you imagine combining rebounding and hooping? How about doing it daily?

Wow! Killer exercise for your natural body detox. It is double trouble for those stubborn toxins and a win-win for all your cells.

Pretty neat, right?

So, get rocking and get hooping!

4. Want More Benefits of Hula Hoop Exercise?

Hooping for detox is a superb benefit of this killer core workout.

But wait. There is more!

As ACE’s–American Council on Exercise–Chief Science Officer, Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D. said: “…hooping delivers a total-body workout that can improve flexibility and balance while strengthening the back, abdominal, arm and leg muscles.”

Tone Your MuscleTone Your Muscle with Hula Hoop

Do you know that hula hoop exercise can affect up to 30 different muscles? You can easily target specific areas of your body—hips, legs, arms, chest, glutes, knees, shoulders, and more.

To focus on different muscle groups, of course, you need hoops of different sizes and weights.

→ How I Do It: I prefer a variety of different moves outdoor because I love to roll my hoop like when we were kids. I also hula hoop with my arms, legs and a little around my neck. When it’s cold, I am hooping in my living room.

Balance and Coordination

Have difficulty concentrating?

Well, get the hoop!

Hula hooping tone not only your muscle but challenge your brains as well. Otherwise, you cannot keep your hoop spinning. It requires concentration, focus, and ongoing connection between your mind, abdominal, and your eyesight. So, spin or wobble your hula hoop!

Calorie Burner

Why we love aerobics? It is calorie burn activity. Right?

So, let’s add variety to your workouts through hula hooping. According to the American Council on Exercise—leading American authority on fitness—hula hooping can burn on average 210 calories during a 30-minutes of hula hooping exercise, which is equal to step aerobics or cardio kickboxing.

Well, want to maintain a healthy weight, tighten your hips, and get in shape? Buy your new hula hoop for the old child play. You will love it!


Happy Woman Hula HoopingHappy You

Why do we feel good after a workout?

Very simple: the brain produces endorphins, a so-called hormone of happiness, which gives us a sense of well-being and satisfaction. But there is something else.

Cedric X. Bryant added:


What most important for me? It is a reminder about my childhood, and it is an instant joy!

So, get your hula hoop and keep smiling!

5. For Body and Soul. Join The Revolution!

If there is one craze I am crazy about, it’s the hula hooping!

There is a hula hoop epidemic sweeping everywhere like wildfire. Who are the players? Girls growing up in the 60x, 70x and 80s who remember their favorite childhood toy.

Today we are health and fitness-minded and we want our hoops back! Hula hoops for exercise, body, and soul.

Why do we want it?Happy Woman With Hula Hoop

  • Improve immune system
  • Pump lymphatic system
  • Influence digestion and elimination
  • Total body workout
  • Tone your muscles
  • Strengthen core and spine
  • Shed extra pounds
  • Boost circulation
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Keep your great mood

It is not easy to be a hooping star, but you can grab your hoop and keep spinning.

Now you know all about hula hoop exercise benefits for health and wellness. So, train your abs with hoop chasing, give your detox a boost and get hula hoop six-pack abs. Swing your hula hoop to the music, be creative, relax and most important—HAVE FUN!

Happy Hooping!


I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.


Founder of Detox Generation


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  • I never was good in it, my record is 4 turns, so you know why.. Now, I already good guess it was good for itw in the fitness where I am, where people wants to diet, they use this exercise, to make them sweat, and combined with it, and a good diet, this is a perfect combination. And your article confirmed my thoughts about it. So thanks a lot for sharing it. 

    • Hi, Emmanuel!

      Ha-Ha! 4 turns are kinda quick. But I am giving you a compliment for trying. Good job!

      Do you know what you need to improve your learning and make it easier for you to hoop? The weighted hula hoop! Please read my post “Weighted Hula Hoop Review. Best Buy!”

      So, get it and make hooping is your daily 10 minutes a must-do. I do double this non-stop trying different simple tricks. I have a very nice midsection. 1.5 to 2 pounds will be ideal for you, like for most beginners and people who go “back” to spinning a hoop.

      You are right: as good and as easy as this exercise is, you should combine it with a good diet. 

      And don’t forget to SMILE!

      Thank you for stopping by. I sincerely appreciate it.

      Happy Hooping!

  • Wow, I was very surprised at the benefits of Hooping.

    I’ve never thought that hooping is a sort of exercise.

