Why To Take Probiotics?

Your favorite Sunday morning – pancakes for breakfast with sweet blueberry syrup. Yummy!… Suddenly your gut is knocking. Tummy problem? Well, maybe probiotic can help? Well, if you are wondering why to take probiotics, keep reading.

It is a topic of this post where we will step around each corner, dispel the “probiotics” mystery and answer a few simple but sometimes confusing questions:

  • Why probiotics are important?
  • How probiotics help your gut?
  • What are the real health benefits of probiotics?
  • Probiotics and prebiotics – what’s the difference?
  • How do probiotics help your immune system?
  • Who needs to take probiotics? I am the one?
  • When and how to take probiotics?

Well, are you interested?

I am delighted to share with you my findings on why to take probiotics.

Let’s pop all balloons with questions one-by-one.

Probiotics and Digestion

1. Probiotics and Gut: FOR YOUR LIFE!

For starters, ‘probiotic’ comes from the Greek ‘for life.’ Yes, probiotics support your health and your life.

Well, want your digestion in tip-top shape? How about a strong immune system?

Next, it is logical that before we connect gut and probiotics, we should know what the gut does, right? I have covered this in my prior post “Is the Gut a Second Brain?”

In summary, gut bacteria—or gut flora—“lives” everywhere in your gut and has #1 job to DIGEST FOOD. (1)

Probiotics Help Us Digest

And if there are any gut issues, you might not absorb all nutrients – vitamins and minerals, fats, proteins, and, of course, water. (2)

In this case, where will you get energy?

Or maybe disbalance between good and bad bacteria is a problem? How about taking medications or antibiotics which cause you to lose some good bacteria?

Well, what to do? PROBIOTICS to the rescue!

These good live microorganisms help to restore the optimal gut flora. How?

They reduce headcounts of bad guys and kick-off the growth of beneficial bacteria. (3)

Now your gut and you are in concert, right? But I am sure you want to know who makes the best probiotic? CLICK HERE.

Well, life is beautiful! Or is it?

2. Probiotics Basics: What You Should Know

The reality is that it’s not so simple!

Let’s deep dive into the basics of probiotics and try to sink in what you should know.


It’s not a secret that a healthy body begins with a healthy gut. Excellent digestion helps everyone relax and feel comfortable. Right?

So, how is your digestion? Bloating or constipating sometimes?

Well, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, constipation is the most widely spread among all ages in the United States. Are you one of them?

And if yes, you will be happy to know that probiotics might positively affect gut bacteria, improve digestion, and ease up constipation.

Analyze This: Why To Take Probiotic?

Probiotic and Prebiotic

And this brings us the next crucial point – PREBIOTICS. But do you know the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

While writing this post, I have surveyed approximately 50-60 people asking this question. To my surprise, no one could explain!

PROBIOTIC is good bacteria. PREBIOTIC is a carbohydrate fiber-type food for good bacteria.

So, do you eat foods like garlic, onions, dandelion greens or asparagus? Or some fruits and veggies rich in prebiotic fiber? Read more about foods that can help to relieve constipation.

If not, you might need a prebiotic supplement. Or, you will starve your gut friends!

And ideally, we need both–probiotic and prebiotic.

Gut Brain ConnectionGut-Brain Connection

Remember ‘butterfly’ in your stomach before an important event? It’s your gut feeling. More and more studies show that probiotics might have a beneficial effect on a person’s cognitive activity, and even improve a person’s mood! (4)

That is a FANTASTIC NEWS showing the impactful relationship between gut and mental health. I have covered in detail this topic of the gut-brain connection. Of course, more research is needed. (5)


3. How Do Probiotics Help Your Immune System?

Do you know that almost 80% of your entire immune system is in your gut? (6)

No wonder that if your gut is not “happy,” it might compromise the immune system and open the door to threatening health issues!

#1 Secret of Probiotics

Well, there is a powerful connection between probiotics and your immune system, especially because of potential probiotics anti-inflammatory effects.


Those cells are connected with all organs in your body! So, should you care?

You bet!

