Plastic Free Coffee Maker: Brewing With CHEMEX

Are you concerned about BPA or other plasticizers leaching into your coffee? You should be! In this case, you need a BPA or plastic-free coffee maker. So, learn about brewing with CHEMEX and get a pure and flavorful cup of coffee.

Well, remember that our ultimate goal is to stay healthy. Here, you have two tasks. On one hand, you should help your body to rid of existing chemical overload. But on the other hand, you should limit your exposure to new harmful chemicals. And coffee making protocol is not an exception. After all, you drink it every day!

Also, it is crucial to emphasize that plastic and high temperature don’t go well together. So, are there any plastic parts in your coffee machine? And if “yes,” harmful chemicals might be leaching into your morning cup of joe.

And that is what I will be covering in this post:

  • Why BPA is dangerous
  • What is a plastic-free coffee maker
  • Types of plastic-free brewing methods
  • The best coffee maker with no plastic parts

Well, let’s discuss this.

1. Plastic or No Plastic Coffee Maker?

First, it is crucial to remember that most electric drip coffee machines have plastic parts – for example, basket, reservoir, and mesh filter. Therefore, most models have BPA.

Second, what if a coffee machine specs indicate “BPA-free?” It simply refers to all materials that come in contact with coffee or water. It doesn’t cover other parts.

Third, even if a coffee maker is a BPA-free, other potential plasticizers that might harm you. For instance, have you ever heard about BPS, BPF, or phthalates?

Danger of Plastic

It should be noted that most plastics are the hormones disruptors. They act like your body’s real hormones and therefore confuse the body systems what to do.

Next, under the high—as well as low temperature—plastic elements might change their chemical composition. As a result, they can get into your food or beverages and negatively affect how you feel. Besides, when you have this exposure regularly, you will know what’s at stake—your health.

BPA Free Coffee Makers

Another critical point is that most coffee machines on the market today have plastic parts. Specifically, I refer to drip coffee makers, which most of you have. But plastics are not made equal.

In my prior post, “Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Best Buy in 2020,” I’ve reviewed, among others, a couple of BPA-free coffee makers. If you are serious, read the article and see which one brewer is the best for your lifestyle, habits, and budget. Pay special attention to the Technivorm Moccamaster. It’s not only a BPA but also BPS/BPF and phthalates free. So, you are safe.

→ TAKEAWAY: Most coffee machines contain plastic parts. Want to limit your exposure to harmful chemicals? Choose either BPA or plastic-free coffee makers.

Coffee Manual Brewing Methods

2. What is a Coffee Maker Without Plastic?

Now, if you want a plastic-free coffee maker, choose manual brewing methods:

  • Pour-over
  • French Press
  • Percolator
  • Turkish Coffee

It is critical to know that most manual coffee makers are made from metal, glass or both. And it’s even better if it is borosilicate glass.

So, what is so great about those brewing methods?


You cannot imagine more ‘down to the grounds’ method of coffee making than the pour-over. You put coffee into the filter and slowly pour over the hot water in a circular motion.

The advantage of pour-over? You are in total control of how much and how slow you are pouring hot water over the coffee. It is filtering through the grounds pulling out all aroma and flavors.

But don’t assume that you will be making the same cup of coffee every time. However, pretty soon, you will be skillful enough to get a perfect brew.

Well, what do you need? You – the barista–, a cup, filter, and a funnel. For me, I use a kettle since I can pour water more evenly. Also, you don’t need any electricity. So, boil water on a stove.

French Press vs. Pour Over Coffee

In contract to a pour-over method, French press gives you bolder and more intense coffee because more coffee oils are drawn out of grounds. However, there might be a possible issue of a gritty texture.

Next, the French press has three parts: a carafe, a plunger, and a filter—mostly stainless steel. To make your French press coffee, place grounds in the carafe, fill it with the hot water and let it steep. Finally, push the plunger down and enjoy your fabulous coffee.

→ TAKEAWAY: In short, manual coffee makers are plastic-free and made from metal and glass. The most artisan method here is pour-over.