    I thought that it is just a play. But after reading your article, whoa!

    it’s amazing!! I was very surprised that hooping helps me digest foods in my stomach.

    I’m recently suffering from digestion problem.

    I think I have to start hooping today!! 

    Additionally, I also want to try trampoline. It looks very fun. 

    • Dear Shawn!

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing. I sincerely appreciate your time.

      First, of course, if you have digestive issues – you should talk to your regular doctor. It is crucial to know that there are no some underlying and more serious problems. But!

      You can do a lot to help yourself and do it naturally as I do. And yes, you should get your hula hoop but please buy the weighted hula hoop. Why? Read my post “Choose Weighted Hula Hoop. Get Healthy and Sexy!”

      I am NOT surprised that you are surprised that a hula hoop is great for fitness and not just a toy. My generation–people over 45–we all did the hula hooping when we were kids. Then it was a toy and LOTS OF FUN! 

      But it is like riding a bike: once you know how to do it and get a sense of balance, you need just a few minutes to get going again. Right? The same with a hoop.

      I have challenged on the other day in my gym the younger members to the hoop, – only one lady tried and actually did it! Wow. I was shocked.

      So, get your weighted hoop. Don’t forget to read my post “Weighted Hula Hoops Review. Best Buy!”

      Lastly: if you don’t have your mini-trampoline – yes, get it. I guarantee you: once you try, you will use it daily. I do up and down movements on the rebounder 10 minutes in the morning for lymphatic drainage and better elimination. Get more interesting facts from my post “Mini Trampoline Reviews: Lymph Detox Super Tool.”

      With rebounder and a hoop – you can do these great exercises regularly at home!

      Please let me know how you are doing.

      Good luck!

  • Hello Ella, thanks for the educative post. I’m really excited to see the benefits of hula hoops because I was a bit ignorant to it. I used to think they were just there for fun and only for kids. It has so much benefits I’m beginning to think hoops are made from heaven LOL. About the lymphatic system, I never knew about that too before and I’m really glad I read the post. Are there specific hoops weight or specific diameter for specific people?

    • Hi, Henderson!

      Yes. There are different hoops for different people. If you an adult beginner or a renaissance hooper and you are 5′ 6″ and over height, you should go with 40″ or 42″ in diameter and 1.5 – 2 pounds. It is easy to hula hoop and not too much pressure on your spine. If you are not sure and/or want to add difficulty, – get adjusted weighted hula hoop when you can go back and forth from one size to another. And this all, of course, if a person is in relatively good health.

      As of hooping for detox, try it and in a few days or sooner – you will FEEL it and say, “Now I know what she was talking about!”

      Thank you for stopping by and pay attention to your digesting and elimination. It should smooth and easy!


  • Wow what a great topic! I never put hula hooping and detoxing in the same sentence before, but when I think about it it makes total sense. Now hear me out. I’m being serious here. In what motion does toilet water go? In a hula hoop motion, for sure. When you think about it, everything is relative. You really got me thinking here, and I can’t wait to read more of your posts, well done!

    • Good morning!

      O, boy… You made me laugh so hard with that toilet comparison. You are so RIGHT! I thought I am an observing person.  Well, YOU ARE!

      Yes, when we rotate the hoop, it goes in the same direction–and sometimes even the speed if it is a smaller diameter hoop–as water when we flush. How logical! Well, its more of a reason to grab the hoop. Right?

      Thank you so much for the great comment. I truly enjoyed reading it.

      Stay tuned. There are a lot of interesting things are coming.

      Happy flushing! 🙂

  • I’m trying to take this fully in. I can never imagine in my least thought that hooping could be a sort of exercise not to talk of the amazing benefits associated with it. I did bought hula hoops for my kids to which they play with but I never thought someone like me would also be needing to make use of it. Seriously, I read this post out of curiosity and now I just have to start hula hooping alongside my kids. Maybe we will start competing too. 

    Interesting information to discover, thanks for this

    • Hi!

      It is a great idea to “complete” with your kids!

      First, I bet they will win, but can you only imagine how much fun it could be if you all play together! I envision so clearly how they are giggling and shouting, “Daddy, daddy, come on!” What a scene!

      As for hooping for fitness and exercise, most people look at the hoop only as a toy and fun. And it is! But it can be whatever you would make out of it.

      What most what I love about it – it is low maintenance. You are standing in the middle of your living room and hula hooping. How much easier it can be?

      So, RoDarrick, get the adult hoop–I guess 42″ would be perfect for you–and go with your kids in the park!

