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PureLife Coffee Enema Kit Reviews 2019

Sometimes, a new experience can seem threatening.

When it comes to a coffee enema for your liver detox, it shouldn’t be if you take the right steps. If you read “Best Home Enema Kit Buying Guide,” you are ready for my enema kit reviews.

After doing coffee enemas for seven years and practicing all dos and donts, I know that there is no “one size fits all.”

Enema kit recommendation will differ from various factors:

    • Are you a beginner or an advanced user?
    • How often you do a coffee enema?
    • What kind of enema you do?
    • Are you limited in space?
    • Planning colon cleanse?
    • Are you on a strict budget?

Considering those individual factors, I found products which meet ALL(!) requirements for users of various level of experience and needs.

All my kits and accessories recommendations are from Pure Life Enema, the US-based company.

Let’s see what is on a top of my list and why.

1. For Beginners – “All You Need” Enema Kit

New in enema “business?”

Or need to replace current enema equipment?

PureLife USA Made 2 Quart 304 Stainless Steel “All You Need” Enema Kit is an excellent option for you!


  1. 2 Quart 304 stainless steel enema bucket
  2. 5 ft medical grade silicone enema tubing
  3. Clamp
  4. Silicone nozzle
  5. Stainless Steel micromesh strainer
  6. Protective sheet
  7. Colon cleanse red tube – reusable
  8. “S” hook
  9. Enema book
  10. Instruction booklet
  11. 1 pound certified organic medium roast coffee

Coffee Enema Kit Reviews


  • USA-Made
  • NO RUST – highest quality 304-grade stainless steel
  • Materials – BPA, and latex-free
  • Perfect for coffee enema and colon cleanse
  • Bucket – no risk of breakage, can withstand a shock
  • Bucket position options: hanging or as a table-top.
  • Coffee – organic, air-roasted, mold and fungus-free


  • Stainless steel loves proper maintenance. Keep it adequately ventilated.
  • Cannot see how much liquid used.

→ Tip Since the bucket is not see-through, you should prepare coffee and pour each time precisely the amount you need.

For example, if you use 32 oz of the coffee solution and 2-step process with 16 oz each fill, pour only 16 oz in the bucket. After you expel it, pour another 16 oz.

No big deal!

BUY: Amazon

Bottom Line:

“All You Need” Enema Kit is for all your detox needs and any level of experience. You will invest once and always remember quality. And this is priceless!

If you don’t want any breakage and are OK with my tip, get this fantastic “All You Need” kit!


2. For Advanced Users. My Personal Choice Enema Kit

1.5 Quart Pyrex Glass with Glass Spigot is a high-quality reusable enema kit what I use regularly.


  1. 1.5 Qt (1500 mL) Pyrex glass bucket – holds 6 cups
  2. 5 ft medical grade silicone enema tubing
  3. Medical grade 3″ silicone nozzle
  4. Harness with “S” hook
  5. User guide

Coffee Enema Kit Reviews


  • Measuring lines allow you to see how much liquid coming in
  • Perfect if you have chemical sensitivity
  • You can hang a bucket or use it as a table-top model
  • Purest of materials – Pyrex borosilicate glass and medical grade silicone – perfect for chemical sensitivity
  • No plastic parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy assembly
  • USA-made


  • Glass can break
  • Difficult to transport
  • No additional accessories

→ Tip Harness might absorb small shock if the bucket does fall (my observation.) I use a strap to “secure” a standing bucket by “attaching” it to something steady on aside.

Buy: Amazon

Bottom Line:

I recommend PureLife 1.5 Qt Pyrex Glass Enema Kit for advanced users. It has no significant shortcomings of the enema kits of other brands. But glass is glass and can break.

Performing “enema” is not something intuitive. But if you are an advanced user, you have already adjusted to the specific “body movements” and know what to expect. You are more in control and probably will avoid any “accidents.” Your glass bucket is safe.

3. On The Budget? The Best Seller Starter Kit

If you are on the strict budget, the only quality coffee enema under $50 I can recommend is PureLife 1.5 Quart Plastic Enema Kit.


    1. A plastic bucket – great for 6 cups
    2. Stainless steel handle
    3. 4 ft medical silicone tube
    4. Medical clinch clamp/open end
    5. Stainless steel micromesh strainer
    6. Underbody protective sheet
    7. 1 pound organic medium roast coffee
    8. Enema book


Coffee Enema Kit Reviews



  • Clinch clamp (not a slide one like in other inexpensive kits) – No leakage from the tube
  • Silicone is 100% non-toxic
  • Open-end clamp – no nozzle required


  • Plastic bucket will degrade with extended use and should be replaced
  • Risk of leaching
  • Not recommended if you have chemical sensitivity
  • With time you will pay more

→ Tip: You should re-sterilize the colon tube by putting in boiling water for a few seconds.

→ Tip: Replace the tube after one year or earlier if needed

Buy: Amazon

Bottom Line:

Seven years ago, when I started with coffee enemas, I bought a kit with a plastic bucket and tube. I didn’t know any better and had to replace them frequently, especially a tube. Despite proper maintenance, I didn’t want to take any risk of mold built up.


