Weighted Hula Hoops Review. Best Buy!

Are you a hula hoop fan? Have a passion for hooping as I do? If not, I encourage you to kick start your hooping challenge for the benefit of your health, fitness, and overall feel good. This weighted hula hoops review will answer the key question: what is the best weighted hula hoop and why.

Well, what are your concerns?

Do you struggle with weight? Joined a gym and quit? Dream about sexy six-pack but hate crunches?

Welcome to the club!

Whatever your goal is, weighted hula hoop can be your calorie burner, personal aerobic assistant, the best fitness buddy, and a great helper for a better detox.

Please read my post, “Choose Weighted Hula Hoop. Get Healthy and Sexy.”

So, let’s find your hoop.

Weighted Hula Hoops Review. Best Buy

1. Best Weighted Hula Hoop  USA-Made

Are you a beginner? Want easy-breezy hooping?

Well, how about Canyon Weighted Hula Hoop 42″?

This Model R-1000 has the ideal combination of weight and size to help you rip all the benefits of hula hoop exercise.

Why Canyon Hoops?

First, it is a USA-based nifty company specializing in making quality hand-crafted hula hoops for over 15 years. Second, Canyon people have passion, love, and zest for hooping.

Next, you as a hoop lover are the center of Canyon Hoops focus and their dedication to quality and customer service.


Weighted Hula Hoops Review. Canyon Hoops


Why this hoop?


      • 42” outer diameter
      • ¾” polyethylene strong tubing
      • Snap button connector
      • Average weight: 1.5 to 2 lbs.
      • 1” gaffer tape grip
      • Made in the USA
      • 30-day money-back guarantee
      • Hand-made and hand-crafted
      • 1-year materials and craftsmanship guarantee
      • Lifetime no-crush guarantee
      • Perfect for beginners

2. Assembly of Canyon Hoop

What to Do Before Assembly

Out of package: your hoop is coiled and securely wrapped in two equal rounds—half of the said diameter. It is looped into itself. So, wiggle carefully one end while holding the other firmly. You need to do it for the hoop to “breath” and get a perfect circle shape.


Weighted Hula Hoops Review. Looped Hoop Before Uncoiling

Weighted Hula Hoop Review. Unlooped Hoop


Next, you should leave your “unlooped” hoop in a heated room for at least 24 hours. It will uncoil to its full size on its own.

Lastly, after 24 hours, stand the hoop in front of you with your hands 6 inches from the ends of the circle. Put your foot on the bottom of the hoop and pull up and out a few times to complete the full circle.

Finish Your Hoop

Canyon hoop comes with a snap button connector for effortless assembly. Stand the hoop in front of you with one hand on each side of both ends.

Press down on the button to let it enter the opening. Push the ends together. You may need to twist your hoop a little. Be sure that the button is entirely in the hole.

Now, test if the hoop is completely “closed” by twisting it and trying to pull it apart.

Voila! Your hoop is ready, and it’s perfectly round.

Well, convinced?

Get it now!

Weighted Hula Hoop Review. Finished Hoop



3. Weighted Exercise Hula Hoop

How would I rate the Canyon weighted hula hoop?

Please consider the user experience, hoop weight, and other parameters as part of this weighted hula hoops review.

Hooping with Canyon

Are you ready to hoop?

As a beginner or a renaissance circle fan, with Canyon Hoops, you will be “hooping” in the right direction. What will you practice?

Move hips side to side, back and forward and focus on keeping a hoop up at the point when it touches your body.

A critical point, keep spinning and follow the movement of the circle. As a result, you and hoop should be one thing!

With Canyon weighted hoop, it is easy—the circle is rotating slower, and you have time to “think!” and be in control.

Also, keep your posture straight and pull in the stomach. Lastly, wear an athletic top—you will be sweaty.

Weighted Hula Hoops Review. Circling Weighted Hoop

Hoop Weight

Curious if your weighted hula hoop weighs what it should?

With this in mind, I’ve checked and found a small discrepancy. But it is no big deal because all Canyon hoops are hand-crafted.

So, give the manufacturer a couple of ounces “break” in weight precision.

I am hooping every day and thrilled with my Canyon hoop. And that is the reason for this weighted hula hoops review.

My Rating: 9/10

      • Arrived – Quickly
      • Uncoiling – Easy
      • Assembly – Easy
      • Smoothness – Perfect
      • Grip – Perfect
      • Instructions – Easy
      • Quality – High-Five
      • Weight – Slightly Off

My Experience

First, the Canyon fitness weighted hula hoop is durable, sturdy, flexible, not slippery, and easy to spin.

