What Is Detox Smoothie? Who, Why and How

What if you are hosting a Detox Party. The menu? Same celery and pepper sticks? If it’s me, I would let my guests go wild with delicious detox smoothies. What is a detox smoothie?

There are two words here: “detox” and “smoothie.” Should we know how are they connected and why some smoothies are great for detox? After all, your guests will be asking questions. And, of course, we should be friendly with the idea of detoxing. Right?

Well, let me bring you on a fabulous ride to the world of yummy cleansing creations.


First, let’s breeze through some basics.

What Is-Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body.

1. Detox – Who Are The Players?

So, you want to detox. Great!

Who do you think is in charge? You?

Nope. Your liver is! It is the queen of detox and the #1 filter in your body. By design, it works quite efficiently with or without you.


Yes, our body is a very “smart” detox machine and has a whole natural body detox systemliver, kidney, intestines, lymph, lungs, and skin. I call them “Fantastic Six.”

But!What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing your Body.Liver Detox

Are you friends with your liver? And if the liver filters everything, would you want to keep it “clean?”

Let’s see what the queen of detox needs to rid you of harmful chemicals.

The first guardian of the liver is glutathione! It is a heavy body detoxifier molecule which attaches to those chemicals–the bad guys–and makes them “marked” and “heavy.” Now they can be “identified” and easily removed. Read about the detox process in a nutshell. Click here.

Other protectors of the liver? Digestive enzymes, vitamin C, antioxidants fighting inflammation and other vital elements neutralizing toxins.

Superb system!

But the problem is that detoxification depletes glutathione and other enzymes and minerals. The body cannot store them. So, you need to fill it CONSTANTLY up!


2. Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Veggies!

The ideal fuel for your body detox machine is nature plant gifts—fruits, veggies, and some herbs.

Let’s make a trip to your farmer’s market and pick the best foods for detoxing your body and the liver.

What will we get first?

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. BeetsBeets

I love beets! I grew up on beets. It is a dense reddish vegetable with a high content of natural sugar. They are rich in phytonutrients which support detoxification and improve liver function. Result?

You have a balanced hormone system, improved cholesterol level, and better energy. What else?

  • it is a powerful antioxidant to fight inflammation
  • betalains–which make beets “red”—helps to neutralize toxins

So, beets are definitely in! What is next on your list?

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. CarrotsCarrots

Very famous for bursting the amount of beta-carotene crucial for your good vision. But do you know that:

  • beta-carotene helps the liver to flush out toxins
  • carrots are rich in glutathione
  • fiber help clean the colon

Can you imagine putting beets and carrot together?

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Carrot Beet Smoothie

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Leafy GreensLeafy Greens

Spinach, beet greens, chard, watercress, parsley, lettuce, collard greens… How often do you eat them?

They are not just “grass”–how many people call them! They have a superb affinity for detox:

  • boost the level of chlorophyll in the digestive tract
  • “soak up” environmental toxins
  • neutralize heavy metals and pesticides
  • increase bile production

Which greens to choose? Let’s get them all! After all, it’s for a party!

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. CucumberCucumbers

My absolute favorite!

I spend all the summers on my grandma’s farm and remember sitting between rows of baby cucumbers and eating them non-stop. Without even washing! Well, not today.

Cucumber is a super cool combo of fiber and water. Therefore, it assists the body to remove harmful toxins and waste.

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. CucumberCabbage

The entire cruciferous family – Brussels sprouts, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower – are enormously helpful for cleansing. Why?

  • purifies blood
  • the high content of glutathione and antioxidants
  • vitamin C and sulfur – helps to kick out toxins
  • plant compounds – improve the production of liver enzymes
  • glucosinolates – help to flush out toxins
  • high in iodine – support brain function
  • Vitamin E – great for skin, eyes, and hair

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body.

3. Say Hello To Cleansing Fruits

And now we are to the very yummy stuff – fruits!