It’s like your home: you spend more than half of your life within those walls, so does it make sense to keep your house clean? Or will it be messy?

Same here. If your gut is a home for almost three-quarters of all your immune cells, would you keep it neat?

If not, what is the danger? INFLAMMATION!

More on chronic gut inflammation,  click here.

Your Candy Is Talking to Your Brain

When you eat “whatever”—corn syrup or processed food, for example—it might “inflate” your gut cells. And as we remember, signals go to your brain.

Well, here you have a terrible domino effect!

So, if probiotics can help to balance your gut bacteria and possibly ease up the inflammation, would you take it? Also, foods for the immune system support good gut health.

Strong Immune Defense: Only Probiotics?

But even taking the best probiotics and following the right diet sometimes is not enough. There are a few other powerful steps you can take to boost your immune system.

And one of them – you should know the level of your glutathione. Do you know what is it?

Another amazing favor you can do to yourself is to increase your immune IQ. And a hero here is a special messenger molecule which is your way to easy immune health.

Analyze This: Why To Take Probiotic?

4. What are the Different Types of Probiotics?

You might say, “Well, I eat yogurt. Isn’t it enough?”


Isn’t Yogurt Enough?

But do you know that some essential bacterial cultures like Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus in yogurt are often destroyed in your stomach? So, what’s the point? (7)

I guess you’d better check your yogurt!

The critical question is, “If there are hundreds of bacteria ‘families’ or strains, which ones to get? And WHO ARE THE MAIN PLAYERS?”

Are You Friends with Lactobacillus?

The most potent and well-researched strains are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. And these two must-have! (8)

They will boost the growth of your good bacteria and help balance the bad. There are other microbe heroes working day and night keeping you healthy.

So, how many strains in your probiotics? Please look at your bottle…

Now, what else should you know?Bad Bacteria

When Choosing Probiotics, Look For…

  • the total quantity of microbes
  • composition
  • growth
  • strain robustness
  • diversity! (9)

Also, do you remember that there are good and bad bacteria?

Some people have intestines full of nasty Klebrislle and Citrobacter and yeast-like Candida albicans.

Do you eat processed food or sugary stuff? In this case, you probably have them. Is it dangerous? You better believe it!

So, does it make sense to have a balance between good and bad bacteria? And what is the ratio?

In general, even though you might see contradicting answers, the approximate ideal balance is 85% good and 15% “other.”

And this brings us to the next critical questions: is your gut flora balanced? What type of probiotics are you taking? And are they the best probiotics and prebiotics?

But let’s see if you even need probiotics.

Why To Take Probiotics? Good And Bad Bacteria

5. Who Needs to Take Probiotics?

Well, you might be wondering, “If I eat right, buy a lot of veggies and organic produce, isn’t it enough to go without probiotic supplement?”

I am often puzzled with the same dilemma: TO TAKE OR NOT TO TAKE?

I am Healthy! Do I Need Probiotics?

Let’s use me as a Ginnie pig. I buy organic, cook most of my meals, drink plenty of water, and make green shakes. Also, – I am not on medications, don’t eat sugary stuff or processed food. Also, I am a calm, enthusiastic person and I exercise!

So, what possibly can trigger occasional constipation or bloat?

Analyze This: Why To Take Probiotic?

How about I LIVE IN THE CITY with polluted air? Or some stress at the office? Can we add not enough snooze and medical history?

Well, all these are a monster challenge to your healthy gut and a robust immune system.

So, here you have it: I guess I am taking probiotics!

How about you? Read my best probiotic supplement review.

Want a stronger effect?

Start hula hooping and rebounding. I do it every morning!

Also, do you eat processed, pasteurized, or sterilized food? It is guaranteed to kick in the rear of your gut bacteria balance!

Additional Negative Factors – Check YourselfWhy To Take Probiotic?

Or how about a recent illness, taking antibiotics or distress – emotional and physical?

What else?

  • high fructose corn syrup
  • alcohol
  • wheat
  • GMO products
  • artificial colors and flavors
  • chlorinated water
  • travel

All those factors might cause a disbalance between good and bad bacteria. As a result, you have cramping, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and other digestive issues.