Second, gaffer tape is evenly spaced and kick the real grip.

Third, the circle has a smooth inner surface to prevent or reduce bruising, even though I have never got bruised.

In conclusion, I’ve tried different hoops and can compare them. It didn’t take me long to find out that I have the best weighted hula hoop. Worth every penny!

Calyon Weighted Fitness Hula HoopSHOP NOW

4. Adjustable Weighted Hula Hoop USA-Made

Are you planning to progress with hooping? Are you committed to your success?

Canyon Hoops have a solution to this.

Get Two-In-One Adjustable Weighted Hula Hoop for Fitness—36” (small) and 40” (medium.)

The trick? You can adjust its size and weight by removing a tubing segment.

Start with 40” and get the hang of it. Keep spinning and learn the basic moves. In the meantime, is there anyone in your family who is smaller? Share your passion and share your hoop!

Want more challenges?

Remove a segment from your circle and switch from 40” to smaller 36” diameter. Why?

You will get additional aerobic benefits since a smaller hoop is rotating faster and it takes more effort to keep it in the air.

Well, what you will get?


Adjustable Canyon Weighted Hula Hoop



      • 36” and 40” outer diameter
      • ¾” polyethylene strong tubing
      • Snap button connector
      • Push-button customization
      • Weight average: 1.5 lbs. – 2 lbs.
      • 1” gaffer tape grip
      • Made in the USA
      • 30-day money-back guarantee
      • Hand-made and hand-crafted
      • 1-year materials and craftsmanship guarantee
      • Lifetime no-crush guarantee
      • Perfect for beginners and intermediate level

Hooping with Adjustable Weighted Hula Hoop

With Canyon Two-In-One Weighted Hula Hoop, you will learn the basic hip moves quickly or get back your hooping “feel” from childhood.

Do you know that there are 30 muscles around your core?

Well, go right to work. You don’t even have to push hard. Do a little every day and learn how to keep yourself into the flow of your circle.

Weighted Hula Hoops Review. Buy the Best!Slowly advance from 40” diameter to a small hoop to add more intensity and aerobic difficulty. You can always switch sizes depending on your mood and what you want.

You will maximize your weight loss, trim waistline, strengthen abdominal, boost digestion, and speed up your lymph.

Do you want to try hooping in lotus pose? I challenge you.

So, hit your favorite soundtrack and smile!

5. Buy Weighted Hula Hoop

Haven’t picked your hoop yet? Oh, no!

Obviously, there are lots of different ways of fitness and exercise. But a weighted hula hoop is the coolest and simplest device to tone your muscles and get you healthier.

So, tired to wake up and think again and again, “I wish…?” Or is it just time for a new hoop?

Whatever the reason is, make your pick.

The time your hoop is unraveled, you are good to go. And after having it for a while you can say, “My weighted hula hoop is BEST!”


Don’t go on looking. Don’t ask where to buy weighted hula hoops. The answer is to BUY IT HERE!

Well, whatever you choose, avoid hoops:

      • Too light – require more efforts
      • Too heavy – will put extra pressure on your spine
      • With ridges, bumps or magnets – can hurt and bruise your skin

Next, want two sizes in one?

Don’t guess. Get adjustable two-in-one fitness weighted hula hoop.

As can be seen, with this weighted hula hoops review, we are giving GREEN LIGHT to Canyon Hoops!

So, keep spinning and fire off your abs. Life is beautiful.

Happy Hooping!

Weighted Hula Hoops Review. Best Buy

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.


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Weighted Hula Hoop


Delivery Time




Easy to Assemble/Use



  • Perfect Grip and Smoothness
  • Lifetime no-crush guarantee
  • Hand Made in USA


  • 24 hrs uncoiling
  • Hello! What a positive post I have met during searching for some fitness tips for me! Great post, indeed, good to know that I am not the only one who has troubles with visiting fitness as I do not see the results soon enough! 

    Anyway, due to your great insight I know now which Hula Hoops to choose and where to buy it, I have thought about that lately. The adjustable Hula Hoops seems the best choice for me and after reading your post I have a taste to start today right away! 

    Thank you for your great post and I am looking for another one of yours.

    Have a great summer.

    Bye Renata

    • Dear Renata!

