Natural Body Detox… Or Else

Listen to your body!”… How many times we heard it!

Well, when last time did your body talk to you?

Maybe this past Sunday when you woke up and felt like hell from being stiffed? Or after a wild football night in a local pub when suddenly pain started kicking your left side? You were drunk. You want that stuff out of your body. Is there anyone there to help?

Yes, your natural body detox system is for a rescue!

Your body can talk to you through pain, weakness, lousy mood, constipation, acne, fatigue, puffy eyes, bloating, lost sex drive, dull skin, and God knows, what else! It can kick and scream and cry.

But who sends those signals?

In a body hierarchy, like in the military, everything is according to ranks and power with you being a command center. Or so we hope!

Different ‘units’ report to the command center regularly and when danger is present send SOS signals.

Your body detox system is one of those ‘units.’ It is responsible for direct enemy contact and has a given mission: remove!

1. Mayday, Mayday. Do You Copy?

But who are those enemies? Who are those hostile attackers?

The list is endless: dioxins, PCB, phthalates, heavy metals, detergents, polystyrene, benzene, formaldehyde, mold, fluoride, chlorine, and other scary relatives. They are toxic chemicals and pollutants we get from the air, water, food, and numerous other sources.

In perfect military order, your generals send you Mayday, and you respond. So, do you? What happens if you don’t?

Often, we ignore distress signs and hope that tomorrow will be a better day, and everything is hunky-dory. It might be so. But sometimes it requires more than just a few extra hours of blowing some z’s.

Years ago, when my body was sending me a Mayday again and again for me to slow down and take it easy, I ignored it! Not intentionally. Thus, I paid a heavy price ending up on the operation table.

My surgeon was brilliant, and it was my luck! But I will never forget his words: “I can fix the cause, but your body is your responsibility!”

So, whose responsibility is your body? “Do You Copy?”

2. Detoxify or Store. That Is The Question

Look through today’s newspaper.

It seems the environment is the main topic of all media 24/7!

Considering that 95% of all cancer cases are caused by diet and environment, staying alive nowadays sounds a bit like a challenge for all of us. And here comes good news and bad news.

The good news is that you have a body’s efficient mechanism of elimination of toxins. And this is great! Let’s deep dive into this good news because it’s critical to understand how your detox system works.

From lungs, chemicals get into the bloodstream and then to our bones, liver, brain, and other organs. Any chemical element entered our body has to reach an equilibrium with each organ. Because of this ‘equilibrium,’ it is logical that every organ is under attack.

Toxins can be detoxified or stockpiled. It determines the success or failure of your natural body detox system. If stored, it is forever, and they act as a sleeper cell ready to explode and cause horror, destruction or death.

So, detoxify or store. What would you choose?

3. ‘Fantastic Six’ – Who Are The Players?

Well, your answer is “detoxify.”

But what about how much toxins are coming in and how much are coming out? Should we have a balance?

I will not burden you with chemistry abracadabra, but you need facts. You need to have a target! Then your efforts are more precise and effective.

So, how do we combat toxic chemicals and who are the players?

Our body removes toxins we got from food, air, water, and other sources. We also eliminate toxins as a result of natural chemical processes in our cells. Our players are lymphatic system, skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, and intestines. They are a fantastic six’ of our natural body detox system and perform the most vital detox functions:

  1. Lymphatic system removes waste products as a result of the natural chemical process in cells.
  2. Skin as the largest detoxification organ eliminates waste products and toxins through sweat.
  3. Lungs perform detoxification functions by removing gases from the body.
  4. Kidneys filter toxic elements out of the blood into the urine.
  5. Liver detoxifies chemicals through oxidation: liver enzymes burn toxins and then removed through urine and bile.
  6. Intestines transport bile from the liver to exit the body.

Now about “how.”

Detoxification Phase 1 Phase 2

4. Detox Process In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, our detox process consists of two critical steps:

Step 1: Chemical is ‘marked’ by the electrons which make that chemical ‘recognizable’;

Step 2: Heavy body detoxifier molecule glutathione attach to the chemical site, making it very heavy and give it an electrical charge. Glutathione is one of few attachments that the body can use to hook onto the chemical. Glutathione does a marvelous job, and now the body can easily remove that ‘marked’ and ‘heavy’ enemy. Voila!

Without this superb detox system, human life would be not possible. Needless to say that if you want to stay healthy and have toxins detoxified and not stored, you should be sure that your fantastic six are in perfect shape. Right?

Wrong! Unfortunately, it is not a reality for most of us. And this is why.

5. Here Comes the Bad News! Three of Them

So, let me explain.

Bad news #1: during detoxification, we use up a tremendous number of enzymes and minerals and deplete glutathione. If we have an insufficient amount of this molecule, we eventually get sick.

Bad news #2: nowadays we are absolutely bombarded by toxins and harsh chemicals on multiple fronts. And even not so dangerous in small doses, combined those toxins kick us in whichever way possible and overload our body. And this is not including our own waste!

Since the toxic effect is multiplied by adding a few risk factors, the math simply doesn’t work in our favor. The body simply cannot keep up!

Bad news #3: a lot of man-made chemicals are completely foreign to our body and therefore cannot be totally metabolized. They stored for decades in our tissues slowly doing their bad deeds. Adding man-made chemicals to a pile of already existing chemicals is like adding fuel to the fire!

So, get a picture?

Conclusion: You Are ‘Dirty.’ Let’s Have Fun!

Now you know your ‘dirty’ story. Your ‘fantastic six’ are not so fantastic. Are you ready to lighten up your toxin load?

Are you ready to repair your exhausted body by giving it a break?

There are ways you can help. The most effective and natural is to have a clean and healthy diet. Yes, the old-fashioned way. I do it daily and I love every minute of it.

I know that learning about all these clean eating habits might feel daunting. But don’t worry. We will tackle this one cucumber at the time, using principles of slow motion. I will be writing about it extensively to bring you facts, wisdom, and practical tools.

But remember, YOU are the most important. I am here as a messenger.

So, let’s add a dash of fun and a splash of your unique personality. Let’s create a sense of play and allow ourselves to experience and go whenever we feel like. I am sure I have your permission.

So, your natural body detox system badly needs your help. Are you ready for some TLC?

Let’s get dirty and have fun!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Happy detox,


Founder of Detox Generation. 

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