Montmorillonite Clay: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Are you on a budget? Interested in a comprehensive body cleansing and healthy skin, hair and nails? Then you should learn about calcium montmorillonite clay: benefits, uses and side effects.

Even though I use different body cleansing methods, clay is one of my favorites.

It is a fantastic complementary therapy and natural detox agent. Besides, it is inexpensive, and anyone can afford it.

But before you start mixing, learn about the healing power of clay and why you should use it.

Today I will cover the following:

  1. what is clay: types and uses
  2. detox with bentonite clay
  3. calcium montmorillonite benefits
  4. montmorillonite for skin
  5. bentonite for healthy hair and nails
  6. silica for brain and bones
  7. calcium bentonite clay side effects

Well, let’s tackle every topic one-by-one.

1. What is Clay: Types and Uses

First, what is clay, and are there different types?

What Is Clay

Clay is a soft and earthy substance formed as a result of volcanic rocks erosion and famous for its minerals. (1)

Each type of clay has “principal” mineral and specific mineral composition. It is especially important in how clay reacts with water. Thus, it determines the use.

Uses of ClayCalcium Montmorillonite Clay: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Well, what first comes to mind when hearing the word “clay?”

Pottery or ceramic. Right?

For centuries, people use the Kaolin type of clay to make fabulous china. Besides, clay has been widely used in construction, mainly in making bricks.

But clay was also known as a superb natural remedy and detox tool.

For this reason, we focus on Montmorillonite or Bentonite clay and how it affects different parts of your body.

What Is Montmorillonite Clay

Montmorillon clay is a substance from weathering volcanic ash. Naturally, it is gray or light beige or reddish color, even though there is also green and white clay.

It was first discovered in France, in the area of Montmorillon. Hence, the name.

It is also known as Bentonite. The name came after the town of Fort Benton in Wyoming. The region had the most significant amount of bentonite clay in the world. (2)

The difference between montmorillonite and bentonite clays is insignificant and therefore names are used interchangeably.

Sodium Bentonite vs Calcium Bentonite

There are two types of bentonite clay: calcium and sodium. Calcium bentonite doesn’t swell after combining with water. Therefore, it is perfect to use on the body—externally and internally.

Sodium, on the other hand, does expand considerably and is popular for industrial use.

→ TAKEAWAY: Among different types of clay, the most known are bentonite and kaolin. Calcium bentonite is famous for centuries as a natural remedy.

Calcium Montmorrilonite Clay: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

2. Detox With Bentonite Clay

What makes bentonite clay so powerful? One word: BENEFITS!

Since ancient times, people used bentonite to heal different ailments and protect the body from numerous diseases. Besides, it has been a cost-effective super detox tool. (3)

Toxins Detox: How Bentonite Clay Works

Well, do you want to rid of years of toxic accumulation?

The healing secret of the bentonite clay as a natural detox remedy is in its chemical composition.

Also, it crucial to point out clay’s adsorbing and absorbing abilities.

How does it work?

First, when contact with water, clay’s molecule produces a negative electrical charge. Toxins and heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic, on the other hand, have a positively charged ion. As a result, clay effectively “attracts” toxins and pull pollutants out like a magnet.

Then, bentonite absorbs the toxins and hold them before they are removed out of the body.

It is for sure a miracle what earthy dirt can do! In fact, clay has been exceptionally beneficial against heavy metal toxicity and chemical poisoning.

But, of course, you should know how to buy bentonite clay.

→ TAKEAWAY: The most known benefit of the calcium montmorillonite clay is its natural detoxing ability. It binds and removes toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and other dangerous chemicals.

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay: benefits, Uses and Side Effects

3. Calcium Montmorillonite Clay Benefits

Other than being a superb cleansing agent, calcium montmorillonite can benefit you in many other ways.

Minerals and Healthy PH Balance

As mentioned before, clay has been known for its minerals, including:

  • calcium
  • sodium
  • magnesium
  • silica
  • potassium
  • iron

Overall, calcium montmorillonite contains around 50 different minerals and trace elements which are essential for a healthy pH balance.

For me, I take bentonite externally and internally. For example, my favorite is Terramin ION-MIN clay.