      Happy Hooping!

  • Hi Ella,

    Great article and what a great concept!

    I’m a firm believer that every part of the body is inter-connected. As you say – build one up, and many will benefit. Too few people realise the importance of the lymph system or how it impacts our health. 

    One thing I have a question about – my knees get sore quite easily. Would hooping bother them do you think? I really like the idea of strengthening my core with a fun exercise like this, and maybe even get my wife to join me, but don’t want to stress my knees. 

    Thanks for the informative post 😉 


    •  Hi!

      I am so glad you believe that all parts of our body are interconnected. Logically, if we are kicking our immune system through “pushing” the lymph fluids, we assure better body protection and better detox. Right?

      That is why fitness should have a variety of tricks and syles how we exercise. And that is why I love hula hooping. Never mind that it is an amazing relaxation even though you are rotating a circle.

      Now about your knees: I have just finished my 20 minutes hooping when I paid special attention to my knees knowing in advance your question.

      Well, even though hooping is a low-impact exercise, you still have to stand firmly on the ground to keep your core intact to assure good balance and ongoing rotation. You will be putting pressure on your knees no matter if you are doing side-to-side, front-to-back or rotative movements. And even though the proper position of feet is when one foot is in front of the other and you can “rotate” your weight, I think your knees might be affected.

      So, stay on a safe side and consult with your doctor or physical therapist. Maybe starting with a few minutes can do it! But if they say “no,” – how about a swimming pool?

      It might be ideal for you since water holds your body and there is no impact at all! I am a swimmer and I know the difference.

      Thank you for your comment and your question. You made me think.

      Stay healthy and stay in shape!

  • Hello Ella,

    Who would guess that playing with what was a child’s toy could be so beneficial? As my stomach now sticks out further than the rest of my body I doubt that I would be able to use one at the moment.

    I certainly wasn’t aware of all the benefits I would gain from hooping. Perhaps I should be raiding my grandchildren’s toys to see if they have one.

    Thank you for all the information you have given.


    • Dear Derek!

      I appreciate you being so open and your sense of humor. But please don’t hurry to your grandchild toy closet to find a hoop. CHILD HOOP WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU!!!


      They are too small in diameter–between 24″ and 32″–and are very light! You will drop it in a second. And I am saying it with all sincerity. Just follow my instructions in the post.

      And now I allow myself to disagree with you. Hula hooping is great for people with some bigger midsection. I think I should write the whole new post. And I will. It will be hooping for people with “sticking out” stomach. Ha-Ha-Ha! I will come up with a nice title.

      Anyways, I challenge you to learn from your youngsters and play with them. Double benefits – you will have a lot of fun and give yourself a new fitness spin.

      Well, will you?

  • Your article provided a delightful chance for me to reminisce and some unexpected insights. I coach Baby Boomers who were those kids who grew up with Hula Hoops. This article seems to target many of the physical goals our generation is most interested in. (Weight loss, balance, tight abs, muscle strength, etc.) Some say we get old because we stop playing. I can’t wait to share playing with Hula Hoops as a way to slow aging!

    You recommend the weighted Hula Hoops for adults and I was wondering if there are any special precautions for older adults who might be overweight or who have hip or knee replacements before starting a 20-minute morning hula hoop regimen?

    • Dear Austin!

      I am so glad you stopped by. I am actually working on a separate post regarding hooping for Baby Boomers. I am planning to publish it in a week or so. Please stay tuned and I will present my detail findings and answer some of your questions and concerns.

      Yes, anyone who might have issues with knees or hips should exercise caution since rotation will put some pressure on the torse and below. But, again, I will discuss it in one of my upcoming posts.

      Thank you for your comment and your time. Baby Boomers are the best who knows how hula hoop!


  • Ella, this is such good news. I used to take part in hula hoop contests, as a kid, and I would win most of them. So when I see this article and see how I am now always fighting to get my abs looking good, and when I am trying to find ways to have a lymphatic massage without having to pay a lot of money I realize I need to get my hula hoop. I need the fun I remember, and I need to improve my health and do detox an easier way. Thank you for this information and these reminders. I enjoyed your article.

    • Wow!

      I did the same. I used to compete when I was a kid! How wonderful!

      Yes, I try my best to remind people about something which is so simple. I love everything natural and especially if it is inexpensive. That is the idea. And after 20-minute hooping, not too shabby lymphatic drainage. Right?