So, with all respect to your budget, I still encourage you to put a few more extra dollars and go with the PureLife Stainless Steel option (especially if you are a beginner.)

But if it is not possible or if you are not sure that you will continue coffee enema protocol, PureLife 1.5 Qt Plastic Enema Bucket Kit is the next best option.

4. Silicone Enema Bag for Travelers

Now all your basic needs are covered. But I would love to add one more option to my PureLife enema kit reviews.

Travel frequently? Don’t want to miss your enema?

PureLife 2 Quart Silicone Enema Bag is a perfect solution for this.


  1. See-through medical silicone enema bag with wide mouth opening
  2. Medical grade silicone tubing with clamp
  3. “S” hook for hanging
  4. 3” medical tapered enema tip
  5. Enema booklet

Coffee Enema Kit Reviews


  • Can monitor the level of liquid used
  • Wide mouth opening for easier cleaning
  • Silicone will not degrade with use – can use any enema solution
  • Tubing can be sterilized in boiling water
  • Medical tip assures comfortable insertion
  • Very easy to transport


  • Cannot be used in a standing position
  • Not as easy to dry and maintain as glass or stainless steel bucket

Buy: Amazon

5. Must-Have Enema Accessories

Tube Cleaning Brush

I need to warn you about the issue I was not aware of in my early days of doing coffee enemas—MOLD!

I threw many(!) tubes and wasted money after a couple of months of use.


Water droplets after cleaning stay inside and will cause mold built up with time. Soon you will notice little blackish spots inside. Would you continue using tube like this?

With PureLife tubing brush, you can be sure that your tube and nozzle stay clean and mold-free.

Coffee Enema Kit Reviews

Coconut Soap

After each use, you should spend a few minutes and adequately clean all your enema tools.

And if you’ve already committed to getting high-quality equipment to assure great experience and long-lasting investment, doesn’t it make sense to ensure proper maintenance?

So, last must-have in your enema took kit is the right cleaning solution.

What kind?

I strongly recommend using gentle, non-toxic, and chemical-free.


No matter how well you dry your kit, you don’t want any chemical residue, do you?

Get this 100% Pure Coconut Oil Soap made from organic coconut oil, unrefined and non-GMO.


  • Saponified Coconut Oil, Water, and Citric Acid
  • Provide great cleansing lather
  • Gluten-free
  • Parabens and Sulfates Free
  • Vegan
  • Certified organic by CCOF: California Certified Organic Farmers

Coffee Enema Kit Reviews


Check Flow Valve (optional)

What might happen during enema?

If you have been detoxing for a while, you know the answer—BACK UP FLOW.

It happens when your colon gets full or you change a body position. It is natural that the enema solution is pushed back into a tubing.

If you want to keep your tubing hygienic, you need a Check Flow Valve.

For me, I don’t use a check flow valve because I want that extra room in the tubing to relieve extra pressure.

The choice is yours!

Coffee Enema Kit Reviews

6. Lost Minerals and Electrolytes – What To Do!

You are detoxing your liver. Congratulations!

But do you know that coffee enema can deplete the body of vital minerals and electrolytes?

Well, you should support your entire system during detox. It is crucial for bone health!

The most natural way to replenish lost minerals is JUICING!


Green Juice After Enema

If you don’t juice enough, you should use this Fulvic Mineral Supplement which will replenish the lost minerals. I do both—juicing and this fantastic minerals supplement.

Fulvic Ionic Minerals (x200 concentration) contains fulvic acid, humic acid, 77 trace minerals in their optimal ionic form, electrolytes, and amino acids.

This product is a multi-directional antioxidant and helps with the following:

  • Helps to alkaline the body
  • Transform inorganic substance into organic to remove from the body
  • Breaks down salt acids which surround cell membranes
  • Transport nutrients into cells
  • Moves toxins out of cells
  • Pull heavy metals out of the body

What to do?

Add a few drops of the Fulvic Ionic Minerals into your juice or water after enema.

Stay balanced!

Coffee Enema Kit Reviews

7. No “One Size Fits All” – Choose YOUR Enema Kit

I have tremendous respect for a coffee enema. Seven years ago it saved me from medical intervention when doctors found elevated enzymes in my liver.

I made some mistakes and hope you will avoid them.

Because coffee solution goes inside of the colon, you should have high-quality and reliable equipment to assure great experience and excellent result. There is no compromise here!

Since there is no “one size fits all,” you should always take into consideration your needs, experience, short and long-term goals.

In summary, choose among the following:

You should learn all appropriate steps up-front, be comfortable, and take care of your body before and after enema.

Before enema: drink a lot of water and get your lymph moving—power walking, swimming or at least rebounding for 10 minutes.

After enema: restore lost minerals and electrolytes by juicing and using Fulvic Ionic Minerals.

So, have you made up your mind? 

With all those fabulous options, you will choose the right enema kit!

Happy Detox!


If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Founder of Detox Generation


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