Who Makes Best Probiotics For Your Gut?

How much is your gut worth? $40, $60 or more? Ever heard about probiotics for your healthy gut and proper elimination? Well, today is all about who makes the best probiotics.

Well, you probably tried different brands, spend money, and might got some results. Right?

Do you remember why you choose that specific type? Questions

I love watching how people buy probiotics in popular discounted places. They have no idea what’s on the label, and the best thing they can do is to look over the shopping cart of the other person.

Well, it’s like blind leading the blind!

You, for example: if you are taking probiotics now, how many CFUs and what are the strains? Who is the manufacturer and what makes it unique?

Simply put, how well do you know your probiotics?

Let’s dig in!

1. Healthy Body Begins with Healthy Gut

If I tell that $3 breakfast special you have every day might cause heart failure, would you listen? Or how about a food allergy or inflammatory bowel disease?

Well, are you taking the best probiotic money can buy? And should you in the first place?

It is crucial to remember that a healthy body begins with a healthy gut.

So, when last time did you think about it while having dinner?

It is unfortunate that most of us take the gut for granted, don’t we?

And if your gut doesn’t have enough good bacteria to process that dinner fully, what will happen?

Consequences can be threatening – abdominal pain, bloating, cramping, nausea, indigestion, constipation, bad mood, weakness, disrupted immune function, type I diabetes, food allergies. (1) Should I continue?

But it is not only about food!

There are plenty of other challenges: stress, lack of sleep, drinking not enough water, antibiotics, poor air quality, not exercising. The list is endless!

Practically anything can and will disrupt your gut bacteria and kick off the disbalance between good and bad bacteria.

As a result, harmful toxins and pathogens might play havoc with gut barrier function, which interferes with nutrients absorption and transport of fluid and electrolyte. In turn, it can torpedo the inflammation and what worse – cause chronic inflammation!

But it’s not all!

There two significant points that are often overlooked.

First, do you know that your intestinal lining is home to almost 80% of your immune cells? (2)

Second, a significant part of your natural body detox system resides in the gut.

Well, if your gut is not healthy, how can you talk about the complete healing of any illness?

So, take control!

What to do? One word – PROBIOTICS! Click here to read more about why you should take probiotics.

Gut and Health. Who Makes Best Probiotic?

2. What Is in Probiotic Supplements?

It is important to realize that many probiotics in the United States are sold as a dietary supplement and don’t require FDA approval.

Is it a good reason to be curious?

it is for me. I have been for a while on my quest to find who makes the best probiotic.

For this reason, I was “merciless” and very picky. Of course, there are a few great options. But I will focus only on one and give all the reasons why.

But before I reveal my top pick, let’s breeze through what is in the bottle.

In short, probiotics are good gut bacteria supplements. They are live species delivering super benefits to your gut and therefore, each organ in your body. (3)

With probiotics, you can rest assure that your “friends”—good gut microflora—are multiplying and dealing with the outside world with the sole purpose to protect your health.

So, remember: it’s about your gut and health!

Good bacteria break down the food, support digestion, help to absorb vitamins and boost your immune system. (4)

Good enough reasons?Is the Gut a Second Brain?

Next point: there are many different types of bacteria, for example, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteria, Streptococcus, Bacillus, and others. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are the most common families of bacteria. (5)

They have different functions and have many other siblings within their own “family.”

Well, how many strains of bacteria are in your supplement?

Another checkpoint: are you sure probiotics in your bottle are live, active, have maximum potency and from a natural source?

How about CFU – Colony Forming Units?

Do you know what it means? It is a measure of the viable bacteria—either in millions or mostly in billions. For probiotic supplements, it’s per serving. (6)

How much is too little? The more, the merrier?

My top pick–FLORATREX–has 50 billion CFUs!

3. Probiotics with Most Strains. Lactobacillus

If a different type of bacteria has it’s “niche” function, doesn’t it make sense to have a substantial variety of “strains” to get the most benefits?

You will be glad to know that Floratrex is a 23-strain probiotic supplement which one of the highest on the market.

Why it’s important?

