What Is Compromised Immune System?

Today, like never before, would you like to know how to strengthen your body defense? First, learn what is a compromised immune system, its causes, and danger. Then – what to do. And I am not talking about eating raw garlic or supersizing yourself with vitamin C. That’s given.

Well, have you ever thought why are you sick? Is it natural and a part of life? Maybe.

But it shouldn’t be this way.

In this post, we will attempt to answer the question of why being sick is not necessary and what to do about it. Besides, we will discuss the following topics:

  • causes of a weakened immune system
  • the danger of chronic inflammation
  • different types of immunity
  • how to boost the immune system

So, do you want to say “goodbye” to the flu and the common cold?

Then shield yourself with knowing what is a compromised immune system, it’s causes, danger and what to do.

1. Causes of a Weakened Immune System

First, how often are you sick?

Well, if it is a concern, your immune system probably needs some boost. Let’s see why you might be prone to infections.

Rise of Infectious Diseases

Overall, there are two significant reasons why, with all advances in medicine, there is a tremendous increase in infectious diseases:

  1. increased resistance of harmful bacteria to antibiotics
  2. rising immune disorders, inherent or acquired

So, on the one hand, bacteria became more aggressive. On the other hand, many people struggle with immune deficiency. It might be from birth when a person lacks specific immune defense. Or it is a result of the continuing impact of negative factors.

Why Immune DeficiencyMedications

The most known causes of a weakened immune system are:

  • unhealthy diet
  • poor ecology
  • chemical overload
  • harmful social factors
  • cancer
  • HIV
  • insomnia
  • certain medications
  • chronic stress

Well, regarding cancer, I know from my experience what is a compromised immune system. After chemo and radiation, I felt like 90 years old – my immune system was over exhausted! So, rebuilding my body defense was my top priority. But at least it was evident.

In contrast, a lot of ‘healthy’ people, unfortunately, don’t know they have a weak defense. That is why they get sick again and again.

Signs of a Weak Immune System

But how do you know that you have a compromised immune system?

Well, do you have the following signs:

  • digestive issues
  • constipation
  • weakness
  • anemia
  • often respiratory conditions
  • sinuses problems
  • running nose
  • skin infection

It is worth to stress out that constipation, for example, is the most widely spread among all ages in the United States. (1)

And, if so many people struggle with it, what can be said about their immune system?

TAKEAWAY: Rising immune deficiencies are either inherent or caused by a compromised immune system.

What Is Compromised Immune System?

2. What Is Weak Immunity?

Before building a robust immune system, first, you should understand the basics of what is a compromised immune system and why it is dangerous.

For this, learn about how the body fights pathogens and the structure of the immune system.

You should know that your immune system is a complex network of organs, fluids, and cells. The most known among them are white blood cells (WBC), macrophages, natural killer cells (NK), antibodies, bone marrow, and lymphatic system.

For example, white cells are your surveillance system. And what if you don’t have enough of them?

Or, would you like to boost the activity of your NK cells by up to 437%?

As a result of WBC low count, the following functions might suffer:

  • identifying foreign invaders
  • activating the immune attackPathogens Cartoon Character

Well, in this case, harmful bacteria or fungi remain undetected and continue multiplying. As a result, your odds of getting sick again are increasing rapidly. And it might be one of the answers to what is a compromised immune system.

Besides, if your immune system doesn’t have any break, will it have enough soldiers to fight again and again?

Another crucial point: let’s assume that infection, stress, or other negative factors attack you simultaneously. In this case, you have to find foreign invaders on a few fronts.

So, how will your immune system handle it if it’s already weakened?

Gut Inflammation

Next, around 80% of all your immune cells are in your gut. (2) Therefore you should pay special attention to cramping, bloating, constipation, or any other gut problems.

Besides, it is critical to know that inflammation is the second line of body defense. It is a protective reaction of an immune system.

In general, it takes time for the inflammation to resolve. But what if the infection persists because your immune defense is weak?

Well, now you are in danger of unresolved inflammation.

TAKEAWAY: Weakened immune system cannot adequately identify and fight infection. Furthermore, it can result in chronic inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation

3. Signs and Danger of Chronic Inflammation

Obviously, the next critical point is why you should avoid chronic inflammation.

Benefits of Short Term Inflammation

But first, inflammation is the body’s protective reaction.

Some external signs of inflammation:

  • pain
  • swollenness
  • heat
  • pulse
  • redness

Well, inflammation is a natural process and it is needed to heal. It is the body’s 911 signal.

When something is wrong, cells release chemicals to alert the body’s immune system. In turn, it activates a complex chain of events. And one of them is sending immune cells to the affected site to defend and heal.    Click here to read more.

But there is a potential danger!

When the Body Fails to Control Inflammation

What if there is too much help?

It is critical to stress out that the body might fail to regulate the immune defense. In this case, it might continue sending immune cells to ‘fight.’ As a result, you are in a constant state of alert.

