Natural Home Remedies for Liver Detox. Bone Broth?

What are your most vivid memories from childhood? For me, it was my mom and my grandma’s secrets. They knew tons of little how-tos and had aids for anything: herbs for cough and flu, natural home remedies for liver detox, unique mixtures for tummy ache, leaves for healing wounds.

They picked in the woods mushrooms and wild berries, dried them in the sun, made jam and fermented veggies for a long winter. O, boy! They had it all.

But the most precious for me was enjoying the fantastic aroma of the freshly cooked soup. My mom was doing her magic with a big stockpot on a stove, and there was always a sizable heavy bag of something she brought from the market. She called it “treasure.”

I was curious, and one day, I sneaked in and opened the bag. It was fresh bones! And I also saw little chicken feet—a few of them. I was scared!

But my mom calmly explained, “I will cook soup, and it’s good for you: you will jump higher, run with your friends longer, and will not have a tummy ache.”

Well, I loved my mom’s delicious “boned” soup. I have never “eaten” chicken feet, but I remember that she kept saying, “Beauty is in the chicken feet!”

Well, I thought she was joking. I was five at the time.

Natural Home Remedies for Liver Detox. Got Bone Broth?

1. Chicken Broth vs. Bone Broth

Why did my mom call that bag of bones and “nasty” chicken feet a “treasure?” And why did she slaved at the stove the whole Saturday that seamed forever?

Now I know – she was making us a bone broth! And it was a real treasure.

You might be wondering, “How is a bone broth made?”

My mom was using bones of chicken and a kettle and simmered them for 10-15 hours with spices, herbs, and different veggies. Nothing was going to waste. It was a long process, and she had to babysit that big pot of “stuff.”

Why so long?Natural Home Remedies for Liver Detox. Got Bone Broth?

A bowl of chicken soup is not so problematic, is it?

When I was a teenager and learning how to cook, I was curious about what was the difference between bone broth and stock. And these are my mom’s two cents.

Stock is the same broth but requires just a few hours of making. But!

Don’t run into your kitchen, thinking I would instead stick with stock. You will be at a disadvantage!


Reduced cooking hours don’t make a bone release the most important things—collagen and gelatin. And this is what makes bone broth a real TREASURE because gelatin contains the most nutrients.

How about chicken broth vs. bone broth?

The difference here is not only cooking time but also ingredients: as I have mentioned, bone broth is made from bones of different parts of the animal skeleton. Regular chicken broth is made from flesh and requires shorter cooking time—between 1 to 2 hours.

Natural Home Remedies for Liver Detox. Chicken Bone Broth

It is more translucent and has “lighter” consistency precisely because there is no “sticky” and heavy gelatin. So, bone broth is darker, especially if using certain types of bones.

Now you know the difference. Well, which broth would you prefer?

I bet that you want to know more about the health benefits of bone broth. Right?

2. What Is Good About Bone Broth?

Benefits of Bone Broth for Healthy SkinBetter Skin

To answer the question, “What is good about bone broth?” – Let me ask you, “How is your skin? Is it supple and smooth?”

Well, bone broth can make you look better. How?

One word – COLLAGEN!

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, and that smooth, glowing look we had when we were young. Why?

Your body produces less collagen. What triggers collagen production? An amino acid called PROLINE.

Bone broth is abundant in proline and yes, if you want smoother skin, would you like to have a sip? Click HERE.

Pain Points In BonesJoints and Gut Health

Well, how about another benefit—support your joints and gut health?

Other than proline, bone broth has plenty of nutrients for this as well—glycine and glutamine.

And the best part is – the longer you cook the bone broth, the easier those nutrients for digestion.

Not convinced?


Bone Support

Is there anyone in your family over 50? You, maybe?

Do you know what is one of the biggest challenges for all generation X and boomers?

Brittle bones!

With age, we are losing our bone strength due to the loss of calcium and deficiency in magnesium and phosphorus.

Well, it is so logical that bone broth might help with the bone issues. And it is true. Bone broth has all those minerals.

But there is another superb element in the bone broth, which is crucial for your bones—glucosamine. You probably have seen numerous ads for glucosamine on TV, especially for pets! Did you?