Let’s review what some of those bacteria do and why we want them.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

It is a “super-bug” from the Lactobacillus “family,” and one of the best and well-researched strains in probiotics affecting human health. (7)Is the Gut a Second Brain?

Lactobacillus acidophilus is a “friendly” microorganism that lives in our body.

Why is it a “super-bug?”

Let’s look at its resume:

  • supports healthy gut flora
  • helps digestion
  • bolsters the immune system
  • positively affects the growth of other bacteria
  • improve cardiovascular health
  • helps with lactose intolerance
  • boosts the production of lactic acid
  • reduces spreading harmful bacteria

Well, you’ve got the right bug!

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

This little fellow is known as a potential aid for urinary tract health. Another big plus is balancing your good and harmful bacteria.

Lactobacillus Plantarum

Want help with calcium absorption and hormone production? You’ve got the right bacteria. Why? It helps to produce a specific amino acid body needs to do just that!

But there are other heroes from Lactobacillus “family.” Look at their astonishing benefits (8):

  • support dental health
  • protect teeth and gums
  • ease up fatigue
  • soothe bowel movement
  • boost antioxidant activity
  • promote normal sugar level
  • regulate weight

But that’s not all!

4. Floratrex: Additional Bacteria Strains for Gut and Health

Are you glad you are reading this?

There are other fantastic bacteria—Bifidobacterium, Bacillus, Streptococcus, Enterococcus and they are all in your bottle!

Let’s throw on the top of this potent cocktail Fulvic Acid which is so beneficial to your body detoxification. It also positively affects the growth of other bacteria, has therapeutic potential in chronic inflammation and diabetes. (9)

Well: would you like all those benefits?

It is crucial to know that some bacteria might result in multiple health-promoting effects. (10)

And since none of any given good bacteria can present you with the full basket of most benefits, it is crucial to take probiotics with multiple strains.

Of course, two people might respond differently to the same type of bacteria. Like anything else, the results of taking any probiotics might vary. For people with serious health issues, always consult your physician.

5. Probiotic and Prebiotic Combo

Other than probiotics, what else does your gut want?

It will be not a top-notch product if probiotic is not combined with prebiotic – fiber-type food for friendly bacteria. So, if you add good bacteria, you might as well feed them. Right?

Today and thousands of years ago, prebiotics tremendous job is to pre-populate your good gut flora. Here you have it: we add good bacteria and replenish it.

Mission accomplished!

What is in Floratrex prebiotics?

After extensive research of different substances and exhausting tests, the spotlight is on organic inulin. Even though you don’t digest this water-soluble fiber, it is a must-have for your gut health. Why?

Because if you have proper food for good bacteria—Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium—they don’t let bad bacteria multiple.

So, we have jam-packed probiotic and prebiotic super combo!

Who Makes Best Probiotic?

It can tremendously aid the growth of beneficial bacteria colonies. For a lot of other people and me, it works miracles.

I sleep better, feel calmer, more rested, have more energy, and I am “regular.” Yay!

Well, are you interested?

Of course, the best source of prebiotics is your food.  But how often do you eat garlic, onion, leek, asparagus, dandelion greens or chicory root which contain natural prebiotics?

You should know that those gifts from nature—and fiber in particular—might help in so many ways:

  • Provide antioxidants to shield your liver from oxidation
  • Boost bile production critical for fat digestion
  • Play an anti-inflammatory role
  • Low cholesterol
  • Have a potential anti-cancer impact

So, would you like to feel strong and energetic?

If so, open the door to this fantastic probiotic and prebiotic combo.

Let your gut have a great day!

Floratrex™ is a superior blend of 50 billion live and active cultures from 18 probiotic strains. It also contains prebiotics to help support strong gut health.

6. Floratrex Probiotics Report Card

It won’t be a full review unless we cover other critical factors about Floratrex, compile a report card, and point to some potential cons.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, stay calm. Floratrex is a vegan-friendly probiotic formula using non-toxic, non-GMO certified organic gum acacia. Process in itself is a fantastic breakthrough.