And what is especially noticeable is ENERGY and great TOILET HABITS!

Healthy Gut, Digestive and Immune System

Because of bentonite magnetic abilities, it can help against numerous harmful microorganisms. It is particularly important for removing dangerous pathogens from the digestive system. (4)

Montmorillonite Clay for Digestive System

As a result, it might help to maintain the excellent balance of gut bacteria and protect the gut lining. In turn, it assures that a lesser number of invaders will end up in your bloodstream.

For example, if you like peanuts, remember that they are famous for their aflatoxins.

They potentially can damage the liver and have other risks. Luckily, calcium montmorillonite clay can help. (5)

Also, know that almost 80% of your immune cells reside in the gut. Therefore, a healthy gut is a healthy immune system. (6)

Well, maybe it is time to start using healing clay?

→ CLICK HERE to read about bentonite clay recipes.

Killing Harmful Bacteria

It is not a secret that lots of harmful bacteria and viruses today are resistant to antibiotics. And here comes another superb benefit of bentonite clay—the ability to resist and kill the dangerous organism. How?

All thanks to clay’s minerals. Imagine how it can help with some digestive-related illnesses or other bacteria-caused conditions?

Of course, it requires continuous research and evidence-based proof.

→ TAKEAWAY: Bentonite can promote a healthy gut and immune system. Also, it can supply minerals, balance pH level, and kill harmful pathogens.

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

4. Montmorillonite Skin Benefits

Looking at the mirror every day? What would you change?

Well, you will be glad to know that calcium bentonite clay is hugely effective when applied to the skin. In fact, it grows intensely in popularity in natural skincare. And there are a few great reasons for this.

Fast Detox Of The Whole Body

Because the skin is the largest organ in the body, clay can draw out harmful chemicals quickly through its pores. As a result, it can be an active detox agent for the whole body.

Physical Protection on Skin

Bentonite clay might act as a guard against potentially toxic compounds across your skin. For example, in sun lotion, clay’s minerals can absorb the highest level of UV light. Therefore, it might protect your skin from hazardous electromagnetic radiation. (7)

Healing Skin Conditions

If you have ever experienced insect bites, skin breakouts, cuts, sunburns or skin itching, you know how irritating they are. Bentonite clay powder might be very beneficial and soothing.

Balancing Oil Production

Bentonite clay is known for making miracles for oily skin, acne, and cold sores. It can act as a powerful cleanser to remove dead skin cells and clear clogged pores. Also, you might use it as a potent skin conditioner.

Silica for Fewer Wrinkles

One neglected mineral for most people is silica which is a must-have for healthy skin.

It naturally occurs in the body as collagen, which gives your skin higher elasticity, and fewer wrinkles. But if you have aging skin, you might be losing collagen. (8)

And here comes the good news: you can supplement silica by using calcium bentonite.

So, get the best clay and choose your favorite bentonite clay recipes for beautiful skin.

→ TAKEAWAY: Bentonite on the skin is exceptionally beneficial. With its abundance of minerals, clay can soothe and purify skin and help the whole body.

Damaged Nails


5. Bentonite for Healthy Hair and Nails

Do you know that silica is not only essential for supple skin but also beautiful hair and healthy nails?

Losing Nails After Chemo

I found out about it eight years ago going through chemotherapy. Unfortunately, I was overloaded with toxic heavy metals, and as a result, I lost all my toenails.

So, it was so crucial for me to restore hair and nails after chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer treatments.

But no one doctor told me about silica. I “stumbled” on it after an enormous number of hours of my research.

Having a plan of action, I was very persistent and spent a great deal of money on top quality silica supplements.

At that time, I didn’t know about montmorillonite clay and its abundance in silica. I wish I knew!

So, what are the benefits of silica for healthy hair and nails?


Do you want your hair with more shine and luster?

Then you should know that silica is a reason for hair elasticity and strength. (9)

But do you have enough of this essential mineral?


Silica is the main mineral in nails. And if you have brittle or soft nails, you might be deficient in this mineral. Besides, silica not only can make your nails stronger but also act as an antibacterial agent. (10)

Among other ingredients for clay remedies for hair and nails are coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and essential oils. CLICK HERE to read more.

