Juicing For Detox. Celery Craze?

If you are juicing for detox, have you shopped for organic celery lately? If you got it – lucky you!

I have been “hunting” for it for the last few weeks in my go-to store Whole Foods but—no celery!

What is going on?

The manager told me that there is a shortage.

Finally, in a local health food store a few days ago, I saw organic celery for $6.99 each stalk! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It used to be between $1.99 and $2.99.

Why is such a price jump of almost 300%?

Juicing For Detox. Celery Price Per Carton


According to Farmer’s Report from 5.24.2019, the celery supply is tight because of cold and wet weather in certain celery producing parts of California.

But there is another reason, and it is man-made. There is celery juicing craze going on around the country!

Did you know that?

I am wondering: do they just go with Celery Juice Challenge and after having little acne pop up and disappear, they quit, and it is the end of their “detoxing”?

Or are they changing the lifestyle, switching from eating processed food to healthy options, committing to include raw juicing to their daily regimen and do other healthy things?

And most interesting – where all those people been before?

1. Plants And You – How It Works

Well, I am not going to convince you “for” or “against” celery juice challenge. It’s up to you.

My goal is to deep dive into why we drink raw juices, what are the benefits, is it really juicing for detox, what are reasonable anti-juicing arguments, and how to juice the “smart” way.

You And Plants

Since the subject is raw juicing, let’s first review six primary reasons why all those “natural” stuff is so important.

  1. Our body as an ecosystem is a part of the most significant ecosystem there is—NATURE. Any time we break the “nature” rules, we pay for it dearly.
  2. Any inorganic elements must be converted to the organic form to be appropriate for you and me to assimilate them. “Who” does a conversion? PLANTS!
  3. Plant food is the source of all the building materials for your body: minerals, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, carbs, fats. And these are living materials, not the “cooked” ones.
  4. If the body is deficient in some of those nutrients, it tries to compensate and “steal” the missing element from other parts of itself. Can you guess the consequences?
  5. The body cannot STORE nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes. It needs a new supply of essential elements every day. And it’s your responsibility!
  6. Your cells are replaced all the time. Blood cells, for example – every two weeks! So, there are no “old” cells in the body. But the process only works as designed if there are enough enzymes and essential minerals.

Does this all make sense to you?

→ TAKEAWAY: You are alive because of plants! Get enough living nutrients!


2. Why Drink Raw JuiceJuicing For Detox. Green Juice

One of the fastest ways to supplement your diet and assure the “delivery” of new enzymes and minerals is JUICING! There are numerous reasons for this.

Cooking Destroys Nutrients

What happens when you process your food by heating, boiling, frying, and baking?

The good stuff disappeared. And if you don’t supply new “building materials” for trillions of your cells, how would you feel eventually?

The juicer “breaks” food without a high temperature. What’s in your glass? Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, sugars—living materials for your life!

You’ve got my point.

Of course, you can argue that you do eat your raw veggies. Great! But do you eat enough of them? Here we are facing another challenge.

Depleted Soil

Today soil is not as fertile as it used to be due to ongoing commercial harvesting. It is depleted of essential nutrients. Result? You need to consume more and more of those carrots, beets, and leafy greens to get all vitamins and minerals.

And even though I eat a lot of raw veggies, I cannot “graze” all day long.

Breaking The Cellulose

Have you ever seen how people eat an apple with a knife and peel it off? But skin contains the highest number of nutrients!

Cellulose in fruits and vegetables is often the most nutrition but very hard to break.

And this is where chewing gets help—juicing to the rescue!

Nutrients As “Fast Food”

The body quickly assimilated nutrients from juicing since it does not have to separate fiber. Juicing—the process of breaking veggies and fruits into the liquid—allows you with ease to obtain essential nutrients from their raw state and digest them instantly.

→ TAKEAWAY: The wisdom of juicing is not to replace your regular intake of fruits and vegetables but to SUPPLEMENT your healthy diet and assure a good supply of essential nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes.

3. Juicing Biggest Myth

Now let’s dispel the myth that you drink juice to detox. Isn’t it why all this celery craze is going on?Natural Body Detox System

As I have covered in detail in my prior posts, not your food or juice detox your body. Your liver does(!) as part of your NATURAL BODY DETOX SYSTEM.