Well, I guess I rest my case. But!

Since we are all different, you should be cautious if you have a food sensitivity or in rare cases, bacteria-host interaction. Please consult your physician!

6. When and How to Take Probiotics?

Since medical research sometimes show mixed results, it is not guaranteed that specific probiotics will work for you.

We all are different!Question

Gut microbes might differ from person to person. The best approach is to educate yourself about probiotics and try a few of the most promising. I did!

Pay special attention to how different probiotics make you feel. Consider everything – bowel movement, sleep, taste buds, mood, and energy level. Well, you will know if it’s working.

And if you are wondering how fast you can see positive results on your gut flora, it all depends.

A recent study by Harvard researcher Lawrence David shows that dietary changes might affect gut microbes in a matter of a few days. And it is excellent news for all of us! So, you should follow a diet for a healthy gut and eat foods supporting the immune system. They go hand-in-hand.

How to take probiotics?

There are different approaches, and I tried most of them—20 minutes after the food, first thing in the morning and right before bed. Taking probiotics right before bed works well for me. But since I have switched the brand, I might as well change a protocol.

My next try – 20 minutes before breakfast.

How long my probiotics will continue working for me? We shall see. But when they stop—as it happened with my prior option—I will switch to something else.

Should you keep probiotics in the refrigerator?

It all depends.

I used the shelf-stable options and the ones required refrigeration. Currently, I take probiotics needed to be refrigerated, and it’s no problem if I get the best probiotics benefits.

Word of warning though: if there is no proper temperature when transported, probiotic can lose its potency.

Analyze This: Why To Take Probiotic?


Well, do you want to harvest the benefits of probiotics?

Remember: to take or not to take – it’s up to you. What matters?

  • diet
  • sugar intake
  • lifestyle
  • hydration
  • exercising or not
  • snoozing hours
  • exposure to chemicals
  • medical history
  • stress

If you have a problem with any of those, it can cause wreaking havoc on the gut bacteria and kick in the rear of your digestion. Result?

Weaken the immune system, systematic inflammation, and a cascade of terrible health issues!

So, be aware of enemies at the gate! And the gate is your GUT.  Maybe it’s time to replenish your flora and give it a boost?

To find out which probiotics to take, read about who makes the best probiotics.

I guess we analyzed this: why to take probiotics, didn’t we? Plus the word – PRONTO!

Happy Probiotic Time!


I invite you to enlighten us with your thoughts. Leave them below.


Founder of Detox Generation

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  • Wow! I’m not sure anyone could get a more detailed information concerning probiotics anywhere else than what you have provided on this platform through this article. Though I errred a lot concerning the things I consume such as alcohol and processed food and my stomach does bloats a lot but I never considered getting probiotics before, I guess after reading this, I would be buying probiotic supplements. Also,I learn in the segment of the differences between pre/probiotics.

    • Hell, RoDarrick!

      I am glad you will be paying more attention to your gut to avoid severe health problems later, including some chronic conditions. Yes, we must take care of our gut and we should do it NOW!

      Please read my post, “Gut and Health. Who Makes Best Probiotic?” It is a detailed review of what should be in probiotics and what I am taking and why. If you liked this post and consider taking probiotics, you should read about who makes the best probiotic. Make sense? It’s ties everything together. Otherwise, what’s the point?

      Remember, it’s all about PREVENTION. Please do it while you still can, especially if you consume alcohol and eat processed food.

      Unfortunately, many people talk about probiotics but when you ask them, they don’t know the basics. I am happy to help whoever is curious and ready to listen.

      Thank you for your interest and input. Honest and forward-thinking.

      Stay well and take your probiotics!

  • Thank you for explaining the difference between prebiotics and probiotics, as I never knew there was a difference either.

    This was an interesting read, and it seems that we all need to take probiotics in this stressed out world in which we live. To be honest, I have only ever taken them after a course of antibiotics, but it seems more often is necessary.

    You say to take them until they stop working and then change the brand. Is this correct? Or should you take them for a while then give it a rest for a while?

    • Hi, Michel!