But it’s not only for dogs and cats. Glucosamine is an absolute must-have to support your bones.

So, if you are out of the healthy range in those elements, I encourage you to start drinking my mom’s “treasure.” I am a big believer and very grateful to the bone broth every time I am making a stroke after stroke in the pool!

Now, can you answer the question, “Why is bone broth good for you?”

==> Read about the best brand bone broth!

Natural Home Remedy. Drink Bone Broth for Better Bones

3. Bone Broth: Detoxing and the Liver

Wait! There is more.

My introduction to the bone broth was when I was a kid. But the real eye-opener was when my oncologist told me to start drinking bone broth after I finished cancer treatment—surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and other “stuff.”

I was fragile, had no energy, had digestive problems, exhausted immune system, lost all muscle mass, had no taste buds but the most important – start having liver problems.

And all these after a year and a half of the medical hell I had gone through!

What to do?

I was “hooked” on bone broth and coffee enemas. I needed badly to do something about detox for the liver and kidney.

Liver Chemical Overload

Elevated protein in the liver or any other issues could torpedo tons of other problems and create a snowball effect.

If bone broth can help, what does the trick?

Remember glycine I have mentioned earlier?

To my luck, bone broth has plenty of this super amino acid supporting the #1 liver function—getting rid of bad stuff and keeping and storing all the goodies.

Glycine plays a vital role together with cysteine and glutamate, forming the GLUTATHIONE– the body master anti-oxidant. Why is it so crucial?

In step 2 of the detox process, glutathione—a heavy body detoxifier molecule—attached to a “marked” by an electron harmful chemical or toxin. And this is how that chemical is becoming “heavy” and can be easily “recognized” and removed.

Read more about detox in a nutshell in my post “Natural Body Detox… or Else” (section 4.)

Liver Detox

4. Detox for Kidneys

As for kidneys, can you refresh your memory what do they do?

Kidneys filter your blood! Not-stop, every minute. They keep the good stuff and flush the rest.

If it is so important, guess what happens if a person has some significant health issues?

It can add very harmful inflammation to the kidneys and negatively affect the whole process of filtering the blood. Pretty scary. Right?

Do you know what a part of the base structure of kidney filters is?

COLLAGEN!Care about Kidneys

It is not only great for supple skin. It can also help kidneys to detox.

Would it be awesome to maintain higher collagen production?

Well, make friends with bone broth!

Another point: since kidneys are filtering the blood, it is crucial to have an adequately functioning circulatory system. Make sense?

Bone marrow might help here and also reduce inflammation. But you should know what you are drinking. Try my favorite and best brand bone broth.

If the topic of bone broth and detox interests you, I suggest you start your “Health Journal” and track your progress. You will know what works, especially if you have a blood test or a liver or kidney scan. Of course, you should always(!) consult your doctor.

Start slow and with a small dosage – 4 to 8 oz a few times a week. If you don’t like the taste, make soup or use it in smoothies! But please have in mind—you are not drinking chocolate milk!

→ TAKEAWAY: Bone broth is a fantastic source of essential amino acids, collagen, and gelatin which are so vital for your liver and kidney to do their #1 job – DETOXING!

5. Chicken Soup from Chicken Feet?  Yes!

…It is raining, and I am on the train traveling.Natural Home Remedies for Liver Detox. Got Bone Broth?

I am sipping my broth, and it is so yummy. Life is perfect!

Remember they say, “The nose knows?”

Well, my nose does. It loves the bone broth now, and it was the only drink my nose recognized and “liked” after cancer treatment. And that is why now it is especially delicious.

I drink it every day, make soups, add in my smoothies, and cook with it. It is a staple in my house as it was in my family when I was growing up.

Well, now you know why my mom was saying, “Beauty is in the chicken feet.” She got her first wrinkle at the age of 51!


Bone broth was a part of my mom cooking and healing legacy and a beauty regimen.  I will do my best to spread the word.

So, if you need natural home remedies for liver detox, bones, digestion or your skin, look no further. GET THE BONE BROTH!

Happy Sipping!