Gut and Health. Who Makes Best Probiotic?

Want more?

Floratrex has NO FILLERS or BINDERS!

It is produced at the facility with the highest quality manufacturing standards which assures maximum supplement potency.

==> Get Floratrex!

7. Floratrex Potential Cons

And now is about potential cons.

Well, let’s check.

For higher effectiveness, a bottle should be refrigerated

Is it a con?

Maybe, for some people. I used shelf-stable probiotics, and the ones needed refrigeration. I had a different experience with both.

If probiotics work, I have no problem with refrigeration.

But if you travel, of course, you need shelf-stable probiotics.

50 Billion CFU 60 capsules bottle is $69.95

Does it fit the bill?

If on average the price of 30 day supply of quality probiotics is around $50, then Floretrex is more expensive.

But please compare the only apple to apple!

Moreover, remember that there is no substitute for QUALITY. Isn’t it especially true concerning your health?

For this reason, I offer you a few tips to make it fit the bill:

  1. Take one capsule a day or two capsules every other day and see how you feel. A little progress is PROGRESS!  Now your cost is $35.00. Fair?         And even if you need the full bottle a month, DOES YOUR GUT WORTH EXTRA $20?
  2. How much money a month you spend on junk food or sugary drinks? They inflate your digestion and immune system and you are paying for this! Here is your $20. True?

Why are an extra $20 is not a con for me? Because I know how much medical hell can cost!

In fact, it might ruin a person’s finances, never mind emotional distress. I’VE BEEN THERE!

Gut and Health. Who Makes Best Probiotic?

It’s all about RISK/REWARD RATIO! What’s the risk?

Well, when last time you were like a zombie with tummy pain? Or praying to ease up your constipation?

How much would you give to make it stop? Would you care about the price or just who makes the best probiotics?

So, if probiotics mean GUT and HEALTH, how much is your gut worth?

I guess I rest my case.

Conclusion: Floratrex – Best Probiotics for Gut Health!

So, do you have a healthy gut?

It is crucial to remember: you cannot heal any problem if your gut is not in tip-top shape.

Also, how about immune cells and detoxification systems residing in the intestinal lining? If they are disrupted, it is a bomb waiting to explode.

To heal successfully, you should know what is going on and what to do about it. Well, that is why you need a good gut bacteria supplement.

Probiotics are the godsend safeguard for your gut and taking them is one of the best things you can do to say “thanks” to your digestive system. Make sense?

Need another reason to take probiotics?

As we get older, the number of naturally produced probiotics in our body declines. Look at your parents. How is their digestion?

So, whatever the reason is, are you thrilled to discover Floratrex? Let’s review one more time the health benefits of this amazing probiotics:

Well, for me, it’s about prevention, and I will do whatever it takes to prevent any scary situation and don’t let bad stuff to sneak in my gut.

What’s your prevention plan?

Now you know about gut and health and who makes the best probiotic.

Get Floratrex, the best probiotics for your gut health.

Happy Prevention!

Floratrex™ is a superior blend of 50 billion live and active cultures from 18 probiotic strains. It also contains prebiotics to help support strong gut health.

I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.


Founder of Detox Generation

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  • Thank you for a thorough review of gut health and Floratrex. I usually eat fermented, probiotic foods like kefir, yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut. But I imagine these have a limited number of strains, unlike the commercial probiotic products. Furthermore, you are spot on about the cost aspect fo Floratex. If a little more money makes a difference in health, then it is worth it considering the cost of a doctor visit.

    • Hi, Glen!

      That is precisely my point – the cost of your out-of-pocket medical care. Oncology almost put me in a poor house. And even though I had good insurance coverage, tons of things during treatment and recovery as well are not covered! Never mind that you cannot work in full capacity. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. 

      And if at the time I took care of my body as I do now, who knows if I even needed to shell out so much money!

      For me, there is absolutely no negotiation on the quality of any supplement I put in my mouth. That’s why I study and research. And when you know what is involved in terms of raw material, production, type of extraction, ingredients, potency, packaging, storage and other important things, you will think twice buying two or three bottles of something because it’s on sale! Really?