      Great question. It all depends from person to person because we all have a different lifestyle, stress level, diet and so on.

      For me, some brands work better and some – not so good. That’s why it is always a matter of trial. When I find my “favorite” brand, I stick with it like it happened last time. It can be that your body responds differently with time or there are some changes in probiotic formula, storage or transportation. 

      You should get the best probiotics money can buy. That is why I wrote the post, “Gut and Health. Who Makes Best Probiotic?” I know it from my overall research, knowledge and my own experience. We cannot take “whatever” or because it’s on sale. Right?

      Sometimes I take a break for a little while to see how I feel and compare all other things like mood, sleep, how often and how easy I go to the bathroom and so on. Guess what? Probiotics always win! Ha-Ha-Ha

      Or if you want to continue to be without quality probiotics, your diet almost has to be perfect and include plenty of natural prebiotics. Never mind, drinking enough water, breathing fresh air, regular exercise, no medications, and minimum stress. And if you feel great, if you are “regular” and do it with ease, – all power to you! You might don’t need probiotics. And if so, you are so lucky!

      Thank you for a great question. I sincerely appreciate it.


  • Hello Ella. I admit I had not an idea of what probiotics and prebiotcs were. I heard the terms frequently but didn’t came to a better understanding about them.

    I guess even with a healthy diet you might need probiotics due to the polluted environment. I mostly have problems with bloating when (sometimes) I am eating non healthy foods.

    I will bookmark your article because I might need to reread it and also read gut-brain connection article as well. Well a bad mood and lower perfomance cognitive ability is enough reason for me to do it.

    I’m really happy I stumbled upon your article. Have a nice day.

    • Hello, George!

      It makes two of us! Being not “myself” is good enough reason for me. Never mind if you even sometimes don’t eat “healthy” food which most people do often.

      Well, now you know that your gut is connected with each organ and can affect pretty much everything – your sleep, mood, strength, being focused and YOUR DIGESTION!

      I am glad you have “stumbled” upon my article. Yes, bookmark it and read again a few of my posts about gut and probiotics to have a very good comprehension about what is going on and what is important.

      Stay healthy and listen to your gut!

  • Hello

    What an interesting topic. I am really impressed with all this information. My wife uses probiotics because she has an irritable gut. Irritable gut causes diarrhea, constipation, swelling, cramps after eating. The right diet, γet rid of stress and probiotics can help a lot. Especially probiotics act in the gut by feeding it with good bacteria. As a result, they reduce the unpleasant conditions that the irritable gut carries, boost the immune system and even help fight depression.

    What I want to ask is: Does the gut get used to specific probiotics? Does he have to change the probiotics he gets with some other time? If so it will definitely try those you propose in your article. Thank you a lot.

    • Hi!

      Sometimes I do change my probiotics. There is numerous reason for this: seasonality, changes in water quality or diet, extra stress or gut just being “too comfortable” or “uncomfortable.” Whatever!

      When I start noticing that probiotics are not as effective as used to be, it’s time to think. Of course, it does not happen overnight.

      Also, if a person is brutally distracting its eating protocol and therefore the whole body, don’t blame probiotics!

      Please say “hello” to your wife and send her my best wishes. Both – stay healthy and take care of your gut! It will pay ten folds.

      Thank you for your comment and your amazing input. I sincerely appreciate it.


  • Wow, Really informative here the difference between prebiotis and probiotics. I have never even taken the probiotics before except for antibiotics. I guess we all need to take the probiotics because this life we live in is a world of so much stress. I’ll definitely help my gut by taking this probiotics to fight bacteria. Thanks alot for the info.

    • Hello, Henderson!

      Thank you for your comment. I sincerely appreciate it.

      I am very glad this post sparked your curiosity and interest to pay attention to your gut. 

      One correction: probiotics do not per se fight bacteria. They are good bacteria. By taking them, you help to populate good bacteria flora and therefore get a proper balance between good and harmful bacteria. And you also need prebiotics which is food for your good friends. That is a difference.

      As you can see, I ask pretty simple questions but most people with all the time they spend online – they don’t know the answer. It is unfortunate. Well, we can only be responsible for ourselves and our actions.