Natural Home Remedies for Liver Detox. Got Bone Broth? Chicken Feet

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.


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  • It is so neat when we look back to our grandparents and their home remedies.  It fascinates me all of the great things, that seem to have been forgotten that can help us with many of our ailments.  I have heard of bone broth soup, but never really though about what that meant. The chicken feet things seem so unusual, but after reading your post, I am all for it.  Who doesn’t need help with collagen or glucosomine as we age.  The added bonus for our liver and kidneys is just the icing on the cake. Great post.

    • Dear Coralie!

      That is exactly my main point: we have distanced ourself so much from the wisdom of our ancestors! 

      I was very lucky to grow up in a household where “old” traditions were cherished. Never mind my mom was a professional chief and run a restaurant business. You can only imagine what a walking “Google” she was!

      Fortunately, for years I have been taking a lot of notes and they help me now.

      Well, I am so glad you have stopped by. Thank you very much for your comment and your time.


  • I had no idea the therapeutic affects of bone broth on the live, bones and the skin!  I remember one of my neighbors growing up, he used to make bone broth and as a child I had thought ewww gross.  However, I do remember my mom and dad saying that they never could guess his age, because he looked so young – I never would have imagined back then it had something to do with bone broth!

    With the recommended brand you have the link to on your post, do you heat that one on the stove for 15 hours as well? or is that if you are making it yourself from scratch?  With the ones that you have a link to, when heating on the stove, can you add vegetables to that as well? and do you only add vegetables?  Is it the type of broth you drink?

    Thank you for such an informative post, and being that I’m almost 50, I have saved your site so I can come back to it, to see if you put some bone broth recipes up!

    Thank you,


    • Dear Robert!

      As you can see from my other article “Best Brand Bone Broth. Let’s Put It on Fire,” my favorite brand is Kettle & Fire. Please read it and you will know why.

      Few clarifications: you don’t simmer that broth for hours. It’s ready to go. Just heat it for a few minutes and your drink is ready. You can just sip it as tea or actually use it as a base to make soup and other dishes. So, you can add anything you want–your favorite fresh vegetables or anything else. 

      How do I do it? Stick around – it is a topic of my next post which I will be published in a few days. I will answer your question. And my soups are not just “regular” soups. They have a special TWIST!

      So, if you are curious, stay tuned and subscribe to the Detox Club News on the website and get some exclusive content, tips, and how-tos.


  • Ella, you are a genius. I think your stuff is first-rate and I shall subscribe to your site. Yes, Bone Broth is a miracle healng compound. The Biome does not only take care of digestion it also plays a vital role in immune function. They have always said, “Chicken Broth” is Jewish penicillin but in my experience “Bone Broth” goes far beyond that. I know you can buy it but I have always made it using a slow cooker. because I cannot see myself standing and stirring a steaming pot for hours on end. I suppose I cook the bones for 8 to 10 hours in order to make the soup. Is that enough? Calcium, Phosphorus and the often forgotten Magnesium are essential for healthy bones. It seems that “Bone Broth” is in effect another form of Vitamin D.  Dr. Mark Sircus says that these minerals are a great immune system booster, especially in winter when they keep flu and colds at bay. Studies have shown that 75% of the American population is deficient in the pro-hormone D. Drinking a pleasant soup is far better than taking a supplement but of course, you could do both. A brilliant and well-presented article. There are lots of interesting tips here Thank you so much. Dr. Alister

    • Hello!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I sincerely appreciate it, especially coming from the doctor.

      I am afraid that 8-10 hours is probably not enough for making a broth on a stove. I remember my mom always started very early on Saturday morning and was finishing way after midnight. She definitely put solid 20 hours in it. That is why I cannot do it the “old” style – I don’t have time. But a slower cooker – is a totally different story. In fact, I will be covering it in details in future posts.

      You are 100% right: drinking bone broth and cooking with it is especially great during winter months! I grew up in a cold climate and know it very well. I credited my mom’s bone broth that my brother and I were growing up as healthy kids and didn’t get flu too often. But!

      We should build and support our immune system all the time, especially as we getting older. Right?