In addition to a liver—the largest filtration organ in the body—you also have kidneys, skin, intestines, lungs, and lymph which are continuously detoxing your body. This system is in place regardless of what you do, and it works very efficiently.


You can do a lot to help your liver and your natural body detox system. And it doesn’t include going on juicing binge, even though juicing help.


While the liver works very hard to filter all the waste, it needs glutathione (the master antioxidant), enzymes, and phytonutrients. And, as I’ve stated earlier, the body cannot store them. You need a new supply of these powerful “agents” again and again.

And if you don’t have enough?

Simple. Your detox system will not run smoothly and efficiently. Result?

Lack of specific enzymes can slow the process of breaking down stuff your body doesn’t want.

And here comes another side of juicing myth that juices flush toxins. FALSE!

To flush toxins and harmful chemicals, you need WATER. So, you should drink plenty—between 8 to 10 glasses a day NOT including anything else. For me, I will make an exception for water with lemon, lime, mint, and no(!) sugar.

Another way how you can help the liver is by changing your habits and step by step getting off the SAD—Standard American Diet. Even the name tells it all– “S-A-D!” I guarantee that some people doing that celery juicing are back at lunch to french fries.


→ TAKE AWAY: Even though juicing is NOT detoxing your body, it helps to optimize the detox process.

4. Arguments Against Juicing. True or False?Question character

Along with its benefits, juicing has a negative side. And even though some arguments from critics of juicing do have merits, it is a matter of HOW you are juicing. There are DOS and DON’TS.

I call it “Smart Juicing.”


The #1 black mark on juicing is about FIBER. And rightfully so!

Fiber is essential for waste removal. It also helps to “clean” walls of your intestines, which is vital for nutrients absorption.

Well, what do you do with fiber? Do you throw it?

I don’t! I use fiber in soups, salads, dips, and different other dishes and freeze small among of pulp. NOTHING IS WASTED!


Fruit juices are high in sugars and can be a bad kick to your liver. That is why I drink only(!) vegetable juices. Quick sugar absorption can be damaging, especially for people with any chronic condition or post-condition.

What about the whole fruit?

Juicing For Detox. Whole Fruits


The pulp in the whole fruit act as a “shell” preventing sugars from going right to the bloodstream. The name of that pulp is insoluble fiber.

Exceptions for me in using fruit juices are for baking, in gelatin dessert and lemons and limes in my veggie juice. In baking, all pulp go right to my wheat-free muffins! On occasion, I can use a little of the juice of Granny Smith apple as a touch to some of my veggie juices.

Well, do you drink fruit juice? What’s your story?


There is an anti-juicing argument that by “drinking” your food, you will overconsume and might quickly become overloaded with some vitamins and deficient in others.

Does it hold water?

I think it does. Below are rules you should follow:

  • Rotate your veggies
  • Juice only(!) as a supplement to your regular diet with lots of whole fruits and veggies
  • Don’t go on a juicing binge!
  • Always dilute highly concentrated juices like beets and cabbage

Make sense?


Another concern among the anti-juicing audience is an issue of oxidation—that juicing extraction can “strip” some vitamins because of reaction with air.

Well, it is also a reasonable argument. But!

How about pre-cut fruits and vegetables on all store shelves, including so-called “health-food” places? How about salad bars? Or side veggies for a barbecue? Sometimes they are “sitting” on open air for hours.

Yes, you probably will lose some vitamins, but the rule of juicing is: drink your juice right away! Do not store it in a fridge, do not put it in a thermos!

→ TAKE AWAY: Follow all those “dos” and “don’ts” and you will be safe, enjoying your veggie squeeze.

Juicing For Detox. Vegetable Juices

5. Juicing for Life – The Smart Way

Now, what do you think about juicing? Have you ever tried?

Eight years ago my husband at the time gave me an old book about juicing. It belonged to his grandma, who was given three months to live when she got cancer. Well, that book became her juicing bible. She was blessed to be around for another nine years.

Well, I love juicing, and I have been doing this for a long time. It worked for me, my family, and a lot of people I know.

But I do only “smart juicing”–as a fabulous supplement to my natural diet with no shocks and no Funny vegetablesextremes. Also, I consume fiber, rotate my juices and buy only organic veggies.