      So, take probiotics and see what will be the difference in your overall feel, mood, sleep, and focus.

      I would love to hear from you. Please stop by again. It would be awesome.

      Kind regards!

  • Hi, Ella.
    This was really a complete article on Probiotics. I had a little doubt and once I started reading I was swept till the end. The content with interesting pictures and funny images made it complete.
    The need to take probiotics is well described and it motivated me to follow the basic steps to try probiotics on a regular basis. The Gate is Gut indeed. Beware, enemies !! I am on Probiotics.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • The Gate is Gut… You liked it. Great!

      That was exactly my point to make it more “sticky.” I guess I have managed.

      When I write a review, I put solid hours in research, never mind my own experience. 

      I write like an investigative reporter looking at every rock. I need to establish a solid basis and some metrics I will be “testing” the product against. It is sort of measuring up. 

      Also, I break the major topic into the pieces, study each piece separately and then try to put everything back together in a logical and cohesive manner. 

      Voila! Missing accomplished!

      That is the only way I write a review.

      Anyways, now you know more about the gut, health and who makes best probiotics. So, stay healthy and let me know how you are doing.

      Again, my special thanks for your compliment and sense of humor.


  • Thanks for this article. I think your graphics are really great. Thanks for clarifying about the yogurt. So I guess my 64 Oz a week of Greek yogurt is not enough? I will have to look into getting the probiotic then. I definitely want my digestion to be at the best. I will keep this page and come back when I decide to get the probiotics. Thank you! You taught me something I didn’t know because I thought my yogurt was enough.

    • Hi!

      Thank you so much for stopping by. It is great that you eat yogurt and maybe you don’t need anything. The main metric if it is working or not is how you feel, how is your digestion and if you are regular or not. There is no need to go deep into the “chemistry” aspect of the process. First and foremost, how is your pooping?

      Is it “normal,” with ease, regular? 

      If not, not you should start to have a concern and do something. Make sense?

      If your digestion is in perfect shape and you do your “toilet” things like 1-2-3, there is no reason to worry about anything.

      Yes, get back to my page when you decide to take quality probiotics.


  • Very interesting stuff!

    I actually suffer from IBS, and have done since I turned 40 a couple of years back. Every morning is a bit of a nightmare for me. I haven’t checked out the Probiotics route for this condition yet, and I’m wondering if it is sometimes used to handle this stomach problem?

    • Hi, Chris!

      You, probably like no one else, know what hell it can be to have bowel problems, especially for a long time.

      As in any condition, I am sure they explained to you what IS CAUSING a problem. Correct? Without this, it is impossible to correct it. 

      I think two things is a must-have: (1) a very smart and experienced doctor and mandatory(!) the second opinion from another specialist and (2) your own involvement–educating yourself like crazy, adhering to all possible enhancements in your lifestyle, diet and quality of food, stress level and few other things. I am sure you know the whole scoop.

      Remember: you are fighting for your HEALTH and SURVIVAL! The attitude should be “WHATEVER IT TAKES!” Period. No buts or ifs. You are the only responsible for YOUR BODY! No one else. Of course, I hope you have a great doc!

      Well, let me know how you are doing. 

      Stay healthy!

  • Thank you for the great explanation about Probiotics. This is really an eye-opener as I am only so familiar with ‘Antibiotics’.

    I am amazed that 80% of my  entire immune system is my gut. I think it is time to take my gut serious and provide it with all the necessary care.

    Your detail on gut health is so interesting.I am in awe  that probiotics accelerate the growth of beneficial bacteria(which I also had no idea existed) With parties and celebrations all over the place, it would be wise to have some probiotics to ease with constipation  and gut bacteria.

    thank you for such an insightful post.

    • Dear Carol!

      Love your comment! 

      Yes, can you imagine if 80% of all immune cells in a person’s gut, what will all that unhealthy party food do to those cells?

      A person will be “paying” for that “good time” for a very long time and paying a very high price.

      Please be smart and make wise choices knowing that gut will always “win.” One way or another.

      Stay healthy and stop by again. 

      Kind regards.

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