      As of vitamin D, we don’t even have to run a blood test – most people are deficient! That is another reason why I love drinking broth so much. It is packed with so many important nutrients.

      Again, I am very grateful for your input. Please stay tuned.

      Good Health!

  • Hi Ella, this is a very interesting article and I enjoyed reading it.

    Seriously, I have never considered bone broth to be of this great advantage to the liver, bones and kidney.  Growing up, I do runaway from home on weekends to prevent myself from sipping this bone broth and I never would have realised how much disadvantage I was doing to myself. Reading through this post, I feel like it’s high time I returned to the things I ran away from while growing up. I would also suggest this to my wife so she can make it for the family. 

    thanks for this piece and surely I’m coming back for more on this site. Cheers

    • Hi, RoDarrick!

      Didn’t we all run away from that bone broth made by our moms? Ha-Ha-Ha!

      My mom “convinced” me that I will “be stronger, jump higher, run faster…,” you know. But she was actually telling the truth if you think about energy level, strong bones, better-regulated circulatory system, more efficient body detox and, of course, improved immune system. I think these are plenty of benefits. Right?

      Making a bone broth from scratch is very time-consuming. Also, you have to buy the right type of bones and from the right type of cows (or chicken): kettle bones should be grass-fed and grass-finished. What does it mean? Read my other post “Best Brand Bone Broth. Let’s Put It on Fire!” I am sure you will find it informative.

      Occasionally, anyone can make a bone broth. But since I drink and cook with it constantly, I cannot slave at the stove with this kind of project. That is why I buy it. Again, read my other post.

      Thank you so much for your time and your interest. You are very curious and I tremendously appreciate it.

      Happy Sipping!

  • Yeah, this IS interesting. It’s nice to see how these old family secrets are becoming more and more researched by scientists and accessible and available for others through the web. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it isn’t gold. The same applies to alternative medicine and traditional medical practices that came way before modern medicine.

    • You are 100% correct!

      Of course, innovative things are important but our ancestors didn’t have Google and had to rely on their wisdom and traditions. I wish we had at least a bit of that attitude and a life and health approach. 

      Yes, we have advanced tremendously but should remember the old saying that all genius things are very simple.

      I apply and will continue applying everything that I have learned from my mom, my experienced friends, and just smart and wise people.

      So, get your bone broth and keep sipping!


  • Bone broth has become part of our diet in the past year. We had read a number of articles, such as yours, on its benefits. Reading about it is one thing. Making it is another!

    We were a little apprehensive about leaving the broth on the stove for so long. I don’t like to leave the stove while something is cooking. We then became aware of Instant Pot, an electric pressure cooker. This pressure cooker lets you time your cooking as well as adjust pressure between high and also low, like a slow cooker.

    This allowed us to cut the cook time to about 2 and a half hours. The pressure allowed the collagen and gelatin to be released in a reduced time frame.

    I’ve been using bone broth during my 4-day fasts. I use bone broth instead of just water, kind of like a fasting-mimicking diet. It takes the edge off fasting that some people find difficult with just water.

    Most times we use the bone broth in our soups to give it that extra richness and flavour.

    Whenever we have a meal with bones, we throw them in the freezer until we have enough for another batch. We also put any extra broth in the freezer so we can have a constant supply. It just becomes second nature!

    Thanks for the helpful information!

    • Hi, Mike!

      What a great comment! Informative and very descriptive. Love it, love it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

      You hit between the eyes: knowing about something and doing it is two different things. A lot of people “know” stuff, but how many of them actually are doing it? Moreover – how many of them doing it consistently? Not many!

      I also don’t make broth on the stove: (1) I hate to babysit something cooking for so long on a stove; (2) I don’t like my stove is on for the whole day; (3) constant hot steam for an extended period of time make air in the kitchen very hot, especially if your kitchen is small; (4) time consideration – we all are busy with other things on the weekends! Right?

      Occasionally I make my bone broth in the same manner as you do. And yes, two hours is perfect. 


      My issue is to find grass-fed and grass-finished beef bones and organic chicken bones (pasture-raised). It is not easy. So, to have a constant supply, I like an option that I can buy the broth, even though, again, I make it when I have the “right” bones.