In conclusion, if we are smart, we cannot separate ourselves from nature and plant life. Without plants, we will not survive.

Nature offers us plenty to sustain life and stay healthy. Therefore, we need to know how to get it!

So, “smart Juicing” is not a trend or a challenge. It is juicing for LIFE.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Happy detox,


Founder of Detox Generation

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  • Thanks Ella! I was actually thinking of going on a detox and I thought juicing would help. Glad you dispelled the myths. Didn’t know about smart juicing, but clearly it should be a supplement instead of the only thing we’ll have. You’re right that we need other nutrients. Since you mentioned rotating veggies, what would you recommend if we have cough and colds? It’s getting cold here and people are getting sick so I would love to know natural options. Thanks!

    • Hi, Raquel! I appreciate your comment and a question. You mentioned, “it’s getting cold here…” Whereto?            In my next post, I precisely will be sharing my favorite juicing recipes and I will be very happy to include ones to answer your question about cough and colds. Stay tuned and where ever you are, juice “smart!”



      PS: I grew up in a cold climate and know lots of tricks! Staying well in cold weather – is a great topic for my future series of articles.

      Thank you kindly. 

  • As a new health nut, I’ve started consuming a lot of fruits and veggies, and juicing is something that has definitely peaked my interest.  I’m super excited to find your website, and wow, I wasn’t aware that organic celery was in shortage.  Ha ha – that actually makes me want to go and get some!  It’s like the herd mentality, well, if everyone else wants some, I want some!  As I get older, I realize that health starts with what we eat.  It really makes a difference as I see friends who have eaten the wrong foods and a lot of junk for years, and they are definitely suffering from it.  I see friends who are thriving who consume a lot of fruits and vegetables.

    • Babsie!

      I beg you: keep going! YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Nobody in the world is more interested in you staying healthy than YOU DO! Maybe your mama.

      I also look at my friends and, o boy–some of them staring looking “old.” Wow! Saggy and dull skin, no energy, occupied by stress, no sense of humor and complaining and complaining! Never mind medical issues.

      I know how hell looks like and I will do whatever it takes to stay healthy, happy and upbeat!

      As for celery–even though I am not part of the celery craze–I do love my celery “caviar” and, of course, I use it in my juices and salads. So, today I bought 5 stalks!

      Since I do use celery, I think it will be one of my next posts. Hopefully, I will see you around.

      Thank you, Babsie, so much!

  • Hi Ella! 

    So right off the bat, I have a question I’m hoping you can help me with; it may be silly, but here it is…are healthy shakes better or worse than juicing? My wife and I lead busy lives and we don’t have time to make breakfast…so we make a shake out of bananas, strawberries, almonds, amaranth, and two raw eggs. We always use 2% milk. We drink this pretty much every working day. Saturdays and Sundays are off. We feel great and don’t have sugar lows or become hungry until lunchtime. We drink water but come short our goal to drink 8 glasses of water every day (additional to whatever we drink during the day, which is normally coffee or tea…no soft drinks!). Any thoughts would be very welcome.

    I once read that it takes 61 one days to imprint a habit. Maybe that’s why juicing is such a big challenge for many of us. It can be done, absolutely. In our case, I think we have it a bit easier since we’ve been “shaking” for nearly a year now. But for other folks who are used to a heavier sort of breakfast, well, it’s a big challenge. I think you must be intentional. In other words, you have to make a strategy to make this work. Clear goals and knowing exactly what you want to achieve is key. And also, accepting that the transition period will be challenging. But, as we have come to find out in our experience, it’s well worth it. And, yes, I know, too much of anything is never good. So we are going to take your great advice and make some changes. : )

    Tks again and very good work!

    • Hello, Luis!

      You are absolutely correct on all points.  “Shaking” is ideal since all fiber is preserved. I do BOTH – juicing and blending because it is not so easy to “squeeze” spinach or kale unless you have a lot of it as a raw material. But both of them are NOT instead my regular breakfast! It’s like staying in shape – if you stop exercising, your arms started to look “saggy.” True?

      I do want my stomach to do its regular job of “digesting.” This is how we are designed. Also, we have to “chew” and exercise our jaws and facial muscles. Never mind a few other reasons.

      I rotate not only what I put in my juicer or blender but also I rotate juicing, shaking and raw hot and cold soups.