Plastic Free Coffee Maker

3. CHEMEX Coffee Maker – Made in the USA

If you are concerned about plasticizers in your coffee, I strongly recommend brewing with CHEMEX pour-over coffeemaker.

Pure Design. Pure Flavor.

It is simple, elegant, and gives you the ultimate rich-bodied coffee. I love CHEMEX and can talk about its genius non-stop.

First, it is a work of art. No wonder you can see its permanent collection at MOMA NY and some other museums.

How about From Russia with Love? You might remember CHEMEX pour-over coffee maker as a feature in James Bond’s breakfast scene. It is stunning, especially the one with a wooden collar.

Another point, the iconic CHEMEX—designed in 1941— was so popular that it remained the same for all these years.

CHEMEX 6 Cup CoffeemakerChemex Coffee Maker With Bonded Chemex Filter

I am a big fan of CHEMEX and consider it the best manual brewing coffeemaker. My favorite is 6-Cup Classic CHEMEX.

You can benefit from Chemex in many ways:

  • CHEMEX Coffeemaker is made from non-porous, Borosilicate glass:
    1. It is heat-resistant and stable to the change in temperature.
    2. While brewing, it preserves coffee flavors and aroma.
    3. It will not absorb odors or chemical residues.
  • The proprietary CHEMEX brewing method allows coffee to be refrigerated for later use without losing taste and coffee nutrients.
  • Special CHEMEX Bonded Filters will keep out any sediments or bitter particles.

Product Specs

  • Capacity: 30 oz
  • Height: 8 ½”
  • Diameter: 5 1/8”
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Chemex Coffee Maker
  • Item: CM-6A
  • Made in the USA

Ideally, use 6-Cup Chemex Coffeemaker with patented CHEMEX Coffee Filters FP-1, FC-100, FS-100, FSU-100. They extract coffee unhealthy elements.

→ TAKEAWAY: If you want the most luxurious and safe coffee experience, CHEMEX Coffeemaker is your best option. It is an ideal plastic-free coffee maker and ultimate coffee pour-over equipment.


4. CHEMEX Coffee Instructions

Well, brewing with CHEMEX is easy. After a little practice, you get a good handle on this fantastic brewing method. It works for any beans and roasts. Also, it removes any bitterness and acidity. So, how do I do it?

Brew Coffee with CHEMEX

Grounds. First, get good coffee beans and grind them to medium coarse ground. Suggestion – use burr grinder. Proportions: use one tablespoon of grounds for every 5 oz cup. For stronger coffee, use a higher amount.

Filter. Second, place CHEMEX Bonded Coffee Filter into the top of the carafe. One side of your filter cone should have three layers. Also, be sure it covers the pouring spout.

Chemex Coffee Maker With Filter

Bloom. Third, place coffee into the filter cone. Start pouring hot (not boiling!) water in a circular motion over the grounds to make them wet. Then, wait about 30 seconds to let the gas inside of coffee to escape. It is a “blooming” process. You will see grounds inflate, and bubbles appear on a top. When unwanted gas from beans expel upward, water quickly starts pulling all coffee aroma and flavors.

First Pour. Start slowly pouring water over the grounds keeping its level below the top of the carafe (at least ¼ inch).

Brew On. Continue pouring water in circle and back-and-forth motion. It will ensure even saturation of coffee.

Enjoy. When brewing is complete, toss a filter and pour your coffee in your favorite mug.

Cleaning. I suggest you clean your CHEMEX coffee maker thoroughly after each use. You can carefully place it in the dishwasher. For me, I prefer a hand wash with soap, warm water, and a cleaning brush. Also, don’t forget to remove a wooden collar.

→ TAKEAWAY: Brewing with CHEMEX coffee maker is easy and straightforward. Use CHEMEX coffee filters and follow above CHEMEX coffee instructions.

5. CHEMEX How-To

I have been using the CHEMEX coffee maker for years and would love to give you a few practical tips.

How to Choose CHEMEX Model

What I love about 6-cup CHEMEX coffee maker is its versatility. You can make a single cup, as well as coffee for a few friends. For larger capacity, use 8- or 10-cup carafe.