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. LemonLemons

O, boy. This is my little yellow must-haves all the time and everywhere–home, office, on the road!

Lemons stimulate the body to release digestive enzymes. Vitamin C helps convert toxins in water-soluble forms. And another little secret about lemon – it helps absorb iron from plants.

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. GrapefruitGrapefruit

I like it whole but especially in the smoothies. Grapefruit gives a drink a personality and a “breezy” flavor. As for detoxing, it does plenty!

Grapefruit contains antioxidants that protect your liver from inflammation. It might help against a condition called “hepatic fibrosis”—building damaging excessive connective tissue. It also assists in the production of enzymes needed to burn fat.

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. AppleApple

We all remember, “One apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Right?

And there are great reasons why apples are in such favor:

  • high in pectin – cleansing waste from the digestive tract
  • boost production of bile and assist the liver in ridding of toxins
  • due to acidic nature of green apples, it’s great to add them in a smoothie with beets and carrots

What Is Detox Smoothing? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. PineapplePineapple

This golden beauty is famous for its cleansing benefits because of nutrient bromelain. Pineapple also supports the digestive system by breaking protein.

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Black And Read Berries.Berries

The most I love are blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, gooseberries, black and red currants, and sea buckthorns or seaberries, fresh and frozen. The reason?

Even though there is limited research confirming the positive effects of various fruits and vegetables on the liver and its detox functions, there is plenty of “non-scientific” evidence to prove it.

TAKEAWAY: Answering the question “What is a detox smoothie,” keep in mind all those natural treasures. Glutathione and the antioxidants in certain fruits and vegetables can help your liver to decrease the inflammation and boost your natural body detox system.

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Fruits

4. A Few Must-Haves For Your Detox Drink

Want to sneak a few extra gems into your detox smoothie?

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Green TeaTea

Green tea, dandelion and milk thistle are well known for their benefits to liver health.

  • dandelion tea filters toxins and waste from the bloodstream
  • green tea is full of antioxidants
  • milk thistle might reduce the liver inflammation

How I do it: I use those teas chilled instead of ice cubes in my detox smoothies or make tea ice cubes.

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. TurmericTurmeric

It is #1 spice for liver and especially beneficial because:

  • boost liver enzymes
  • assists in flushing out carcinogens

How I do it: I sneak turmeric in most of my teas and smoothies. Get 1-inch of this amazing root and throw in your blender. But don’t forget to put on the gloves! The deep orange color pigment can stay on your skin for a while.

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Olive OilOlive Oil

It is a blessing in disguise! Cold-pressed, organic olive, flax-seed or hemp oil can “suck up” harmful toxins in the body.

So, sneak it in!

TAKEAWAY: Green, dandelion, and milk thistle teas along with few herbs and cold-pressed organic oils are a great addition to your detox smoothies arsenal.

5. Recipes For Detox Smoothie – Yummy and Healthy!

Well, we filled your fridge with the yummy stuff. What else?

You need a great water filtering system and the best powerful blender. Follow my advice and you will never regret it. I use them every day!

Now let’s get mixing and shaking!

I introduce you my favorite – Green Detox Monster:

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Green Detox Monster Recipe By Ella Green. DetoxGeneration.com

Try! It’s delicious!

As I have suggested  later in the post, dilute your smoothie with water if it’s too “heavy.”

Want a little sweeter? Add the whole apple.

The next – we will add carrots, grapefruit, and turmeric!


What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Kaly And Grapefruit Detox Smoothie Recipe By Ella Green DetoxGeneration.com

And now – very easy -breezy “Summer Citrus Trio.” Get grapefruit, orange, and lemon!


Isn’t it YUMMY?

6. Detox Smoothie Tips and Tricks

→ TIP: If you want to make your drink “smoother,” add a few slices of avocado, banana, or plain yogurt to your liking. The point is – play with basic recipes (after all, you are preparing for a party!) and get your few favorites.

→ TIP: The more of the dark leafy vegetables, the bitter the taste!