      And like you, I put leftovers of the broth in a freezer, particularly in the ice cube container. I like to use a small amount for my green smoothie. Well, I guess it makes it a “green protein” smoothie!

      Well, Mike, I am so glad to know that you and your loved ones take full advantage from the bone broth and have it as a staple in your kitchen!

      Happy Sipping for good health!

  • Hi Ella, I live in Jamaica, where chicken foot soup is consumed almost daily. You can walk into any restaurant and get chicken, red peas or chicken foot soup. Honestly, I don’t like to see feet in my bowl, but most of us here find it delicious. This article has some good discussion on bone soup and I am finally understanding how much value is in that bowl. In Jamaica we also cook cow foot and trotters ( from the pig) and everyone likes the gel . I am 66, and any news about restoring collagen, magnesium, and bone health is good news to me. Thank you for this information

    • That is amazing!

      I had no idea that in Jamaica chicken foot soup is sort of a staple. Thank you very much! Now I know what I will order in a Jamaican restaurant in New York. Cannot wait! They will like me because I will sound that I know what I am talking about. Ha-Ha-Ha

      Yes, the chicken feet have the most amazing amount of collagen. That is why my mom’s favorite phrase was “The beauty is in the chicken feet!” O, boy, how smart it was…

      Believe it or not, my mom and my grandma always cooked cow foot broth and soup from trotters! In fact, pig trotters were always in our refrigerator. My mom cooked a lot of dished with GEL! In fact, I will be presenting them in one of my future posts.

      Please stay tuned. I would love to know your opinion about my other findings.

      Happy Sipping!

  • This really is a very interesting and informative article, I have been drinking red tea detox, due to suspected liver problems, I was so pleased to have found your article on bone broth, I never realized it had so many benefits, I will certainly be trying it, thank you for sharing.


    • Hi, Russ!

      Thank you for visiting. 

      You have mentioned “suspected liver problems.” Do you know precisely what is the issue? 

      Regardless of what you want to do, of course, it is advisable to take care of the blood test and necessary scans. I am sure you have it all and I hope you have a very knowledgeable and experienced liver specialist.

      Well, start, as I mentioned, from a small amount: 8 oz just a few times a week. Drink it and/or cook with it. Trust me, once you establish a habit, it will be a walk in the park. If not making it yourself, read my post “Best Brand Bone Broth. Let’s Put It on Fire!”

      Also, my next post in a few days will be how I make quick raw soups with the bone broth. So, please visit us again.


  • Hello Ella, this is a great article,  I knew that our grandmothers always had/have the best home remedies. I will have to pass this on to my mom, she has beat cancer for the 3rd time, I dont know if she knows about this remedy,  I know I will be giving this a try, and asking my mom to give it a try also. There is nothing more then old time remedies. During this time and age it’s hard to tell what is good for us and what isn’t.  I like going organic and I find it to be the better way. As I was reading everything you have mentioned is organic, a lot of dont like taking pills to detox, just like you homemade old time remedies is the better way to go. Very nice article. 


    • Dear Sandra!

      Thank you very much for your nice comment. It is precisely what I wanted: to share with people the “natural” ways how to help the body to detox more effectively and how to prevent overload of your liver and kidneys.

      Of course, we should follow our doctor’s suggestion if absolutely need to. But, as you know from your mom experience, anyone(!) who knows what is the chemo room, wish to NEVER TAKE ONE MORE PILL! Trust me, I will eat dirt if I have to but try to stay away from drugs. That is why I have started this site. But, of course, I am saying it with all my due respect for the medical community!

      Please be so kind and tell your mom my big hello and CONGRATULATIONS! 3rd time! I have no idea how she handled that. O, boy. It’s tough. Well, my hat off my head for her!!!

      I agree with you 100%: a lot of things in life are a personal choice. One thing can work for me but not for somebody else. Most what I am writing about – I know from my personal experience. If not, I will put my big investigative cap on and turn that thing up-side-down! That is why I put the solid time in writing my posts and reviews.

      Like you, I am a big organic person. I wish I had a garden!