→ TAKEAWAY: Bentonite clay hair mask and nails treatment can restore the shine and elasticity of your hair and strength of your nails.

6. Silica for Brain and Bones

Now you know the effect of silica on skin, nails, and hair.

But imagine that it also might have benefits for your memory and bones!

It has a simple explanation: silica acts as connective tissue for the brain, nerve system, and spinal cord.

Moreover, it plays a crucial role to form and maintain healthy and flexible bones.

But, as research shows, the amount of silica might decrease with age. (11)

Well, it leads to multiple adverse effects:

  • decreased cartilage with potential joints deterioration
  • arthritis and osteoporosis when you lose the strength of the bone
  • bone “loss” during the menopause

To help with the reduction of silica, first, you should follow the silica-rich diet.

Also, silica supplementation might prevent or slow bone loss.

But top-quality supplements are not cheap. I know it firsthand. What’s the answer?


How I Use Montmorillonite

I use clay externally and internally–facial and hair masks, dry shampoo, clay baths, first aid, and supplemental drinks.

Externally, the easiest application is a facial mask of clay mixed with water and left on the skin for around 20 minutes.

Learn bentonite clay recipes tips and tricks.

For internal use, I mix a small amount of food-grade bentonite–1/2 teaspoon–in a glass of water.

→ TAKEAWAY: Calcium montmorillonite clay has an abundance of natural silica. As a result, it can be useful and inexpensive aid to prevent collagen loss, keep healthy joints and flexible bones.

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

7. Bentonite Clay Side Effects

The logical question while using clay is, “Are there bentonite clay side effects?”

Overall, calcium montmorillonite clay is considered safe in adults. (12)

However, you should take precautions before applying it to the skin, using a clay bath, or drinking it.

Well, what should you know?

Adverse Skin Reaction

My favorite method of using bentonite clay is a topical application. But first, you should test clay paste on a small hidden area and see how it feels.

A little redness after the mask is typical. But don’t OVERDO!

Contact with Metal

Because montmorillonite clay is negatively charged, use only ceramic, glass or wooden bawl and spoon.

Contact with metal will reduce clay’s effectiveness.

Reaction with Medication

As you’ve seen, bentonite clay has a superb absorbing power. Therefore, you should not take it with any dietary supplements or prescribed medications. To be on a safe side, keep a two-hour window.

Lead and Prop 65

Bentonite is a naturally occurring substance in the earth’s crust. (13) Therefore, it contains numerous elements, including traces of lead.

But don’t worry!

First, it is not what you know as dangerous, for example, in paint, from industrial use or environmental contamination.

Second, it contains a lesser amount of lead than some common foods.

Further, you should know about the so-called “Proposition 65.” It is a regulation under California law requiring that over 800 potentially dangerous chemicals must be labeled.

Well, since some bentonite manufacturers are in the state of California or market to CA residents, they should comply with Prop 65.

→ TAKEAWAY: In general, montmorillonite should not cause any side effects. However, do testing first. Don’t use clay before or after taking medications or supplements. If any medical conditions, talk to your doctor first.

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects


In summary, bentonite clay is a specific type of volcanic ash. It has been used as a natural remedy in different cultures for centuries.

You can benefit from calcium bentonite in many ways:

  • help in body detoxification
  • remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals
  • fight harmful bacteria and pathogens
  • supply minerals and essential nutrients
  • promote healthy gut
  • boost the immune system
  • balance pH level
  • heal the various skin condition
  • improve appearance and quality of skin, hair, and nails
  • supply silica for healthy bones and joints

Besides, calcium montmorillonite clay is a gentle and inexpensive way to achieve a clean, healthy body and support overall wellness.

But, of course, if any side effects, seek medical advice from a knowledgeable professional.

So, are you ready to cover yourself in mud from head to toe? If our ancestors did it for centuries, perhaps we should too!

Now you have the knowledge and the facts. The ball is in your court. How are you going to play it?

Are you going to experiment with calcium montmorillonite clay benefits?

Happy Cleansing!

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.


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