      I only wish years ago I paid full price for everything with one goal is to never know what the chemo room like!

      You are doing fantastic that you eat fermented food. I do the same. I grew up on kefir and souerkraut. But, as we know, sometimes we need help. 

      Well, it’s PROBIOTIC TIME!

      Stay healthy and thank you for visiting.


  • Wow,great information you’ve passed across Glen. I don’t give much attention to my gut in the sense that I take all sort of food. Research made me understood that yoghurt isn’t very much my friend. Going through this post makes me scared of what damage I may be causing to myself. From this day I’ll definitely be care about what goes in. Thanks for such educating post. 

    • Hi, Dane!

      I have just read this post myself and it is amazing who much is involved. Right?

      The human body is a super machine and the gut is a huge part of it. But again, most people don’t know anything about the gut. When they look at the food, it is only about pleasure and getting the “fuel.” But how will it affect the gut flora and their mere survival, most people don’t care or simply don’t know.

      Well, I am so glad that going forward you will change your attitude and how you choose your food. 

      And, of course, take probiotics. Your gut flora will be so happy.

      Thank you for visiting and being so open. I sincerely appreciate it.

      O, stay tuned. More great stuff is coming!

  • There should be a capital punishment if I refuse to confess that this post is not only helpful,but also educating on the unavoidable needs to care for our guts properly with the right probiotics and attitudes. Now I know the reasons why I need to take care of my guts and how they constantly need to be taken care of without compromise. I’m grateful for this enlightening post .kudos to you for this. I hope to get more from nice reviews.

    • Hi, Willy!

      O, boy. I love strong words! Right between the eyes. Thank you so much! Your comment is SO CATCHY!

      You are absolutely correct about the “unavoidable need” and the “right probiotics and attitude.” These are mandatory components. Most people don’t get it. 

      WE ARE GETTING OLDER! And our gut is getting older. What will happen with the house which is going through it’s so-called “useful life” without maintenance?

      House will get “sick” – leaks, cracks, mold, broken pipes… 

      Wow! Look at the elder people. That is exactly what will happen with the person without proper maintenance. 

      But in the case of the human body, it’s better to be daily maintenance. Make sense?

      And if top-quality probiotics can support your gut flora and therefore to support bacteria balance and provide proper food for them, what’s better to ask?

      Of course, it should also be the right ATTITUDE! Caring for your body is not a cheap proposition! The body is an expensive car and you are a driver.

      Well, I will be writing just on the attitude in one of the next post and will add a very unusual twist to it.

      So, stay tuned and I would love to chat again.

      But most important – please take care of your gut.

      Thank you, Willy!

  • Wow I never knew there was so much to learn about probiotics. What an eye opener and very interesting also. I just started taking probiotics,mainly because my doctor said it might be a good idea. Why I asked him..because of my age,no other reason. So now I am starting to research as I have never really had any digestive issues apart from some heartburn on occassion. Is there a certain age that you would recommend starting?

    • Dear Cathy!

      That is precisely why I preach over and over again that you must(!) be your own advocate for any of your health and wellness issues. The most common what the doctor will tell us is because it “might be a good idea” and because of the “age.” 

      Age? REALLY?

      That’s the best they can do?

      Now you know why I have started Detox Generation.

      And guess what? It is just a beginning! And gut and digestion are just one level of the possible piling issues. It can be a tsunami of problems later. Where will you go then? To the pharmacy to get your MEDICATION! 

      Are you getting where I am going with this?

      Regarding the age when you might start taking probiotics. It varies, of course. Nowadays, so many young adults have completely screwed up digestion, never mind all side effects of it! It’s case-by-case, especially if a person is currently taking any medications.

      Your body tells you what to do as long as you are listening. For me, it is about how do I feel overall, length and quality of my sleep, am I “sharp” or not, how do I look–my skin, nails, and hair–can I swim and enjoy it, and few other things. 

      Also, I am fortunate because my doctor and I – we are a team. He knows that I am a very curious person and well-informed in questions of wellness. I always come to see him being “prepared.” Yay!