      You, Sandra, are a great daughter. I appreciate your concerns about your mom. Again, please send her my best wishes. Tell her that Ella says “Hello!”

      Hope to chat with you again.

  • Hi Ella I really enjoyed your post about the benefits of bone broth.  I was unaware of some of the benefits you mentioned about bone broth being good for liver detox, kidney detox, better skin!!, etc.  This is great information for everyone.  I love making bone broth, however I will take your recommendations to cook and simmer all day.  I too remember my mom telling me about picking mushrooms in the woods and herbs and berries.  Sometimes we get caught up in the rat race and forget about the good things in life that we do for ourselves and our families.  Thank you for you great post and I look forward to reading more on your website.  

    • Hello!

      I am so glad you had the same experienced in life. Remember how simple life was? Your brother was holding your hand walking around with your parents in the woods on weekends for berries picking! You, as a little girl, was so excited to find that red-radiant and scrumptious wild strawberry! You were shouting, “It’s mine, its mine. Look, everybody!”

      It is indeed nice memories but the greatest thing is that I brought to my life a lot what I learned from my mom and my grandma. And if I can share that wisdom and, of course, my own knowledge with anyone who might appreciate it, THAT IS MY MAIN GOAL!

      Thank you for your time and interest. I sincerely appreciate it.

      From Ella with Love!

  • Hello Ella,

    I love the whole concept of healing the body with natural products. There are SO many essential nutrients and minerals available to us from what Nature offers. I would take any of them over big pharma stuff every time!

    Even though I’m vegan, I clicked on your article because I’ve always heard great things about bone broth and was hoping you might have an alternative to animal based broth that would supply the same benefits??

    I would be grateful if you have some ideas for this. 


    • Hi, Tom!

      You are a vegan. All power to you! 

      I used to be a vegetarian for years but had to go back on a “regular” diet–of course, “smart” diet! As a matter of fact, one of my future posts will be devoted to the topic of why I switched back.

      Anyways, there are some tricks for vegan people as well. In that post, I will touch upon this. This is a very interesting area and, as you might guess it, I am a superbly curious lady.

      So, see around!


  • Hello Ella,

    It is a great article – It reminds me of my childhood when my mother used to cook different old dishes which are not popular any longer.
    When we were sick she used to make chicken soup which was remedy for cold and it really worked.
    I like this article and I do believe it is really giving everyone a very easy and workable remedy in order to detox liver and kidneys. The article explains how to detox in detail and it definitely will be very helpful for everyone specially for those who are looking to become healthier.

    • Hello!
      I sincerely appreciate your time and your comment. It is very nice of you.

      Yes, our moms did such a great job raising us. I had never known what packaged food was, and that is why I cook from scratch with a rare exception. They gave us the “real” chicken soup! My mom’s chicken soup was always made with broth from chicken feet!

      I agree with you: using little homemade remedies and some clever how-tos we can do so much naturally for liver and kidneys detox and for our overall health. The name of the game is doing it consistently and “pick the best and leave the rest.” I have chosen my “best” and I am sticking with it!

      Unfortunately, some people try and want result ASAP. They don’t have the patience for those tricks and remedies to do their magic.
      But I am not tired to talk to anyone who wants to listen.

      Kind regards!

  • A long time ago I use to see my mother boil cow bones for soup broth because it added flavor.  Possibly she also knew about the health benefits.  I don’t remember.  I do remember however that she was actually just doing something she had been taught.  As for chicken feet, I have seen them sold in Chinese butcher shops in Montreal’s Chinatown but I never knew what purpose they served nutrients wise until now.  It is something I should look into to maintain healthy skin.

    • Hi, M.Tidbury!

      I know that first time anyone sees chicken feet–OMG! But they are the most nutritious. That is why even though I drunk the broth when I was a kid, I preferred not to look at those chicken feet.

      When I make the chicken feet broth myself, it has to be bones and feet from organic and pasture-raised chicken. And it is very hard to come by. That’s why I also buy bone broth. 

      Anyways, keep drinking the beef bone broth and chicken broth. There are tons of superb benefits, including strong nails – that is my latest discovery.

      Thank you for your time and input. I sincerely appreciate it.


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