Pitcher Perfect! How to Choose Best Infusion Pitcher

Do you remember your mom’s pitcher? I do! And today you will learn about pitcher perfect – how to choose best infusion pitcher.

Year after year, I and my brother were drinking fruit water from the best pitcher—the “Bubble.” It is how we named it because it was round with exaggerated spout. We loved our Bubble! It had striking ripple pattern. What a beauty!

If you decide to mess with homemade detox water recipes from my prior post, the next logical question is how to choose a pitcher.

Or maybe you want something different?

Mason jug, carafe jug, borosilicate glass, hand-blown, heat-resistant, with a lid, without a lid, stainless steel, air-tight, infusion insert?

Let’s start our quest. But first – why my review?

Pitcher Perfect! How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher

1. Should You Trust My Review? Get Facts!

With thousands of products out there, your head will spin. What have I spotted during my “investigation?”

“Mimicking” products and counterfeit, contradicting facts, goodies with false claims and, of course, fraudulent reviews of unverified customers or those with incentives for a positive spin.

So, next time you decide purely on what they say is “best,” be careful!

I have decided to ask my friends, co-workers and rely on common sense and my “investigative” skill.

I don’t go randomly through the products or reviews. Reverse engineering is my method and first – I study the overall topic and possible issues. Then I break my findings in small pieces and “investigate” all pros and cons separately.

When the situation is clear, and all “ingredients” and facts are on the open, I start putting everything back together. I logically connect dots and build a “case.” Of course, my “Nexis” is as far as I can stretch, but I Pitcher Perfect! How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher. Get The Factsdo my best. Sometimes a simple turn or discovery requires hours of research. My style is to educate and give all the facts that you choose wisely.

I will share with you what I will spot out and the best part – you don’t have to spend your valuable time!

Sounds reasonable?

Let’s review how to choose the best infusion pitcher – your modern “Bubble” with a know-it-all attitude.

Shall we?

2. How to Choose: Material Means Safety

For me, the #1 criteria in the pitcher are the material because it means safety. After all, you don’t want to drink detox water and follow other best detox practices only getting more “bad” stuff. True?

Glass, borosilicate glass, plastic, acrylic, or Tritan? Which one would you choose?


First, if it is plastic and BPA-free – that’s good. All manufacturers jumped in a BPA-free wagon to please us. But label “BPA-free” nowadays is not enough. Hundreds of other estrogen-mimicking chemicals can be damaging to your endocrine system.



I bet if you have to grab pitcher off the shelf just by touch, you will go for glass. And rightly so!

How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher. Fruit Detox Water Pitcher

  • Glass is safe since dangerous chemicals aren’t leaching to your drink.
  • Glass is easy to clean and maintain. It is safe to wash in hot water.
  • Glass is odor-resistant and doesn’t absorb any flavors.
  • Pitchers our of glass look very classy and elegant

One big PROBLEM – it requires TLC since it’s very fragile. So, watch out for those barbecue guests!

Borosilicate glass

I’ve mentioned few times borosilicate glass in one of my prior posts while writing about Pyrex glass for your other detox needs. In short, there are two versions of Pyrex glass—soda-lime silicate (tempered version) and borosilicate glass, the highest quality Pyrex. It is very resistant to thermal shock and therefore it is more money and challenging to get.

Stainless Steel

It is preferably that lid, ice and fruit inserts or their parts are made from food-grade stainless steel #304 (also known as 18/8 stainless steel.)

Made In China

Because of questionable manufacturing practices and requirements for quality in China, I will not buy any products made in China with a rare exception if a Chinese company is a partner with an established American or international brand. It is my personal preference. How about you?

Pitcher Perfect! How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher

3. Tritan – a New Frontier in Safe Plastic? “EA-Free!”

There is a new generation of BPA-free plastic – Tritan by Eastman Chemical.

As Chris Killian—a VP for specialty products—stated in one of his interviews, Tritan was designed to be “a tough, clear, high-temperature, chemically resistant and also dishwasher-resistant product.”