      After years of “juicing” and “shaking” (only as a supplement to my regular diet), I can attest that you are absolutely correct regarding labor. Juicing takes longer than shaking. And yes – you should have it on the “schedule” between buying, washing, preparing, and cleaning. And cleaning sometimes can be tricky and you should know how to do it. I will be writing about it soon.

      About building a habit – I think it takes only 40-45 days. I have never heard about 61. You can just do it not every day but every other day – whatever your busy schedule permits. And a little frustration is good! It keeps us going.

      I do have a full-time job and I commute to work 5 hours a day! You can only imagine what it took me to be “organized” and squeeze juicing and shaking in my day. But like my mom always reminded me: “There is a will, there is a way!”

      My one real concern is about raw eggs every day. Just be sure that your blood test is OK. Also, mixing different types of protein? Well, I will be writing about it too.

      So, stay healthy and very curious. It pays a million times! Also, stay tuned!

      Love your comments. Thank for sharing.


  • Hi Ella

    I grow all my fruit and veges and love everything about the nutrition and the detox process they give my body

    I also drink spring water by the litres and love it and I am healthy and losing more and more weight as my energy levels have lifted

    This is a very informative post-Ella and I wish you success helping people all over the world who visit here

    Vicki from New Zealand

    • Hi, Vicki!

      Yep! Keep HYDRATING your body!

      You are lucky to grow your own fruits and veggies. I can only dream about it since I live in an apartment with no outdoor space. But a GREAT NEWS is – FARMERS MARKET! Today, June 1st, the season is officially opened. 

      I just came back with heavy bags and if you open my fridge is green, orange and yellow. Yay!

      What veggies or fruits are most popular in New Zealand?


      Thank you very much and a Big Hello from a Big Apple!

  • Dear Ella,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and helpful article. I read few articles about celery juice and wanted to do some research to know additional information and found your article very helpful.

    Nowadays people are interested in organic foods and avoiding processed food. I can’t stop laughing when you asked “where all those people been before?”. Knowledge is knowing and wisdom is doing so I believe people are becoming wiser and it’s a great news.

    I am shocked when I read when there is a lack of nutrients it will steal from other parts, it will leads to disaster. Indeed, continuous growth is taking place in our body so we need to provide the required nutrients, vitamins and minerals to our body. Once I read if we are not growing we are dying.

    I am currently reading the book Biology of belief by Bruce Lipton in which I learned a lot of information about our cells. 

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here and I really enjoyed the content and in the manner that you presented. I am really afraid of eating raw vegetables because of the chemicals used on it and I use to wash it several times.

    This article is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of! I will have to go back to it a few times just to grasp all of that valuable information.

    The “dos” and “don’ts you shared is an eye-opener.

    Much Success!


    • Dear Paul!

      Thank you for your kind words and your time to write such thoughtful feedback. I myself have been learning a lot about raw produce, raw diet, vegetables, fruits, how to combine produce properly(!) and of course how to wash them, “cook” them and how to rotate them. Very interesting.

      I learned a lot not only from my experience but from my mom and my grandma. And I took all the NOTES!

      Well, don’t be afraid to eat raw vegetables but, like anything else, you should do it the “smart” way considering EVERYTHING and first and foremost, your own body and your health condition.

      Please remember – NOBODY knows your BODY as you do!

      Of course, a periodic blood test checking your nutrients level will help to know what you might be deficient in and where you are doing great. Even if it cost you a few bucks. NO BIG DEAL! I do it twice a year…

      I definitely will grab that book. Thank you for your suggestion. Very kind of you! it is a great idea for a series of investigative articles which is in my pipeline.


  • Hi! Yeah, I’ve heard about this celery craze. I appreciate these educational points concerning detox. I now understand that what we really have to do is to help our liver. Most of the time where going the wrong way cause we don’t understand what our body really needs. Thanks for unmasking myths and stating facts concerning juicing.

    • Hi, Henry!

      That is precisely the point and this is why I’ve started Detox Generation to do “investigative” writing and, of course, share my personal experience. Anything that we do can be flipped either way. It is a matter of how you look at it and how well you can put two together based on FACTS, not a HYPE!

      I sincerely appreciate your feedback. Means a world to me.

      Smart juicing!

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