      Yes, the beauty of adjustable weighted hula hoop is that you can go back and forth changing intensity or your exercise. That is why I have included it in my review, especially if a person is planning to progress in hooping skill.

      Please be patient with results. Just keep hooping and you WILL see results. Of course, you should combine it with proper diet–not any fad diet! 

      Remember: nobody knows your body better than you do! Well, follow your instincts and “push and pull” if you have to. Your body is a very expensive car. You just have to know how to drive it.

      Well, with a hula hoop you will become a better “driver.” Why? Because it teaches you how to “be aware” of your body.

      So, get your adjusted weighted hula hoop and have FUN!


  • What an eye-opener this post was, Ella

    I never even knew there was any such thing as a weighted hula hoop! Although I know about aerobic benefit of using a hula hoop this is new to me.

    It can be quite challenging to keep up a gym membership, even though it has been paid for, and the ability to get fit and stay fit at home is a great advantage, especially if you already have a busy lifestyle.

    A friend of ours gave us a hula hoop a couple of years ago and the Wife and I take it in turns to use and it certainly has made a difference. It’s a little worn and shabby now and the only way to continue getting the benefit of it is to simply use it for longer and longer every time. I take it with a weighted hoop, that can be worked around by adjusting?

    You’ve not only given me useful information on something I knew nothing about, I know also know where to buy one!

    • Hi, Richard!

      I am so glad you and your wife are hooping. Wow! Please continue doing this. This is awesome. 

      Yes, a circle with extra weight can be very beneficial. I am sure you will enjoy reading my other post “Choose Weighted Hula Hoop. Get healthy and Sexy.” Please let me know how you like it. I suggest very much you get a Canyon Weighted Hula Hoop, especially the adjusted weight hula hoop. But please be sure to pick the right one!

      A hula hoop is a ridiculously “easy” device in term of maintenance and use. Just stand in the middle of your living room have an open space in each direction equal to the outer diameter of your hoop plus a few inches. What can be simpler than this?

      I spin my circle every morning for 15-20 minutes as a part of my morning healthy regimen of wellness and detox. I love every minute of it! The only reason I have a gym membership (it is a pricey thing!) is because of the swimming pool. Well, I cannot swim in my apartment. That is no subject of negotiation for me. 

      The beauty about the hoop – you literally can do it everywhere.

      So, get your new weighted hula hoop and keep spinning.

      Happy hooping!

  • Amazing how much detail is going inside the creation of hula hoops! And here I am thinking they’re nothing more than mere plastic but so many elements are inside, it’s remarkable especially those grips. I’m thinking of getting one for my niece, would you say the weightier the hoops, the better?

    • Hi, Riaz!

      Great question. It all depends. There are a few things involved: how old is your niece, will she be hooping only or as all kids–and me when I was that age–wants to jump through the hoop, roll it, throw it in the air and play with her friends… If she is 6-13 years old, 32″ 1 pound hoop will be perfect.

      If she a young adult, I would go with an adjustable weighted hula hoop (36″ – 40″) which is primarily for fitness and exercise. It is not for dance, play or performance. She will start with 36″ which is a little harder to rotate since it is lighter but it is more appropriate for her age and height. Then she can add a hoop segment and make it larger in the diameter. She can pick and choose.

      As for the construction of the hoop, I myself was shocked how much precision and details go into this seemingly very simple product. That is why I choose USA-made.

      Good luck and let me know how she likes it!


  • Thanks for opening my eyes to another option for making getting in shape with a fun exercise. Using a hula hoop is something that I think most people have done at one point in their lives, so adding this piece of equipment and exercise to a routine can help keep a person in the right mindset with their fitness goals.

    The weighted hula hoops available on the market offer a lot of versatility and the ones that you have reviewed seem to be ones that are the best too. The Canyon Hoops brand is the one that I will go with as you suggest, my wife has also looked at the options and likes these.

    Their 2-in-1 adjustable hoop models are just what we need. She likely will want to use the smaller version while I will try the bigger setup that you get with this model. I have checked the pricing and they are not that expensive at all. I expected them to be more expensive. Great review and idea – weighted hula hoops can be fun and helpful!


    • Hi, Dave!

      Yes, get an adjustable weighted hula hoop. It will be ideal for both of you since you can easily remove or add a hoop segment. Great choice. I have a few hoops myself and can pick what I feel the best for this precise moment.

      And you are right–it is not just fun exercise. It calms me down and during those 20 minutes, I meditate. Never mind rotations of the hoop help you to relax your mind. I love it! I am a good hooper and can do it with my eyes closed. Can you?