For real?

Tritan plastic looks like glass, but it is shatter-proof! Dream for all moms out there! You would appreciate that How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher. Tritan Plastic Shatter Prooffeature if you’ve ever broken your favorite vase or a wine glass.

What problem do you face after washing your plastic stuff (Zero Water Pitcher, anyone?) They became stained and look very “abused!” Sounds familiar? What a pain!

Tritan supposedly has a look that is clear and maintains its appeal and brilliance for years to come.

As of safety, Tritan is not only BPA-free (bisphenol A), but it is BPS-free (bisphenol S) and free from other harmful bisphenols. Third-party labs tested Tritan and found it is also free of any estrogenic activity (EA) and androgenic activity (AA).

In short, Tritan boasts:

  • Glass-like appeal
  • Shutter-proof
  • Stain resistance
  • BPA, BPS, EA, AA-free
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Durability

What’s not to like?

→ NOTE: Get your Tritan from Eastman’s partners only!

How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher. Tritan Plastic BPA BPS EA AA Free

4. Capacity, Design, Price – What’s Your Pleasure?

Wait. There is more!


Large capacity is a pitcher of 2 Quarts (2 liters) and up. You can get around 7-8 servings depending on the size of the glass. Ideal for two people. You can always buy a pack of 2!

On average, the classical glass pitcher can be from 50 to 90 oz.


Airtight lid – allow for mixing and shaking. You can place a pitcher on a side—a special bonus if you have a small refrigerator.

Stainless Steel lid with filtering function – no infuser needed. Or you can have stainless steel inserts for ice, fruits, and tea.


Since we are hunting for a pitcher and infuser bottle for everyday use and not as a wedding gift or luxury glassware, let’s keep the price under $50. It should be affordable, shouldn’t it?

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff – choosing your “Bubbles.”

5. Libbey Yucatan Glass Pitcher Hand-Blown in Mexico

Have you ever heard of Libbey Glass Company? Do you have any glassware at home with Libbey, Inc. stamp?

I was amazed to know that it is an established American brand in glassware since 1818!

Libbey is famous around the world for its traditions, innovation, and international impact on the glass making industry.

Well, will we find your Bubble here?


How about Libbey Yucatan Glass Pitcher?

Pitcher Perfect! How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher

It looks like my “old” Bubble and has the same classic ripple pattern. Wow! I remembered it was so cool to the touch.

What else?

  • It is the center of the party!
  • Perfect for chilled detox fruity water and frozen drinks
  • Huge capacity – 86.9 oz
  • Lead-free
  • Hand-blown in Mexico
  • Classy, timeless design

Interesting FACTS:

Do you know that Mexico is very famous for hand-blown glassware? How about over 500 years of glass making master craftsmanship? Some “lungs” those people have! Wow!

Pitcher Perfect! How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher. Hand Blown Glass

If I get hand-blown glassware, I only want it “Mexican” blown.

Since it is hand-made, you might see some “imperfections”—small bubbles or seams. Those bubbles can expand with extreme temperatures, and your pitcher will crack. So, don’t pour a hot drink in your pitcher.

Glass requires care and hand-wash. Not dishwasher safe!

Product details

  • Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 6.5 x 10.3 inches; 3.02 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • ASIN: B0767PG537
  • Item model number: 5941

6. Grosche BALI Borosilicate Water Infuser Pitcher Canada

When I bought the Grosche BALI Water Infuser Pitcher, I didn’t know what a fantastic company it is—a company with a great mission and an inspirational story. Please watch the video.


With Grosche BALI Water Infuser Pitcher, you don’t need infusion inserts! Just pour water, add ice, lemon, lime, and mint. Voila! You’ve got my “Mojito Way” detox water.

Why should you buy BALI?