→ TIP: How to “squeeze” juice from raw beets? Few ways. Put water, ice cubes in a blender and half of a medium-size beet quartered. Blend all together for 1 minute.What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Organic Homemade Beet Juice

If you want more concentrated juice, grind beet on a small grinder and put the red “mess” in a cheesecloth. Squeeze hard. It is not a lot, but since beet juice is very concentrated, the amount is enough to do the trick.

→ TIP: For blueberry, cranberry, and pineapple, you can use frozen organic options. No prepping, no mess! They are fantastic and will keep your smoothie cool.

→ TIP: If your smoothie is too “heavy,” dilute it with water. Get consistency to your liking.

→ TIP: I wash dark leafy vegetables a few times in filtered water and once “soak” them for 10-15 minutes with few drops of the apple cider vinegar. It might help to kill some bacterias.What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Peeled Cucumber

→ TIP: When using cucumber, pill it off. Cucumber is very water-based and will increase liquid content.

→ TIP: Instead of ice cubes, use chilled mineral (flat or sparkling) water or coconut water (to add sweetness.)

7. Fiber, Rotation and Synergy Effect

There are another few points of wisdom you should remember when answering the question “What is a detox smoothie?”


Why smoothies and not juice, “straight up?”

We need to preserve fiber. It prevents rapid sugar absorption into the bloodstream, helps to move waste and toxins through the colon and “clean” intestines walls.

Ingredients Rotation

Fruits, veggies, and herbs offer a slew of nutrition benefits. That is why you should rotate the recipes and mix and match the ingredients to get the full array of digestive enzymes, glutathione, antioxidants, and vitamins.

How do I do it?

Smoothies with sweeter fruits – I prefer in the morning, and after work, I go with green shakes since my body no longer “needs” sugar.

Synergy Effect

Why mixing different veggies and fruits?

Nature created its plants with synergy effect in mind—vitamins and minerals complement each other and strengthen the positive impact of individual elements or increase absorption.

Do you know, for example, why it is vital to sprinkle lemon on all “green” stuff?

Lemon increases the absorption of plant iron. So, don’t forget about it next time when you make spinach salad or green smoothie.

What Is Detox Body? best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Farmers Market

8. Changing Your Taste Buds

Concerned that dark leafy greens are bitter?

Don’t worry.

Start with just 5-7 leaves of spinach, half of the kale leave or a few spring parsley. Sweetness or pleasant “breezy” taste comes from grapefruit, orange, apple, or pineapple.

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Changing Taste BudsAdjust ingredients to your liking but don’t add any sugar like honey, chocolate, or artificial sweeteners.

For goodness’s sake, we are making detox smoothie, aren’t we?


Yes, little by little you will notice that you are OK with some tart flavor. Trust me.

But if you have a sweet tooth, no problem! Add a couple of slices of very ripe banana.

Set with base recipes and then slice and dice them any way you want! Let your imagination fly.

9. Detox Smoothie – Just As Nature Intended

Well, are you ready for your detox party?

Let all those fantastic fruits and veggies out of the bag! Give them the benefit of the doubt for what they can do for you:What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Detox Party

  • cleanse your colon
  • “suck up” toxins
  • assists in removing waste
  • replenish glutathione
  • boost bile production
  • decrease inflammation
  • improve the overall liver health

Don’t forget about teas and herbs. Get them in and add taste and feel!

And if speed is your style but you want to detox, it’s more of the reason you should get detox smoothies.

Remember, food always will have an upper hand. It can break you or make you!

What would you choose?

Stay friends with your liver, and it will pay you tenfold. Get “messy” and get creative!

Now, are you excited about “What Is A Detox Smoothie?”

Guests are arriving and I cannot wait! See ya later, my Smoothie Friends!

Happy “shaking”!

What Is Detox Smoothie? Best Foods Detoxing Your Body. Veggie Smoothies

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.