      So, take control and remember: it is YOUR BODY, not your doctor body!

      Please stop by again.

  • So which is worse, not knowing about the essence of probiotics or not taking care of my gut. After reading your post, I’ll say I’m getting my body really unhealthy. So what do I do. I believe that I need to take serious care now. I need to get the pro biotic product. Floratrex is honestly expensive but if I can deal with a life threatening problem with some drugs then why now. I’d be paying more I’m sure of I go to a doctor. Thanks for the info

    • Absolutely!

      That is my point, Henderson. Like my ex-father-in-law always told us, “Everybody pays a price. You either pay it now or you will be paying it later.” What will be your choice?

      But now it might be less “expensive” and with the less emotional result. So, which one is the correct one?

      After almost being financially destroyed by cancer–expenses which are not covered by insurance–I will pay for my probiotics or organic food or whatever hell else is out there in order not to go back to the chemo room!

      So, you are on the right track. Remember – it is an investment in your body, not somebody’s else. 

      I am very respectful when a person might bring objection, “But $69 is expensive.” Well, expensive compared to what? A new pair of shoes? Your latest smartphone or the cutest acrylic manicure?

      Well, I rest my case.

      As for what is worse–not knowing or not taking–my answer is following. Our brain operates in three realms:

      1. I know what I know

      2. I know what I don’t know

      3. I don’t know what I don’t know

      What you refer is between #1 and #3. Right? 

      Of course, there is nothing you can do about #3 since you simply don’t know. But when you do and take no action, – that is the most dangerous. And action is not probiotics. It is respectful and careful “behavior” toward your gut.

      So, what do you think?

      Thank you for listening. I sincerely appreciate your time and being direct. 


  • Thank you Ella for this great information about how Floratex can help with obtaining a healthy gut. I have been a huge proponent of having a healthy gut because without it, a person will have a compromised immune system.

    Many people do not realize that the nutrients our bodies need for proper functioning that come from both food and supplements, require healthy gut bacteria to be broken down and absorbed while in the intestines.

    One important aspect for this happening more efficiently is using probiotics. You can encourage the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut by consuming fermented foods and drinks, which I do in addition to probiotics.

    Now thanks to your extensive review on Floratex I have learned something new. I didn’t know about the importance of prebiotics, and now that I do, I can see why they are important to be paired with probiotics.

    I am really interested in how much better Floratex can make me feel. I am going to give this a try because the worse thing that can happen is that it will not be effective. I feel it is worth a try.

    • Hi, Robert!

      First, thank you so much for your detailed comment and input.

      I see that you have a fundamental understanding of what probiotics do for a person’s gut and overall health.

      Believe it or not, but nobody I talked to knows that major part of our immune cells is in our gut. And if there are problems with gut and digestion, it will always affect the immune system. Unfortunately, most people don’t put two together.

      I am very glad that now you know about prebiotics and what is their role for proper gut function.

      As for Floratrex, the worse what can happen is that it will not be as effective for you as you might expect. That’s how I know that it works for me. I researched, I tried and I am a happy camper.

      Please do me a great favor and let me know how it will go for you. One thing – give it a little time.

      Stay healthy and keep your gut in tip-top shape.


  • Hello Ella, Great article this is and it was an interesting read. I’ve not been the type that gives attention to my gut and as such, I do not pay closer attention to my food consumptions and sometimes I do not eat healthily.Also, I do not know of the benefits attached to the use of probiotics. But reading through this post, I got alerted to the form of hazards I have been exposing my body too and surely, I will try to pay closer attention to my health and things I consume. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Dear Ramos!

      Yes, please do while you still can.

      Unfortunately, if you have disbalance of your gut bacteria, it can torpedo numerous other problems.

      We cannot take our gut for granted but most of us do. Ideally is to make a few adjustments, but at the very minimum, a person should first and foremost replenish the good gut bacteria. 

      Another problem is that if a person has gut issues, it is very likely that he or she also has bowel problems and might have chronic constipation.

      So, please pay more attention to your gut health and start taking probiotics.