      So, get the hoop and get your memories back. Follow my suggestion in the post and pick the right size. If you a hooper, you know what I mean.

      Happy Hooping!

  • Wow, The Hula Hoop! It’s a long time since I used one of those. As kids, they were all the rage and my sister was always much better than I was! Somehow, I seem to have forgotten about them. Thank you so much for the reminder. I have worked in the “Detox” industry for many years, run my own programs and have written a book on the subject. It’s called “A Cat Has Nine Lives and So Do You.” My premise is there are 9 steps to “detox”. Diet and exercise are absolutely imperative. I always tell people they need to do at least 35 minutes of exercise daily; it doesn’t matter what it is but you must get out of breath. I shall now include Hula Hooping as an alternative for those who avoid gyms and many of the other more conventional forms. Twenty minutes of strenuous  Hula Hooping should get you out of breath and loosen up those stiff pelvic muscles which in turn aids in loosening up the back and those frozen shoulder muscles. That’s great stuff! And there’s more; this time is it’s the lymphatic system. As you say it does not have a pump and lymph fluid needs to circulate. This is the 4th step in my book. I have always recommended rebounders but have never thought of Hula Hoops. Your suggestion of combining the two is absolutely brilliant This is the first time I have come across this site. I will definitely look more closely.  Dr. Alister.

    • Dear Dr. Alister!

      I am very happy to bright some new twist in your knowledge and your study. Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment, especially because you are a subject matter expert.

       I am not a doctor or a medical professional. My life experience and medical hell I have gone through made me a subject matter expert in my own way.

      Cancer is getting younger and younger and it is very scary. O, boy, what I’ve seen in a chemo room!

      Well, my friends told me to write a book but I have created I guess I will also publish a book. Later.

      Well, I will definitely get your book “A Cat Has Nine Lives.” It will be very interesting to “compare’ notes.

      As for a hoop, a lot of people in our 40s and 50s – we somehow forgot about that amazing “toy.”

      I think justice should prevail. Let’s spread the word and add fun in our boring routine using this magic circle!


  • Hi Ella – Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed reading it. I have to say, as I was reading your post I had a smile because it reminded me of my childhood years and it brought back some happy memories of just being a kid and playing with my friends in my neighborhood…so thanks for generating a smile! I did not realize all the health benefits of using the hula hoop such as improving circulation and the impact to the digestion system…I would have never guessed that. There are people I know that have digestive issues so I will be mentioning your remedy! I also like the fact that it’s a good exercise to strengthen the core and that it could affect 30 different muscles. You can get pretty creative with the hula hoop! Very educational, thanks for sharing this information. Best wishes!

    • Dear Jeff!

      That is exactly what I wanted: to bring your sweet childhood memories and make you smile. And if I managed to instill emotions, it means that I should continue writing! Conversation with you is the most precious for me.

      I really have goosebumps when I think about childhood. And even though we should cherish a present moment, I love sometimes to go back in time when I was a child and loved playing with my friends. Life was so simple!

      That is one reason I love my hoop. But, of course, it is not only fun exercise but a fantastic aid for some of our issues. Only one thing: we should be very consistent. “Let’s try” attitude doesn’t work.

      And yes, 30 different muscles. Who could have thought! But luckily it is.

      Anyways, get your hoop and keep moving your hips.

      OK. It’s time for my hooping.

      See you later!

  • Wow! I cant wow enough after reading this, I mean is there any other exercise better than hular hooping right now, because I don’t think so.

    I remember Hula looping as a kid’s plaything, something that gives so much joy when you display your skills and watch your friends eyes glow with excitement.

    who would have thought it will end up being a great detox mechanism..

    I am really glad to learn about this, and can’t wait to go get some Hular hoopers, and get to

    It is really great that all one needs to do is have some fun and end up taking massive care of my body at the same time.

    I can’t wait to share this with my partner, I know he will be very interested once he learns it can help him build his abs.

    Thanks for sharing this..

    • Hello, dear Queen!

      What a pretty name: QUEEN.

      O, boy. You are a beautiful lady and I am sure you are very fit.

      You are reading my mind: this is only we cared about – our friends shouts with excitement. Right?

      It is a great idea for a few friends to get together and do precisely what we did when we were kids. If you are in my area, I would love to be a member of your “Queen Hoopers Club!”

      And yes – get your partner involved and exercise and have fun together. It is AWESOME!!!

      Thank you for your sweet comment. I am truly touched.

      From Ella with love and good health!

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