Do you have a mini trampoline?

To choose one might feel like a daunting task. So, if you care about your health and well-being, please read this article as one of mini trampoline reviews.

In the article How to Detox Your Lymph: Easy, Quick and Fun, I have shown two super tools to detox your lymphatic system at home quick and easy.

One of those aids is mini trampoline or rebounder. By doing simple bouncing exercise 10 times a day, you will do a great favor to your lymph and get amazing overall benefits:

  • Boosting your lymphatic fluids
  • Speeding up toxins removal
  • Stimulating your immune system
  • Working major muscle groups
  • Get a full range of motion
  • Increase circulation
  • Improving coordination and balance
  • Shedding excess weight
  • Feeling great
  • Having FUN


Let’s get you started with the best mini trampoline.

1. Mini Trampoline—What MattersJumping Child

Remember how fun it was to jump on a bed when you were a kid? Then you didn’t care where to do it—couch, bed, or air mattress. Right?

Today, when you are reviving your old childhood habit, it DOES MATTER what is you are stepping on.

To have the best experience from rebounding, you’ve got to pick the best rebounder.


There are a few important metrics in choosing your mini trampoline:

  • Spring size
  • The elasticity of a net
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • Smoothness
  • Loudness
  • Weight
  • Portability
  • User Experience

Against these metrics, we will measure up your mini trampoline.

I have two rebounders at home and even though they both do the job, my first one is what you should NOT have—it is loud, stiff, heavy and awkward to use.

Shall we continue our quest?


2. Know Your Rebounder—Choose your Bounce

First, what is a mini trampoline?

It is a smaller version of the sports’ trampoline. A mini trampoline is mostly round with a unique construction:

  • 6 legs—straight or arched (I prefer arched for extra stability)
  • Elastic mat
  • Round rim attached to the mat
  • Metal springs or bungee bands holding mat and rim together

The perfect mini trampoline?

For me, it is something that you can easily pull from the closet, unfold, and in a few minutes, you are up and bouncing!

Want to go for a weekend to the mom’s house or your lake cabin? Your rebounder should be lightweight and portable.

Are you interested in more than boosting your immune system? Or will you share your rebounder with someone else?

Well, you should have an option to change mat firmness to customize your bounce. The best option is a rebounder with a few adjustable cords. It will allow you to have a great low-impact workout.


Because if you have the “right” rebounder, it will absorb a portion of the impact and reduce shock to the body. No wonder I love it! Being a swimmer, I appreciate low-impact exercise.

But how to get the “right” rebounder to assure the low impact?

That is the key question of my research as part of mini trampoline reviews.


3. Spring or Bungee Cord?Spring Rebounder Do Not Buy

Remember my stiff rebounder?Arrow Red

The reason that it has such a firm bounce—and therefore is harder on joints—is that mat is tied to a rim with the metal strings. They are known for less elasticity and provide lesser absorption of the impact of a bounce.

So, DO NOT buy spring trampoline!

I did! I didn’t know any better and wanted to save money. Well, I ended up buying another one anyway—the “right” one. It is the bungee cord trampoline – the preferred option for your trampoline fun!

Using bungee cord rebounder, you will have a fantastic user experience. You will feel right away smoothness of your bounce and amazing flexibility. You will want to bounce more and more because bungee cord rebounder has a significant reduction in the impact compared with spring trampoline.

So, with bungee cord trampoline—you have less stress on your body.


Bungee Cord Rebounder


How about your primary goal to boost your lymph fluids?

Rebounding on cords might provide the most effective way to flush toxins out of your lymphatic system and kick your immune cells!

Another very irritating thing about spring trampoline—how “loud” they are. Very unpleasant to bounce! With bungee one your bouncing is quiet, and you can enjoy music or watch a video.

Do you live in a small apartment or have limited space? Bungee cord rebounder is lighter which makes it easy for storage.

So, I advise – stick with bungee cord rebounder.

Want to know which one?

4. JumpSport—Where Fitness Meets Fun!

Buy Now


My choice is mini trampoline Model 350 Fitness by JumpSportthe king of trampolines. There are plenty of good reasons for this:

  • Three easy ways to adjust firmness settings to choose your bounce
  • Provides a deep and low-impact and shock-absorbing workout
  • Reduces impact over 40% compared with traditional spring rebounders
  • Easier on body and joints
  • 39” silver rim with 32.5” jumping mat – perfect standard measurementsJumpSport Rebounder Ella
  • Ultra silent and smooth
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to store and transport, ideal for small spaces
  • Added safety: 6 black arched legs to provide stability and resist tipping
  • Commercial grade construction – 16-gauge steel tubing for strength and durability
  • Included 4-in-1 fitness DVD to help you get started and mix up your workout
  • Weight rating: 275 lb.

Additional Product Details:

Item Weight: 21 pounds

Shipping Weight: 25.4 pounds

ASIN: B0042H80WC

Item Model Number: RBJ-S-20196-00

Best place to buy: AMAZON 

→   Don’t forget about handlebar for added stability (like I have)


Buy Now

Model 350 Features and Benefits Compared With Spring Trampolines:

             JumpSport                               vs            Conventional Rebounder

            bungee cord                                                           spring

                 silent                                                            laud & squeaky

    soft and flexible bounce                               shaky and annoying bounce

    50% larger jumping area                                  limited jumping area

        40% easier on body                                     harder on body and joints

    lifetime frame warranty                                       2-year warranty

lightweight and easy to carry                          heavy and difficult to store

    extra stability and safety                                           can tip over

5. With You in Mind—Warranty and Customer Service

The last thing you should know is about the warranty, customer service, and shipment.

JumpSport is the USA based company. Model 350 Fitness is designed & engineered in the USA!


Private Use Warranty :

  • Steel Frame & Legs – Lifetime
  • Mat – 3 years
  • Elastic Cords – 3 Years
  • Other components – 1 year

Commercial Use Warranty:

  • Steel Frame & Legs – 5 years
  • Elastic Cords – 12 months
  • Other components – 1 year

CUSTOMER SERVICE—one of the best in the industry

6. Start Your Day with Smooth Bounce!

You can be young or mature, new or advanced—JumpSport is for all ages and fitness levels.

Bouncing on this great rebounder tells you very quickly how great it is! You will not only have a great user experience but feel luxury of exercise.

So, don’t slave too hard. With JumpSport it will be a breeze and a lot of fun. No more burning feeling! Your joints will thank you.

No matter what you want—kicking immune system, detoxing, increasing lymphatic flow, shedding extra pounds, toning your body or improving balance and coordination—with JumpSport you are to succeed.

Have I convinced you?

This post is my addition to mini trampoline reviews.

Don’t waste a minute! Get your JumpSport Model 350 and start your day with smooth bounce.

If you have any questions, leave them below and I will be happy to help you out.

Happy detox,


Founder of Detox Generation


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