  • BOROSILICATE glass handmade jug – durable and heat-resistant
  • Easy to pick it up and carry when full
  • Flavor-neutral
  • BPA and lead-free
  • Large capacity – 51 oz (1500 ml)
  • 18/8 Stainless steel (also known as type 304) filter infuser lid with double side opening (for fast and slow pouring)
  • Silicone base – assure stability and keep bottle secure
  • Fits your fridge door

Choose GROSCHE! It is a perfect answer to a question of how to choose the best infusion pitcher.

Your next cup will change a life!

Pitcher Perfect! How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher

7. Grosche COPENHAGEN Borosilicate Glass Double Walled Infuser Bottle

Travel? Long commute? Tired of Styrofoam cups?


COPENHAGEN Double Walled Glass Infuser Water Bottle is YOUR CHOICE!

Why should you buy COPENHAGEN bottle?

It is modern, sleek, and practical. Perfect for infusing tea and fruit detox water on the road.

You will get:How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher. Fruit Detox Water Bottle

  • BOROSILICATE glass bottle
  • Stainless Steel infuser – two pieces (longer – for tea and smaller – for fruits or tea bag)
  • Bamboo lid with a stainless steel interior
  • Protective neoprene carrying sleeve

The double-wall will insulate your drink and keep it cold or hot longer. Want extra durability? The answer is annealing – heat treatment and cooling the glass for one or two days. It makes COPENHAGEN the safest bottle. Proof? Pour in boiling water. You will see it.

Wow! Could it get any better? We’ve got your best infusion pitcher in a bottle!

→ MY EXPERIENCE: I bought this bottle and I am so glad I did! I have a long commute and love to sip my tea (without “paper” odor!), hot broth or my detox lemon water. COPENHAGEN has a sleek look, and it’s so cool to bring it for an executive meeting.

I LOVE GROSCHE and it’s perfect for a gift!


Pitcher Perfect! How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher


8. Takeya Tritan Airtight Pitcher USA-made

Takeya is an American company based in California. It has 55 years of Japanese tradition in innovation and sleek design.How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher! Made In The USA


Why Takeya Tritan Airtight Pitchers?

2 Quart pitcher is perfect for one or two people. Need more capacity? Get a pack of two!

Both options boast attractive features:

  • Airtight: leak-proof, you can shake a drink
  • Tritan: durable, odor and stain-resistant, withstand
  • hot or cold temperature
  • Handle: BPA-free silicone, assure no-slip grip
  • Design: sleek and compact, perfect for your fridge
  • Ideal for: detox water, juices, smoothies, and ice-tea

→ MY EXPERIENCE: I got a pack of 2 as a gift four years ago, and both pitchers look like new after daily use. I bought another pack of two 1-Quart pitchers for the office: one is for lemon water and another for mixing protein drinks. It is easy to handle and easy to clean.

Takeya Tritan Airtight Pitcher Pack of 2

Pitcher Perfect! How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher


Takeya Tritan Airtight Pitcher

Pitcher Perfect! How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher

The Best Infusion Pitcher: Set the Record Straight

So, we’ve got a new Bubble and it is PITCHER PERFECT!

Let’s breeze through.

You have the best options for glass, borosilicate glass and Tritan pitchers of different design, capacity, functionality, and best use cases. We dismissed plastic and acrylic products, and anything made in China.

Geography—the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Japan—is crucial due to stringent requirements to quality, design and established manufacturing traditions.

What should you remember?

  • Borosilicate glass cannot be cheap! It is hard to get the real deal.
  • Tritanit is “unbreakable,” safe and kid-friendly. So, drink outdoor without sacrificing the experience of elegance. Or if it’s spring break time, don’t sweat – get a Tritan pitcher and let your kids experience all the fun stuff.

Well, which one “blinked” your lights?

Ideally, you should have a classic glass pitcher if you don’t have it already like Libbey Yucatan Glass Pitcher, Grosche BALI Borosilicate Glass Infusion Pitcher and one or two Takeya Tritan Pitchers for mixing, shaking and any other “abuse.”

Did I forget Grosche COPENHAGEN Infuser Bottle?

Well, now you know how to choose the best infusion pitcher.

Have a little attitude and as I always say, “Choose wisely.”

Happy Bubbling!