      Hooping for wellness is a huge trend now among generation X and baby boomers. And we all know how to hoop because we all did it when we were kids! Dejavu?

      Well, thank you for stopping by and say hello to your wife.

      Please come back and let me know how you are progressing with your hoop! I would love to hear from you.

      Kind regards!

  • The post is good, very informative. I actually wanted to read every word to see where it was going. Very thorough post. As a review, I think you should not neglect to tell your readers about dedication and hard work that is needed and you have done justice to that. Generally, I love keeping fit but hula hoops have never been part of what I used to keep fit. I’m going to make sure I check out one this weighted hoops to use. Thanks Ella for the lost.

    • Hello, Jackson!

      I am so much appreciative for you commenting on how much work is required. Thank you very much.

      Yes, I used everything I know about hula hooping from my experience, my friend’s knowledge and, of course, staying up-to-date. And it is a lot.

      As much as a hula hoop can be beneficial, as a fit person, you know that consistency is everything. Magic doesn’t happen overnight.

      Well, try to include hooping in your regular training. You will enjoy it.


  • Rather interesting to discover there’s a lot going into the making of a hula hoops than just being a mere coiled stick. What misconception I have nursed before I read this post. Though I’m not a big fan of hopping however, reading through the benefits associated with it makes me have a rethink and this canyon adjustable hoops is just great. At least, I would be able to share it with my wife. 

    • Hi, Stepho!

      Like you, I was shocked to find out how much work is required to make that, as you said, a “coiled stick.” No kidding. Right?

      Even if you are not big on hooping, – no problem. Since you can share the adjustable weighted hula hoop with your wife, get it and at least do it sometimes. Trust me, hula hooping is a big trend among guys as well. Why?

      The answer is six-pack! But ladies – we love defined abs as well.

      Thank you for stopping by. Please give it a try.


  • Hi! I didn’t know that there is so much detail going inside the creation of hula hoops! I also didn’t know that there are 30 muscles around my core. I guess it is very important to strengthen those muscles, especially if one suffers from back pain (which I do). Thank you for sharing this article: as I am a beginner, I had no idea regarding how to choose an hula hoop. Now I know what I should look for!

    Thanks .

    • Unfortunately, I also know what back pain is. Years ago I had spinal surgery. Now you understand why I am so careful. I am not taking any chances.

      Well, 1-1.5 pound weighted hula hoop is sufficient for you. Very light hoop requires more efforts to get the circle going. A too heavy one will put more pressure on your back. Please be mindful about it.

      Of course, I don’t know about the level of your back problem. Please talk to your doctor or your physical therapist. I only remember words of my spinal surgeon years ago, “I can decompress the nerve, the rest is your responsibility!” That is why I continue swimming to support the strength of my back muscles. Hooping helps with the core.

      Why core and back muscles are so important, especially for people with back pain history?

      Because they are the gates for the spine!

      Please, exercise wisely and stay tuned. A lot of interesting things are coming!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • I just finished your article on how weighted hular hoops can help keep one in shape and also healthy, and I really found that impressive and wanted to give it a try

    So I decided to.check out your review to know which one would be the best buy.

    I do love the idea of the two in one weighted hula hoop since I can always adjust it to soothe my desired need in time.

    Will surely try out the Canyon 2 – 1 weighted hular hoop and see how it goes.


    • I agree, Queen!

      Adjustable weighted hula hoop – you cannot go wrong. It gives you more flexibility and fitness options. I have it, I love it and very happy that you might consider getting it.

      Please, let me know how you will be progressing. Even though I cannot hoop with you, but I will be the best fan of the “Queen Hoopers Club!”

      Sincerely and stay fit!

  • I’m still amazed about what goes on in making these modern hula hoops.  The Canyon Weighted Hula Hoop sounds like the right hula hoop for me as I could adjust it to my needs or adjust it until I find out what my specific needs are in terms of exercise.  The fabricator seems to have thought of everything even anti-bruising.  I love the choice of colours they appear to come in too.

    • You are 100% on the money!

      The adjustable weighted hula hoop is amazing because it gives your options to go back and forth and change size–the diameter–and weight. What’s not to like?

      Don’t think about anybody else – the most precious is what you think about yourself and how you feel.

      So, will a hoop be your friend? I really hope so!

      Thank you for stopping by and please let’s continue this conversation


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