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  • This review is able to open up many things I need to know about detox smoothies. Our body system need proper functioning. Taking different fruits and vegetables can help detoxify our body system making it to boost our immune system. Taking detox smoothies is like taking medicine while deriving pleasure because of it work in our body. Everything inside is natural, no need of industrial sugar which when accumulated too much in the body, can cause adverse effects. I love taking pineapple-apple smoothies because of it good function. I am able learn about other combinations here. Fiber is also very good for the digestive system. It will clean the digestive tract and make it free from bacteria. It has been working for me any time I take it to cure constipation. This is a detailed review that worth revisiting.

    • Hello!

      From Ella to Stella. Love it!

      You have nailed it: different combinations of fruits, veggies, and herbs can drastically boost your immune system and supply tons of antioxidants. Who needs the medications? And this is exactly what we want to fight free radicals and inflammation.

      Another your great point is the “everything inside is natural.” Yes, but we put in a huge amount of “strange” stuff that the body doesn’t even recognize and doesn’t know what to with it! Isn’t it crazy?

      Pineapple is also my favorite and I know a lot of tricks about the pineapple. My mom taught me. I will include them in my book about detox smoothies I am working on.

      Thank you, Stella, for your comment. It is very nice of you!

      Keep “shaking!”

  • Thank you for this very informative article on detox smoothies. I have been looking for some healthy ways to detox my body and your information will get me going in the right direction.

    I’m going to try all of your recipes but I think the summer citrus trio will be the first.
    Thanks again for sharing 🙂

    • Hi, Ron!

      Yes, first try the Summer Citrus Trio. It is fun, easy, no prepping time and tastes great!

      Little by little start adding the green stuff. Again, you will notice that your taste buds adjust.

      We are all different and have different diets. Detox smoothies are a great and quick way to consume the best detox foods.

      Let me know how you like it.

      Thank you and happy detox!

  • Wow it’s amazing all these fruits and vegetables can do to clean your system. It is very refreshing of course to take things into your body with all the nutrients an excellent sources of vitamins. All these are very tasty too! Thank you for spearheading This article and discussion into the idea of having a detox party.

    • Yes, it is Party Time!

      Detox party can only be a little “messy,” not too much because a lot of ingredients don’t require prepping – grapefruits, apples, lemons, oranges, carrots… What will take time is washing greens. So, if you are serving others, stick with cabbage. It doesn’t require any prepping! Just remove couple of outer leaves. Cabbage can be green or red. 

      Detox party is a great and original idea, especially now in the summertime. I had hosted a few of them! Be sure you have a lot of ice cubes and chilled liquids – teas and mineral water.

      Have Fun!

  • Hi Ella! What beautiful and colorful photos you have on your website! It makes me want to linger here and read all the great suggestions you have. Right now, I would like to sample the drinks that you show, b /c they all look and sound delicious. I love to get creative with juicing. I often use beets, but I am always careful to avoid using more than 1/2 beet at a time b/c they are so potent. The same goes for using cabbage. I also like to include parsley in my detox drinks b/c it’s a good blood cleanser. Adding green peppers from the garden are also tasty. There are so many healthy combinations to try. Yum! Another great post! Thank you, Ella!

    • Hi, Colleen!
      Thank you for your kind words. I sincerely appreciate your time and interest.

      You are absolutely correct regarding beets and cabbage: due to their high potency, they should be used in combination with other liquids or be diluted with water. I hope that everybody in a “juice” or “green smoothie” business knows this.

      I should try the green paper, as you suggested. I only used red or yellow. I know that some types of green paper have a very specific and pleasant flavor. Thank you for the tip! I definitely will be using it. And what I also like is that green paper is very juicy!

      For parsley, it’s keen in my kitchen! I buy organic parsley all the time. You are lucky if you can grow your own herbs and veggies. Unfortunately, it’s a luxury for me. I live in the city. Maybe, one day…

      Well, keep “drinking” those wonderful gifts from nature and please stay healthy.

      I would love to chat again.

      Cheers, Colleen!

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