How To Choose Best Infusion Pitcher

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.


Founder of Detox Generation

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  • Gosh, I never realised someone could have so much to consider when purchasing a pitcher. The one I have is tupperware, had it for years, it was my mother’s.

    I do like glassware and have several lovely glass pitchers that are antiques with glasses to match. No they do not come in to use for BBQ guests!

    I love the one you have in your review, the Grosche Bali is lovely. I like that it fits in the fridge door too.

    Thank you


    • Hi, Louise!

      Yes, Grosche BALI Borosilicate Glass Infuser Pitcher is my favorite because of many reasons. It has a sleek look, very functional, durable but #1 – is BOROSILICATE GLASS! (the best version of Pyrex.) So, you can put hot, cold and not worry about anything! And it is NOT China!

      As for BBQ guests – Takeya Airtight Pitcher is ideal for them! No worry whatsoever! Drop your pitcher, put it on a side – no spills, no breakage!

      Grosche and Takeya Pitchers from my review fit in a fridge door. That is so GREAT! Love it!

      I am so glad you still have your mom’s pitcher! Because it is our sweet memories. 🙂

      Thank you, Louise, and yes, check out Grosche BALI Hand-Made Infusion Pitcher.

      I appreciate your time and kind words.


      • Dear Josette!

        You are absolutely correct. That is why I DO NOT have Tupperware and I have never had. I suggest that nobody should have it precisely because of potential leaching of chemicals into liquid or food.
        With all the information out there, I am shocked that so many people still buy Tupperware.

        Believe it or not, this topic is on my editorial calendar of future posts.

        Thank you very much for your time and input. I sincerely appreciate it.


  • Wow that lemonade looks really nice on a hot summer’s day! Honestly I don’t come across infusion pitchers often so a post like this is really helpful. I definitely remember mom’s pitcher and those were the good old days weren’t they? Homemade detox water recipes sound pretty amazing. I particularly like the GROSCHE as it looks like it fits in the fridge nicely and looks great and also the COPENHAGEN for the same reasons. I’ll bookmark your page for when it’s soon time for a new infusion pitcher, thank you!

    • Hi!

      Yes, Grosche BALI Infuser Pitcher and COPENHAGEN Infuser Water Bottle are my favorite. And it is borosilicate glass! It is quality, sleek design, and safety. Love it!

      And, of course, I love the mission of Grosche that they give back to the less fortunate who don’t have clean water. I hope you watched the video on how they install a water filtration system in poor areas. 

      As for homemade detox water recipes, try them all and pick what you like the most given your mood. My favorite is “Mojito Way.” What’s yours?

      Thank you for visiting and please STAY AWAY FROM DRINKS OFF THE SHELF!


  • Great Article. I also genuinely believe that Borosilicate glass is the safest for keeping liquids and also using regularly. It not only provides safe liquid to drink and ensures that there is no contamination from harmful chemicals which might happen from plastic pitchers, but it is also sturdy and not brittle like normal glass pitchers. All your recommendations look really good and I look forward to checking some of them if they are available. 

    • Hi!

      I am so glad you know what borosilicate glass is. Most people don’t. For them – Pyrex is Pyrex. No difference.

      Well, I am replacing everything(!) in my kitchen item by item and switching to borosilicate glass. Few items I brought from Europe!

      Thank you for your compliment. Yes, it looks easy when research is done but to be fair, I’ve gone through so many similar pitchers that sometimes I see them in my dreams! I need to “un-pitcher” myself… 🙂

      There are tons of Chinese stuff out there and I strongly suggest you stick with the real deal.

      So, check out Grosche BALI Borosilicate Glass Pitcher and Grosche COPENHAGEN Borosilicate Glass Infuser Bottle. I have them both. My HIGH FIVE!


  • Great review!

    I like the list you have made and the one I like the most is the Grosche COPENHAGEN Borosilicate Glass Double Walled Infuser Bottle. Because I already have a glass pitcher of 2 litres to use in the house. Now I need one to take at work with me to keep my detox schedule would be much easier.