      Thank you for your time and honesty and stay tuned.


  • This post is definitely for me. I don’t really care to take note of the food I ate if it has many useful bacteria that can protect my gut. I do have stomach turning and constipation. It is indeed a bad experience whenever these awful forks come in. You’re right when you say that an healthy gut can guarantee an healthy life. This is what everyone should put into consideration. I can’t remember the last time I took yughurt and other related food again. The price isn’t a problem to me because health they say is wealth. Whoever needs healthy life will not negotiate it. I’ll definitely go for your recommendation. Thanks Ella.

    • Hello, Stella!

      How have you been? 

      Please take care of yourself and your gut. You will be so glad!

      And yes, take quality probiotics and also, read my new article “14 Foods That Can Help You Relieve Constipation.” They are a must-have for me. I hope you will find it interesting and useful.

      Also, if you feel that you need a little more help, discover what is the best colon cleanse. I use it and I love it.

      And as for “guaranteed healthy life,” most people don’t have it because of the obvious reason, – their immune system is compromised! And if 80% of immune cells are in our gut, – no wonder people are sick.

      Well, thank you for your comment. I sincerely appreciate it. 

      I love hearing from you.

      Have a healthy gut!

  • Thanks foe this informative article,i think I’ll  absolutely love this product. I took 3 weeks of researching the absolute best probiotic, and this is the one. I’ve been eating a poor diet for almost a week now due to the nature of my job and I’m beginning to feel very unbalanced and unhealthy. I’m glad I came across this for a remedy. 

    • I am glad, SeunJeremian!

      I understand that you might have challenges eating “healthy” at work. Been there!

      Please do yourself a favor and read my new article about the best foods to relieve constipation. It is what I do daily.

      That post might help you to add to your diet some snacks which are easy to find.

      Please let me know which foods from the list are your favorite. Eat them regularly and you will feel better. Trust me!

      Thank you for your time and input.


  • I heard about this probiotics around and being sold in Mercury Drug Stores and everywhere, are good for the health. But I also heard some of them are not good for the general public because it depends on the gut system and condition of the person. Even the good probiotics can be harmful if the person’s gut needs treatment other than probiotics. So it is not for everybody’s need.

    What would be the proper process for an individual to get the benefit of these living organisms for the gut?

    • Hi, Abagatan!

      You are 100% correct. Some probiotics work better for one person and not so much for the other. It always a trial period.

      That is why THERE IS NO COMPROMISE for quality!!! 

      A lot of probiotics off the shelf have low potency and limited options for CFUs and number of strains. And even with high-quality probiotics, your chances are higher but there is still no guarantee. 

      Well, it’s sort of nice to have a money-back guarantee from the company. Right?

      That’s the best we can do. 

      Also, I would start from one capsule a day instead of two and see how it help to regulate my bowel. Or take two capsules every other day. Give it time and you will figure it out.

      In addition, cleansing foods is a must! I just publish a new post about it. And that is precisely what I do along with probiotics.

      Of course, if a person has a real ongoing problem, he or she has to get medical help. No questions about it!

      That is the proper course of action. I hope it helped.

      Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

      Stop by again. I love questions!

  • Yes, Ella, I am glad I am reading this information. I have had stomach issues on and off for a very long time. Antacids have limited effect and someone suggested probiotics to me. When I visit the health store, there are so many different brands offer different treatments that I am not sure which to buy. Based on your very detailed explanations and how it seems to affect the whole body, I am willing to spend that amount of money. Now I know also about prebiotics and I am glad to know that I can get supplements with pre and pro. I’ll be checking this brand from this page. Thank you

    • Also, JJ, don’t forget about the high-fiber diet which is great for your digestive tract. 

      Of course, I hope that your doctor and dietitian are very experienced. 

      Look at my list of those cleansing foods and if you like some of them–I am sure you already eat them anyway–make them your friends and eat them on a regular basis.

      And, don’t forget to drink a lot of water and exercise!

      Well, the rules are very simple. Just do it!

      Love hearing from you.

      Kind regards

  • >