Well, what does it do to you?

Now you have an over-reactive immune system that might cause damage to the body’s organs.


Auto-Immune System Disorders

Uncontrollable immune cells start attacking their own body causing significant damage. It is a so-called autoimmune response. For this reason, a person might face dangerous consequences.

On the one hand, the problem can be local and very debilitating, for example, rheumatoid arthritis. On the other hand, persistent inflammation can be spread in the body and be ‘invisible’ but dangerous. (3)

Below are examples of chronic inflammation:

  • low-grade fever
  • ulcer
  • muscles ache
  • joints problem – arthritis
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite
  • poor circulation

Furthermore, chronic inflammation can trigger cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular, and some other health problems.

TAKEAWAY: Inflammation is a protective body response. But if not controlled, it might attack the body and trigger chronic diseases.

4. Difference between Passive and Active Immunity

So, now you know that a healthy body defense is not only strong but also smart. And this is how you should choose your best immune remedy. Again, it has to boost and strengthen, as well as regulate and control.

But how we get immunity in the first place?

Acquired Immunity

There are different types of immunity—specific, non-specific, innate, and acquired. We will focus on acquired or adaptive immunity.

Often, looking back to the past is the smartest way to know what to do. Let’s turn to mother nature how it transfers immunity from mother to baby. And it is a perfect example of acquired immunity.

Well, acquired immunity is the body’s 3rd line of defense. It is specific to certain types of pathogens. Opposite to acquired immunity, we inherit innate immunity. It’s your body 1st and 2nd line of defense. Overall, acquired immunity can be either active or passive.

The difference?

Immunization Cartoon

Active Immunity Examples

In the case of active immunity, you are exposed to the foreign substance. As a result, the body responds to the danger by creating antibodies. It is how your immune system is activated. Hence, the name “active” immunity.

Examples of active immunity are infection and immunization. (4)

Examples of Passive Immunity

In contrast, in the case of passive immunity, you ‘borrow’ antibodies. It can be from a human, animal, or gained artificially. For instance, passive immunity is the transfer of the antibodies from mothers to the fetus through the placenta and colostrum. (5)

Compared with active resistance, the passive defense has the following features:

  • responds to infection immediately
  • the effect is not long-lasting

TAKEAWAY: In the case of acquired immunity, there is a specific response to a targeted invader. The result of active resistance is the production of antibodies. Passive resistance – you borrow outside antibodies.

Happy Woman

5. Get a Healthy Immune System

So, what can you do to get your body defense to a healthy state?

Well, nowadays, a lot of people are sensitive about immunization and flu shots. So do I. Furthermore, coupled with rising bacteria resistance to antibiotics, that method is not viewed as most reliable. Of course, it is a personal choice.

Passive Immunity to the Rescue

It leaves us with the wisdom of mother nature—we should borrow antibodies from somebody else.


It has to boost and strengthen, as well as regulate and control. Additionally, more and more people prefer a natural approach to their health. So, our goal is to acquire immunity through a holistic and superbly effective method.

With this in mind, let’s cover all features of the ideal immune remedy. We need it to know what is a compromised immune system and what to do.

Best Immune Supplement

First, your natural defense corrector should be in the form of a supplement.

Second, it should have no side effects.

Third, it has to work equally well when you need to stimulate or regulate your immune functions.

Next critical point: its molecule should increase the number of natural killer cells. In turn, it boosts your body’s ability to stay healthy and shield invaders. Besides, this miracle remedy works in harmony with other defense compounds. It has therapeutic and preventive potential.

Additionally, it should have no loss of potency and improve the number of immune cells to a healthy level.

Well, is there anything else?

Yes! Preferably that the remedy has significant additional benefits:

  • multiple impacts on the immune system;
  • prevention of bacterial or viral infection;
  • recognition of unknown pathogens.

Also, the remedy should be effective for regulating kids’ immune system. Lastly, our best immune remedy is SMART and INTELLIGENT.

Well, now you know what is a compromised immune system, it’s causes and danger. But if you want to know what to do, CLICK HERE. Research and scientific data are per request.

TAKEAWAY: The best immune supplement should not only strengthen but also regulate and educate your body defense.

Natural Immune System Remedy


All things considered, how would you rate your body defense?

Are you prone to a common cold, have a chemical overload or chronic stress? Please, don’t put yourself in danger of chronic inflammation. It can cause a tsunami of dangerous conditions. Remember that there is a strong relationship between immunity, the health of all organs, and longevity. Everything is interconnected.

Of course, you have a healthy diet, take vitamins, and exercise regularly. But!

You also should protect, regulate, and educate your immune system. How? By borrowing antibodies from somebody else!

So, learn more about the most intelligent immune molecule and make it part of your wellness.

But for now, you should easily answer the question, “What is a compromised immune system?” And that is how you become stronger and smarter!

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.

Happy Fighting!

Strong Immunity


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