    • Hello!

      Thank you for visiting. I sincerely appreciate your time and your kind words.

      Yes, get Grosche COPENHAGEN Borosilicate Glass Infuser Bottle. Its the coolest thing for people who wants to infuse water or tea being on a road. When I travel for business, it is ALWAYS with me. And everybody keeps asking what it is for!

      Also, it is a superb GIFT because it is very stylish.

      I am very glad to help.


  • Yes! Ooh I remember that! Just looking at it gives me that taste back. I actually make it myself but reading about it makes me want to make more. I’ve always loved pitcher.

    And yes you need a good and strong glass container to keep it in. It is fresher that way and easier to handle. Things made in China is a real no no in my books.

    Thank you for the memories. This was a good read.


    • Hi, Aabidah!

      As I said in my other comment–what I did through this post is to remind people what’s matter and what some of them know. Remember the old saying that “everything new is actually well-forgotten old?”

      …Yes, poor quality standards in China is the reason that I quit for a while buying anything made in China. I am not taking the risk no matter the price!

      I am glad you liked this post. You probably will enjoy reading “Homemade Detox Water Recipes.” I am curious about which one you would choose for yourself.

      Well, thank you for stopping by. I sincerely appreciate your time and interest.

      By the way, which pitcher do you have and which one is your favorite? Let me know.


  • It has been a long time since I have actually set my eyes on one of these guys,  the last time I saw one was in my mum’s house and I actually disappear by letting it slip while doing the dishes, that was 8 years ago although I felt and still feel bad for breaking her favorite pitcher, I think getting her the Tritan plastic will be a good way to show her I was sorry, Have I made the right choice? 

    • Hi, Seun!

      Yes, you have. It is either Tritan or Borosicilate. But what is so great about Tritan is that they are air-tight, can be put on aside and unbreakable. You can mercilessly shake them, drop them or whatever. It is perfect for traveling, camping, going to the park, picnic or just having a party in your yard. Everything and everybody is safe.

      But, of course, another good thing: it is a new generation of plastic: BPA, BPS, EA, and AA-free. And this put me at ease. I have few Tritan pitchers and I am very glad I do. 

      Another reason: on the other day we had a power outage on West Side in Manhattan. Operating in darkness is not an easy proposition. Since my detox water was in Tritan containers, I had no fear that I would drop and break them! So, they are so handy in situations like this as well!

      Good choice!

      Thank you for stopping by. I sincerely appreciate it.

      Stay tuned!

  • I love the picture!  Makes me want to make some lemonade. 🙂  I settled for Raw ACV and stevia instead.

    YEAH! Plastic & China OUT! 😀  Glad you included the BPA issue.  People still think that because it’s BPA free, it’s good…not!

    Thanks for explaining Borosilicate glass.  I had no idea what that was.  Good to know about the Tritan plastic.  You’ve peaked my interest.

    I’m a mason jar gal myself.  I have a 1/2 gallon mason pitcher and it’s great.

    Did you know that South Jersey (USA) is known for it’s glass making, too?



    • Hello, dear Josette!

      Wow! I didn’t know that South Jersey is famous for its glass making. I have a lot of people I know from that area. I will definitely look into it and do my poking around. Thank you for the tip. I am so glad you have stopped by.

      I don’t use any sweeteners and lucky for me, I like a little bitter taste. But I guess stevia is OK. It is a personal choice.

      Regarding the choice of materials: yes, the ideal situation is borosilicate glass but certain “real” pieces (not China) is hard to get. I am working on a few posts about it. So, stay tuned. I myself is very curious about the topic.

      Well, you are correct about BPA-free: when people see BPA-free, they are sort of at peace. But! As we all know, nowadays it is not enough. There is a tremendous amount of other harmful “stuff” in the BPA-free plastic. And that is why Tritan with its BPA, BPS, EA, and AA-free is amazing.

      Again, thank you for your time and your knowledge. I sincerely appreciate it!

      Visit us soon!

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