Next, between a coffeemaker with either a glass handler or a wooden collar, choose the latter. There is a lesser risk of breakage. Also, it is delightful to the touch.

How to Keep Coffee Hot

Another critical point is how to keep coffee hot. From the experience of many CHEMEX fans, it might be an issue. The solution?

First, you can place the carafe directly either on a glass stovetop or gas flame. For both, use the low heat. And this is where borosilicate glass is a kicker since it is heat-resistant. But be always sure that there is liquid inside of a carafe.

Second, if you have an electric coil stovetop, place on top the CHEMEX stainless steel wire grid to prevent breakage. Also, you can use a cooling rack for cakes or cookies.SHOP NOW
Next, don’t forget to prep a carafe and mug by splashing them with the hot water.

How to Choose CHEMEX Filter

As for material, there are two types of filters – paper and metal. I prefer paper coffee filters and always can notice the difference in taste. For sure, CHEMEX paper filters extract unwanted elements. As a result, coffee is smooth, full-body, and not bitter.

→ TAKEAWAY: CHEMEX coffee maker is perfect when paired with CHEMEX bonded coffee filter. Make excellent coffee and keep it hot using glass, gas, or electric stove.


6. CHEMEX Quick Facts

It’s critical to know that CHEMEX brewer is not only known as a plastic-free coffee maker. So, you might be wondering – what else?

CHEMEX vs. Electric Drip Coffee Maker

Well, with CHEMEX coffee maker, you control the temperature of the water. Yes, it is more labor-intense, but it’s worth it. I call it a ‘labor of love.’ Coffee is tastier, rich-body, contains all flavors, and free from sedatives and unwanted chemicals.

The Best Personal Coffee Maker

Equally important, if you need only to make one cup, get a pint-size CHEMEX coffee brewer. It is ideal for offices, campus, or even travel if you are a coffee snob. Remember that for a good cup of joe, you don’t need anything complex. With the Chemex plastic-free coffee maker, you only need to know how to choose good coffee beans.

Or, if you also entertain, you can use 6, 8, or 10-cup CHEMEX coffee maker in both cases—to make one or multiple cups. Remember that CHEMEX is just a vessel. Since brewing is happening in the filter, the only difference is the amount of coffee and water.


Who Should Not Buy CHEMEX

Without a doubt, coffee is a very personal choice. And it would help if you always choose a home brewer matching your taste, lifestyle, habits, and size of your family. So, you might not need CHEMEX if you:

  • Always in a hurry
  • Don’t care about plasticizers in your coffee
  • Not choosy of aroma and flavors
  • Want coffee quickly and without manual labor
  • Are not concerned about quality brewing

In this case, learn how to choose an electric drip coffee machine.

→ TAKEAWAY: CHEMEX coffee maker is ideal if you appreciate a great cup of coffee, value the quality brewing process, want all flavors, and have a few extra minutes to be a barista.

Chemex Coffee Maker Instructions


Remember that you will significantly reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals if you make just a few changes. And using a plastic-free coffee maker is one of them. I did!

So, I strongly recommend CHEMEX pour-over coffee maker. My mom used it for years in the restaurant business for special guests. And I use it too—for my friends and me.

CHEMEX coffee maker is a perfect blend of art and science. And if you choose the best coffee beans, a unique borosilicate glass carafe will preserve all their natural flavors.

In summary, with CHEMEX coffee maker, you will get:

  • Elegant design
  • Simplicity of use
  • Plastic-free borosilicate glass
  • Ultimate coffee extraction
  • No compromising flavors
  • Easy maintenance
  • Brilliant engineering
  • Space-saving
  • Affordable price
  • Long life-time cycle

What else can you wish for?

So, master brewing with CHEMEX, the best plastic-free coffee maker. As a result, you will get perfect, pure and flavorful cup of joe.

Happy Brewing!

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.

Chemex Plastic Free Coffee Maker


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  • Plastic free borosillicate glass
  • Absorb odors and chemicals
  • Simple, easy to use


  • Glass can break
  • Manual brewing process
  • Take practice